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  1. Thanks you guys for replay. No errors after full engine diagnostic, MAF sensor was cleaned. All parameters are good. First I'm gona replace CCV with all pipes . I'll keep You in touch
  2. Hello, I have BMW 530i E60 with M54 170kw engine problem: engine vibration at idle and rough idle when accelerating up to 1.5 k rpm, it feels that engine is vibrating and a little shaking. Sparks, ignition coils and engine mounts were replaced to new, but problem still here.. What problems can be? any idea?
  3. Hello, can I replace in fron t doors 4" standard factory speakers with 5.10" size? Would be enough space for this size ?
  4. August

    E60 fuse box

    Hi, I did find out that these fuse boxes diagrams are from BMW E39 5 series, BMW E60/E61 dont have additional fuse for heated washer jets like E39 series... Attached photos with BMW E60 530i fuse box diagram, fuse boxes are located in glove box and luggage, maybe it will help for anyone.
  5. August

    E60 fuse box

    Hi there, Thanks for photos. I see in 1st nr 9 is heated washer jets, its that I am searching for, but where is located this fuse nr 9? :/ I found 2 locations in glove box and near main battery.
  6. August

    E60 fuse box

    Hello guys, please help me to find on BMW E60 530i windscreen washer heated jets fuse, now in cold weather they are not heating.. Thanks.
  7. Hi, i hope it will help You. Good luck.
  8. part nr: 61 36 8 373 700 siemens, light green color. here you can find where this relay is in your car: https://wiki.bentleypublishers.com/display/tech/BMW+E39+Fuel+pump+relay+locations
  9. the problem was fuel pump relay.
  10. fuel pump is ok, i have replaced to new one... This problem is only on cold weather.
  11. I've had a few starting problems with mine particularly when it's really cold weather. I first suspected glow plugs but then I noticed I wasn't getting the quiet buzz of the pump when it wouldn't start. Several quick turns of the key to position 2 (without actuating the starter) and eventually, bingo the pump would give it's customary buzz and off she'd go. No buzz = no start ! When the weather warmed up above freezing (even 1 degree), I've never had a day's trouble. It's quite bizarre not to mention frustrating ! Now I have to find out why. It could be the pump playing up but I suspect the relay that controls it is on the way out and affected more by sub-zero temperatures than the pump itself. Please help to solve this problem...