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  1. Horsey

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Added a new addition to my car Spare wheel Horsey
  2. Horsey

    Transmission Software Update

    Well worth it. Makes a massive difference too various parts of car. Idrive and gearbox. I got a very good deal direct from my main dealer - plus when module bricked BMW UK picked up cost. Horsey
  3. Horsey

    Battery dead..

    You need to reset IBS in INPA too. Horsey
  4. Hard to tell for me as was having a lot of hesitation and sluggishness issues at time and I replaced an array of parts. Horsey
  5. Horsey

    serious E61 electrical problems pls help

    DIS is a diagnostic and coding program which BMW use. Jimmy on the forum sells it. You need to register the battery even if you replace like for like and have to reset IBS, if you change to different size then more is required. Search my username and battery. I have a post before which explains the steps somewhere. Horsey
  6. Horsey

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Switched the wheels over to 17s from 18s staggered. Horsey
  7. Horsey

    Battery problems with e61 530d

    Had loads of problems with my car killing battery's... Turned out to be the starter motor pulling a ridiculous current. Horsey
  8. Got mine from here: http://www.pmwltd.co.uk/pages/blanking-pates There is no way to know for sure without taking a look. Horsey
  9. Horsey

    serious E61 electrical problems pls help

    Use DIS to determine what battery the car thinks is fitted. Sometimes problems occur because someone changes the battery for a different type or size and doesn't update the car to let it know. Perhaps a previous owner has done this? Horsey
  10. Horsey

    serious E61 electrical problems pls help

    Most likely water in spare wheel well or battery on way out. Check in DIS as per Chr15gb recommended. Horsey
  11. Horsey

    Transmission Software Update

    I would personally recommend getting the whole car updated at a main dealer. When I had my car updated a module bricked and it became very expensive and the car wouldn't move. Thankfully BMW UK picked up the bill. Horsey
  12. Horsey

    2007 BMW E60 Parking Sensor Problem

    I'm having tons of problems with mine too, which are intermittent. Have you checked for water in spare wheel well and read the codes? Mine keeps coming back with the rear left having a short - it seems to chuck the whole system out. It's got so annoying that it's going to the garage this Wednesday for them to try to fix it. Will keep you updated in case it's similar problem. Horsey
  13. Horsey

    I'm back :)

    I will do Shaz! She's got lots of work to have done to her Cheers Raymond Horsey
  14. Horsey

    I'm back :)

    Excellent! Cheers. Horsey
  15. Horsey

    I'm back :)

    Aways been my ambition Cheers Horsey