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  1. cabby

    What do you have as security?

    Lots of vehicle thefts in our area. Police advice has been to fit a stoplock if you are worried + seem to have provided an adequate deterrent. There are a few different models and variants too to fit different wheel / airbag arrangements. At £30 a pop, a stoplock has to be about the best value as well.
  2. cabby

    Fast opening bootlid on saloon

    Did this today. Was a bit harder than it looked in the video mainly as the carpet is actually pretty stiff. Bought both springs but only needed to change RHS one with damper so the other one will be going back. Took about 30mins and glad I DIY’d given Indy quoted £220 to change.
  3. A productive hour this morning. - steering wheel de-shined - parking brake switch swapped (old one cracked) - boot spring with damper changed so boot opens slowly again. Local indy quoted £220 for boot spring swap. OEM part cost £37 and took 30mins to swap. Winning
  4. So, I got the car back Saturday after 4 days in the garage. Driver's seat had been out, sub removed and checked as well as the instrument cluster being removed and checked + carpets up (I thought rain may have passed through this from the windscreen to the footwell). All was reported as fine and had been helped by me keeping on top of the water with a wet and dry vac + having rear carpet up to regularly dry with a cloth. Hope it stays this way!!
  5. cabby

    Fast opening bootlid on saloon

    Yes, that's what the dealer quoted.
  6. cabby

    Fast opening bootlid on saloon

    Spring with damper is £45 and other one is £21. Sounds better than the £220 the indy wanted to supply and fit. Ordered both today and will fit damped one first to see if that resolves + return the other if not needed.
  7. cabby

    Fast opening bootlid on saloon

    Anyone know if just the RHS damped spring be changed to remedy or do both need changing?
  8. Interested in doing this as mine has also cracked. Is it easy to do + how much is the part?
  9. cabby

    Rare beast E34 540/6 Touring

    Just need to work out which languauge to use on google translate for the advert now .
  10. cabby

    Fast opening bootlid on saloon

    This may help
  11. cabby

    Incorrect brake wear reported

    Computer was saying 800 which I told BMW I didn't believe. Car returned after they checked and told us verbally they had 6k. When I checked computer is said 12k. Whichever it is it's more that 800 so happy with that
  12. cabby

    N47 remap advice

    Interested in this but the biggest concern for me is insurance. What sort of difference does it make + does it limit who will cover you?
  13. Car went if for an EGR check last week and was told that the rear brake pads only have 800 miles left as this is what the computer / key was telling them. I asked them to check the brakes why the car was in as I wasn't convinced they needed doing (same thing happened as the same dealership about a year ago). After checking, the garage reported that they have 6,000 mile left on them! The computer is saying 12,000 . I can understand a degree of inaccuracy but that's ridiculous.
  14. Car being booked into garage as needs a brake fluid change anyway. Autoglass have agreed to cover labour to do some checks e.g. drivers seat out, check sub area + vents, carpets up, check electrical connections for water ingress etc. Be interested to see outcome . . . .
  15. Was made aware yesterday (when booking in for EGR check/replacement) that a brake fluid service is needed. Will book into my local Indy for that and see if they can give it the once over re any potential damage. One thing I have noticed is that the rear carpets aren’t laying so flat. Think the water ingress may have caused them to become permenantly ruffled .