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  1. reggie59

    F10 door corrosion

    Reading this threat weaned me off buying a new g30 to replace my beloved E60 bought new 11 years and super reliable no rust. I have to move on as my employer a bit annoyed I am cashing in on car allowance and running an old banger on a shoe string. But that's it. I am off to lexus. A colleague of mine had countless issues with f10 over 4 years. Air con, water, air suspension... So I am convinced BMW are now built to be disposed off within 3 years for PCP schemes. What is worse? Poor quality in the fist place? Bmw dealers trying to wiggle out of every case while they know it is a known default? Bmw asking to pay for Windows trim if broken? They will only break because they need to be removed to be repaired? The shoddy approved body shop they use? This is shoking The BMW police brigade.. no need to reply. I am off to another forum now.
  2. reggie59

    Fill for life lies

    The same with oil service, gearbox oil service... Best is to check the US service recommendations to know what to do. And guess what? They ask for oil change every year or 10,000 miles for example. Gearbox oil change at 60,000 miles... Not sure about coolant but would be good to know. In the US, consumer protection is very strong and BMW would have to pay if his cars fall apart quickly so recommends owner to look after them. In Europe, they bribe our EU policitians so are not worried about it... They even want them to fall apart quickly so we spend money on new bmws
  3. You should get it in white. Might be able to flog it to a Leeds minicab afterwards
  4. reggie59

    Real world mpg and range

    My dad had a 520i back in 1985. 6 cylinders, 2litres. 130 bhp. Love the name... 520i How you pleased with performance? As someone said, no one review on magazine whether the 530i is worth the difference. .. they all want to take the M5 back home instead. There are more reviews of M5 than potential buyers.
  5. reggie59

    black, ALU or chrome

    Quick one. The roof bar are ALU. When you specify ALU for the windows, does it make the chrome bit on door handle and the ugly wing vent ALU too or do they stay chrome? I know the wing vent goes black if black is specified. Spec a g31 is difficult and BMW should offer training on YouTube Mind you, their sales guys could also do with some training
  6. reggie59

    Wireless Phone Charging

    Hired a fiesta this week. Brand new from avis... Anyway, it had wireless charging. Cleverly put in where you naturally throw your phone as you get in. Shames BMW for asking 500 quid for a badly designed one!
  7. reggie59

    New 520D - max £40k

    This is political madness at his best. No one understand exactly. I contacted the genius on BMW configurator. After 30 Mns contacting his manager, he could not confirm exactly. Mind you... This is nothing compared the pension tax relief rules.... The poeple who dream these rules should be shot.
  8. reggie59

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    What colour is that? Very nice
  9. Typical BMW. Great cars but let down by greediness to make more and more and more money.. as much as possible. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/industry/bmw-electrical-fault-was-cause-fatal-car-accident-inquest-claims
  10. reggie59

    Load area cover problem

    My gosh. Software controlled load cover
  11. reggie59

    Diesel - full tank range thread

    Fantastic... 900mi per tank is more exciting to me than a 0-60 in 5s instead of ,7.5s. this is great and means I could do london-nice with no refill.
  12. reggie59

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    Unless you use the air con. Heat is not good for batteries anyway. In fact, best is 20 degrees. Battery manufacturers tend to quote performance at 20 degrees. UK summers are probably ideal.
  13. reggie59

    E60 radio, terrible reception.

    Mine has always been awful on FM from day 1. It has Dan and been on dab since day 1. I find the radio so unintuitive to use too I never understood if it was because I do not understand it... Weak point of the E60.. I hope the guy who designed that interface and the heating one has retired by now..
  14. reggie59

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    360 mi in total? 340mi without elec? What is the tank size on these?
  15. reggie59

    Diesel - full tank range thread

    Would be interesting to hear from the 530i owners.