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  1. Hi M635, Thanks for your reply. I've had a bit of a break through, I ordered a used ICV from eBay, it wasn't a perfect match as the hose tails were different. I then ran it up the road, after it had warmed up I gave it some beans and when I arrived back home the searching had stopped completely. However it now idles at 1000rpm. Could this be because the ICV I've bought is a mismatch for the engine/slightly dodgy? I did originally think O2 sensor might have been causing some issues so I unplugged it, nothing changed. I did check the temp sensors are plugged in correctly, its not possible misconnect them because one of them only has a single terminal. On an unrelated matter, I noticed that if I unplug the fuel tank breather valve plug (13411433627) nothing really happens, is this normal?
  2. Thanks, I will give it a once over with MAF cleaner
  3. Hi thanks very much for your reply. On your advice I removed the ICV plug and nothing really changed, if anything it searched slightly faster. I also removed the plug for throttle sensor and it stopped searching but revved high. Does this give any more clues? I also removed the hose that connects the ICV and it stopped the engine.
  4. Following the fault code stating the knock sensor, I saw that the casing was all cracked so I've changed that. However the problems still remain. Taking on the mentioning of the air leak I checked the whole system to see if there was any leaks and carefully put the manifold back together after changing the knock sensor (it was buried). Still couldn't find anything. Took the car for a run to warm up and it still revved high when cold. Once the engine had warmed up the revving was still there. I then disconnected the MAF and it stopped revving but strangely the engine kept running. Every time I had done this before the presented symptoms, the engine has always cut out. Does this mean the MAF is dodgy or is there a problem in another part of the mixture control system?
  5. One thing I should also mention is that I've replaced the brake booster vacuum tube, will this cause any issues? I removed the oil cap when it was running and put my hand over it - there is definitely suction and the brakes work fine if not better than before.
  6. Thanks both, I'll check your suggestions but I can almost guarantee its not an inlet pipe issue as I've had that before and its a lot more erratic than what its presenting. For what its worth I have ordered a new knock sensor to rectify the code it popped up to see if that gives any respite.
  7. It originally was caked up with moisture residue after being stood but I've sand papered it smooth and sprayed wd40 into it and it moves freely. This searching is whilst it is supposed to be idle, no input from the throttle.
  8. Hi everyone, I have a problem with my e34, its an M43 engine. When I start it up it revs steady about 1000-1200rpm when cold. I took it for a drive and now it revs between 1000 and 1500 and is pulsing (edit:) whilst it is supposed to be idling. I took it to get its codes read and it only came up with knock sensor and throttle position sensor. So I've replaced the throttle position sensor but its still doing it. I've also replaced both temp sensors but not the one on the radiator. The car has been stood for a while but its never done this before. Any ideas? Thanks very much in advance
  9. eetherington

    M43 518 Spark leads

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know where I can buy some spark leads? The one's i bought are very short in comparison even though they said they'd fit the car. RealOEM only provide part numbers for individual parts not complete ready made sets. Many thanks in advance
  10. First break down in 5 years of ownership on Monday :'(

  11. eetherington

    Emails now working

    Congratulations! The forum can now go back to being its full strength
  12. eetherington

    Thudding noise coming from rear

    Replaced the power flex and its still there, was thinking it was centre bearings on prop but its there under power and off power. When going over speed bumps and window open you can hear a slight rattle too!
  13. eetherington

    Gear linkages and weird gear lever position

    could the selector lever have been put on backwards? Also how do you know what oil your box takes? Going to do a box change on mine for which I've got a box off a 3 series but the numbers I find on it come back negative on RealOEM
  14. eetherington

    Thudding noise coming from rear

    I will look at them too. What am I looking for on the powerflex? Appreciate it's a different material and construction so I'm expecting it to fail differently.
  15. eetherington

    Thudding noise coming from rear

    The bush that goes into the trailing arm from the shock on the drivers side is seized solid, could it be this?