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  1. eetherington

    M43 518 Spark leads

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know where I can buy some spark leads? The one's i bought are very short in comparison even though they said they'd fit the car. RealOEM only provide part numbers for individual parts not complete ready made sets. Many thanks in advance
  2. First break down in 5 years of ownership on Monday :'(

  3. eetherington

    Emails now working

    Congratulations! The forum can now go back to being its full strength
  4. eetherington

    Thudding noise coming from rear

    Replaced the power flex and its still there, was thinking it was centre bearings on prop but its there under power and off power. When going over speed bumps and window open you can hear a slight rattle too!
  5. eetherington

    Gear linkages and weird gear lever position

    could the selector lever have been put on backwards? Also how do you know what oil your box takes? Going to do a box change on mine for which I've got a box off a 3 series but the numbers I find on it come back negative on RealOEM
  6. eetherington

    Thudding noise coming from rear

    I will look at them too. What am I looking for on the powerflex? Appreciate it's a different material and construction so I'm expecting it to fail differently.
  7. eetherington

    Thudding noise coming from rear

    The bush that goes into the trailing arm from the shock on the drivers side is seized solid, could it be this?
  8. eetherington

    Thudding noise coming from rear

    Differential mount has been replaced, new back box on in the past month with new hangers all round. Trailing bushes seem fine, the cracks I saw were the induced gaps in their construction. The noise is not constant, it only happens when I go over the slightest deformity in the road surface. Tyres seem fine, top mounts seem fine although I'm going to replace them anyway, just so I'm sure, while I have the trailing arms off. If the noise is still there I'm going to replace the sub frame bushes. Why the name change from idiot?
  9. eetherington

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Tried to replace the brake dust covers on the back end as the hand brake system is shagged, going so well until I ruined both my replacement bearings which I had got in fine with my shiny new puller but fell at the last hurdle using clamps to press the stub axle in. So now have to wait until Wednesday for some new ones and then wait until my garage can press them in on Thursday. Frustrated doesn't cover it :@
  10. eetherington

    Failed dogman links - warning

    Dogbones were the very first thing I changed on my car when I got it, I bought them from GSF and only replaced one a few months ago because it was squeaking but I have done nearly 50k miles since then and I've had my car 4 years now.
  11. eetherington

    Atp ebay kit

    Fitted them 18k miles ago (last year) still going strong and feel tight as a duck's...
  12. eetherington

    Thudding noise coming from rear

    Hi guys, I have a loud thudding noise coming from drivers back corner. Replaced the dropped links as I saw they were cracked and be the cause of it, but the noise is still there. Whole rear suspension was replaced 24k ago with lemforder top mounts, bilstein shocks and KYB springs and genuine bmw trailing arm bushes and powerflex sub frames. Shocks seem in good order with little rebound and not really much noise when i test them. There is a little crack on the inner most trailing bushes on both axles could this be the cause? If it is the trailing arm bushes I'm really surprised they have gone already although I have been driving quite "dynamically" and they were fitted by an indy BMW specialist who charged me out my a$$ to fit them.
  13. eetherington

    Atp ebay kit

    Personal preference but I'd always go Lemforder for anything suspension related as thye have a good name for durability and long life.
  14. eetherington

    Steering column bearings

    I wouldn't know if they were or not. There is a bit of a dull squeak when turning the wheel.
  15. eetherington

    Getrag Gearbox oil

    I'm going to put Castrol Systrans B 90W in. Looked on the german castrol site and it says its MLT-2 (or what ever it is called) compliant.