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    e39 530d
  1. kenan

    e39 530d turbo injector upgrade

    Hi guy I have a e39 530d that I finally finished here is my engine mods bigger turbo same as e60 530d egr valve removed decat pipe uprated injectors all the filters changed new head gasket alone with cylinder head rebuild then remapped Ecu so the results 221 Bhp 501nm huge performance difference full of power and torque at intire rev range specially much better driveability car has done 175000 miles on clock so I gain 40 more Bhp and 101 more torques I forgot to mention I also have hks dump valve it works very well with e39 530d and sounds well good lol
  2. kenan

    Untitled Album

    e39 with 19 bbs wheels
  3. kenan

    e39 530d turbo injector upgrade

    my car is done 175000mile and there is a fanny noise when i put my food down full i ll be installing a bigger intercooler and i want to replace the turbo to a bigger gt2560v and i am looking for e60 535d injectors do you know if anyone done this
  4. kenan

    hey hey

    hi james i have a e39 530d i have removed the egr valve compelety out with the pipe connection that comes from the exhaust manifold you may be able to find a kit on ebay it is a easy job ur car may require remap if you decat it anyway leave the remap to the end first do all the mods that you want to do then finish it with remap and decat makes the turbo sound awsome happy days and i like the e60
  5. kenan

    bmw e39 530d

  6. hi guy i am new here and just wondering if anyone used e60 535d injector on e39 530d and has anyone used a bigger turbo on e39 530d i have already got some modes such as egr valve deleted decat kn remap just a bit disappointed that i got 200bhp out of it and 400nm lol