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  1. cabby

    Fast opening bootlid on saloon

    Anyone know if just the RHS damped spring be changed to remedy or do both need changing?
  2. Interested in doing this as mine has also cracked. Is it easy to do + how much is the part?
  3. cabby

    Rare beast E34 540/6 Touring

    Just need to work out which languauge to use on google translate for the advert now .
  4. cabby

    Fast opening bootlid on saloon

    This may help
  5. cabby

    Incorrect brake wear reported

    Computer was saying 800 which I told BMW I didn't believe. Car returned after they checked and told us verbally they had 6k. When I checked computer is said 12k. Whichever it is it's more that 800 so happy with that
  6. cabby

    N47 remap advice

    Interested in this but the biggest concern for me is insurance. What sort of difference does it make + does it limit who will cover you?
  7. Car went if for an EGR check last week and was told that the rear brake pads only have 800 miles left as this is what the computer / key was telling them. I asked them to check the brakes why the car was in as I wasn't convinced they needed doing (same thing happened as the same dealership about a year ago). After checking, the garage reported that they have 6,000 mile left on them! The computer is saying 12,000 . I can understand a degree of inaccuracy but that's ridiculous.
  8. Car being booked into garage as needs a brake fluid change anyway. Autoglass have agreed to cover labour to do some checks e.g. drivers seat out, check sub area + vents, carpets up, check electrical connections for water ingress etc. Be interested to see outcome . . . .
  9. Was made aware yesterday (when booking in for EGR check/replacement) that a brake fluid service is needed. Will book into my local Indy for that and see if they can give it the once over re any potential damage. One thing I have noticed is that the rear carpets aren’t laying so flat. Think the water ingress may have caused them to become permenantly ruffled .
  10. Yep. They sent a senior technician or something + he showed me where the issue was. The whole removal + refit process was a good few hours and, even if I had time to watch him, my knowledge of windscreen fitting wouldn't allow me to spot any errors. In fact the issue with the previous fitting was too much sealant that resulted in the glass not fully bonding to the frame!
  11. So, as you may have seen in the ‘heavy rain / yellow grommet thread’ my 2011 F10 520d has been suffering from water ingress for circa 4 months. After eliminating grommet etc. the ingress was traced to the poor fitting of a replacement windscreen from last April (2018). Autoglass refitted the screen last Saturday and have confirmed it was poorly fitted resulting in water ingress. In terms of the ingress, water was entering via the bottom driver’s side corner of the screen, passing behind/through the instrument binnacle and then through the driver’s side footwell to the rear footwell (the drive is on an angle meaning it falls to this point). Video here of what has been occurring: https://photos.app.goo.gl/excHiLEwLH9zjSHz7 I’ve subsequently spoken with the Autoglass area manager who has offered to have the car valeted. I explained my biggest concern was that of delayed damage to the electrics. Given the value of the car i’m guessing it wouldn’t take too much electrical damage to potentially write the vehicle off. He assured me that the repair has a lifetime warranty and any damage would be covered by them. So far this has all been done via word of mouth. I’m thinking I need to have something in writing as a minimum by way or record. In terms of what I should be checking, the following spring to mind. Any thing else I should add? keep an eye on any electric malfunctions. somehow get subwoofer below drivers door checked. ditto vent beneath drivers seat - not sure what this connects to. check carpet foam backing (I’ve removed cill trim so can get to this) to see if any mould or similar has formed. I also ended up buying a wet/dry vac to keep the water at bay. Should I expect the costs of that to be covered by Autoglass + anything beyond a valet?
  12. cabby

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Autoglass technician has just finished taking out screen and confirmed it had been leaking. Too much glue/sealant in the bottom corner nearest the dashboard meant it hadn't been making proper contact. Screen being refitted now + will be an interesting call next week to discuss remedial action. The technician mentioned the car being valeted + dehumidifiers etc. Also worried about longer term damage to electrics that may not show for a few months as a result of water passing through the instrument binnacle . . . . .
  13. I should have said attach the disc to the screen and not the mirror. I used some masking tape to mark the position of where the disc should go (they’ll be a faint outline but tape makes it easier to locate). I stuck the disc only (as opposed to disc and mirror) to minimise the weight to be supported whilst the glue was drying. Based on other responses and with hindsight I’d be inclined to find a helpful windscreen place given it’s a new screen job if it goes wrong.
  14. It worked fine although the windscreen had to be replaced a few months later (not related to this) so can't really vouch for its longevity. I used a 2-part araldite type glue in a syringe.
  15. cabby

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    He didn't sing when he fitted it + didn't have dreads but, yes, a new one about 6 months ago. Is there any way to tell if that's the cause? I imagine it will be almost impossible to get Autoglass to accept any responsibility. [ There's a useful windscreen replacement video here + pretty detailed that I just watched ]