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  1. cabby

    F10 TMS Module Issues

    I need to change both TMS units but struggling to access the inner-most torx screw. There isn't enough room between the inner arch and screw to get the torx key in there . Any tips / suggestions on how to swap?
  2. cabby

    Insurance claim advice

    It was + will mention this. TBH the overwhelming feeling I get from Admiral is that they can't be arsed to pursue.
  3. cabby

    Insurance claim advice

    Thanks all. Couldn't agree more re: that's what I you for so sort it sentiment. No witnesses unfortunately. My wife was driving + had our 8yo in car so did a great job to get the info. she did under circumstances. We did try local CCTV but no joy. We have legal cover (via admiral ☹️) but might give them a try. More annoying is that the renewal is coming up and looks like this won't have been settled so will probably hurt us. Damn sure I won't be using Admiral again.
  4. Hoping for a bit of advice and a steer on whether what I'm experiencing is the norm or if insurer it taking the pee. Our car was rear-ended whilst waiting at a give way. The driver of the van that his us exchanged details + we took a photo of his insurance as well as his vehicle and ours. We swapped phone numbers and called this at the scene to check it was correct (which it was). This info, including a screenshot of calling his number at the scheme (date and time stamped) were shared with our insurer. I reported tonour insurer Admiral who wanted to pass to a 3rd party on basis of a non fault claim. I declined wishing to stick with Admiral. Admiral called several weeks ago to say the van driver's insurer are claiming he wasn't at the scene - not that it wasn't his fault but that he actually wasn't there (despite above evidence). I have been holding out for the 3rd party to accept liability before having the repair done hence avoiding paying the excess. Admiral are telling me the 3rd party's insurer are maintaining he wasn't there and cant doing anything else to pursue until I instruct works. Sounds awfully to me like they won't chase until they have to pay out. Is this right + am I delissioned to expect more from them?
  5. Car got rear-ended yesterday and looks like a new bumper will be needed as its creased along the top of the horizontal section. Spoke to Admiral and the local repair shop they suggested has dire reviews so declined to use them. Anyone have any recommendations for repair shops in/around the Bexley/Dartford area? Thanks in advance.
  6. cabby


  7. cabby


    Anyone know what the interval for changing these is? Trying to establish if mine needs doing .
  8. cabby

    Removing superglue spots?

    Various products like this about although not sure how to check if they will affect paint. Perhaps try one out on a tucked away area e.g. in the engine bay somewhere. https://www.toolstation.com/superglue/p81913?store=FS&utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=googleshoppingfeed&gclid=Cj0KCQjwhdTqBRDNARIsABsOl9-ZgY8Hu5TfuvrcMwegb0ve6jArbFqtJkzG1fnEGfjoQtVOkRX1iPgaAvnWEALw_wcB
  9. cabby

    Brake warning light F11

    I used to do pads and discs way back but don't have a jack (or the kit to release the electronic handbrake for rears) so would have to factor that in to the cost. For the mileage we do I don't think it's worth it. I'd also only use OEM quality parts and discs alone are over £100 a pair so not sure it's that comparable.
  10. cabby

    Brake warning light F11

    If pads and sensors the dealer (Stephen James Bexley) would have charged £235 to do the fronts. Rears would have been about £180.
  11. cabby

    Brake warning light F11

    Car went into dealer today + faulty sensor diagnosed. Another 10k on the pads apparently. Sensor changed for £58.
  12. cabby

    Brake warning light F11

    Thanks chaps - will ask the garage to have a look to see what is actually happening.
  13. cabby

    Brake warning light F11

    I had the same message then checked pads on the idrive. Fronts saying 10k and rears 30k+. Confused + really don't know if anything needs changing and, if so, what. Almost every brake warning I've ever had with idrive has been spurious
  14. cabby

    What do you have as security?

    Lots of vehicle thefts in our area. Police advice has been to fit a stoplock if you are worried + seem to have provided an adequate deterrent. There are a few different models and variants too to fit different wheel / airbag arrangements. At £30 a pop, a stoplock has to be about the best value as well.
  15. cabby

    Fast opening bootlid on saloon

    Did this today. Was a bit harder than it looked in the video mainly as the carpet is actually pretty stiff. Bought both springs but only needed to change RHS one with damper so the other one will be going back. Took about 30mins and glad I DIY’d given Indy quoted £220 to change.