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  1. Hawksbe

    INPA Live data

    Hi All should the Valve relay, on the ABS allways be on,?? on live data ( while driving ) the other systems, PUMP, BRAKELIGHT, HANDBRAKE, only come on when used or tested, but the Valve relay always stays on is this correct ?? thanks in advance paul
  2. Hawksbe

    ABS error reading ?

    Hi It was ECU testing that i sent the Module too, got the paper work back saying tested with NO faults found, cost me £55 but at least i know that was not the problem, as that could of been the most expensive part.
  3. Hawksbe

    ABS error reading ?

    Hi My unit does not have the sensor on the back. the ABS ecu is all built in, and the unit has been sent away, with NO faults found.? Paul
  4. Hawksbe

    ABS error reading ?

    HI Thanks for taking the time to reply. You say the faulty one, meaning the Reluctor ring,! in the bearing, as all the ABS sensors are NEW ( OEM )
  5. Hawksbe

    ABS error reading ?

    A Scope ?? !! Paul
  6. Hawksbe

    ABS error reading ?

    Hi All still have this problem, driving around with the ABS disabled,at the moment, as the ABS still cuts in a low speed, but braking is perfect when not using ABS. So its an ABS issue! I run IPNA live data and all the sensors read the same, and when braking at low speed, the Judder through the brake pedal starts, but not at speeds above 20mph?? its only at speeds below that.?? BUT it does not trigger the ABS light. how do i know on Live data if the Reluctor rings are OK or Broken, have replaced rear offside bearing and still the problem is there, i did replace the bearings all round last year, ?/ I am ready to sell this car as this problem is trying my bank balance HELP Paul
  7. Hawksbe

    Rear camera

    Sounds like the unit is not picking up the reverse gear signel?
  8. Hawksbe

    Uxbridge show 2013 - Picture thread

    Hi All A Few more pics
  9. Hawksbe

    ABS error reading ?

    Hi I use Jimmys data software, IPA , that also gives me the readings on each ABS sensor, while driving paul
  10. Hawksbe

    ABS error reading ?

    Hi Would LIVE data not throw up some errors, if the ABS cuts IN ?? or does the Data not read the reluctor ring? Paul
  11. Hawksbe

    ABS error reading ?

    hi thanks for the reply. i did replace the offside rear bearing and sensor ( when the speedo was having a fit plus trip ) that sorted that. ( 2 weeks ago ) I did replace both rear bearings with Cheap items £45 pair, they have been on just over a year 3k, maybe they have failed. the drivers rear is still on that year old bearing, maybe i should replace that?? To bear honest that must be the only option left, as everything else has been renewed. paul
  12. Hawksbe

    ABS error reading ?

    Hi All OK update replaced the rear ABS sensor with BMW OEM items, know the ABS Light is OFF, Happy days!!! well NO! problem is the brake pedal still gets the Pulsing effect from the brake pedal ( at 5 - 20mph only ) ABS cutting in, ! 20mph and above no problems? Also when the brake pedal does get the ABS effect, data shows NO faults. This is what i have replaced and repaired to date. 1. all ABS senors replaced ( live date no faults ) 2. ABS module sent for repair , away and returned with NO faults. after all this Still get the ABS effect at low speed, ( if i disconnect the ABS there is NO issues except the warning lights ) SO what is the problem, this is doing my head inn ( HELP ) Paul
  13. Hi Many thanks to Maca and Co, what a great day
  14. Hi Dave just put my 5 user name next to ( Deborah Eldridge ) = Hawksbe as its my wifes Paypal account ( its my dinner money ? ) cheers Paul
  15. Hi Got my ticket today. Cheers Maca Paul