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  1. erica34

    My sound system upgrade

    although the h701 does more and it's more comfortable to tune with the rux controller, truth is i got it for ease to tinker and after messing about with it for a few months, removed it from the glovebox. and when i feel like trying something it's not there... i'd much rather have less but readily accessible tuning capabilities via stock bmw headunit for my e39. and the tuning capabilities shown on your video is already plenty! totally convinced. a must have to complete the looks totally stock but performs way beyond i'm after. plus a neat trick to share with those who think the latest rising bang & olufsen, levinsons, dynaudio cars are the best for stock system. they'll surely be surprised with such a stock dsp system and sound quality from a decade old e39
  2. erica34

    My sound system upgrade

    thanks RichardP. i'll get a suitable switch and pxa-h100. thought of keeping the install on my e39 simpler but i suppose will eventually end up adding the processor. had considered running the older model h701 since i'm got that on my e34 and can share the rux controller for tuning. but your system design is significantly more appealing cos it allows control of the alpine processor via bmw headunit. that's absolutely fantastic! i googled alpine breakout box and found your excellent post and diagram explaining the breakout box on an intravee thread.
  3. erica34

    My sound system upgrade

    thanks for sharing your build. and also the large clear pics. i've spend hours looking at many e39 builds on various forums for ideas. this is the one i like best as your objective describes perfectly what i'm trying to achieve. next to this, would probably be the build thread by rs32 for his quick release sub in cabin setup. I've got following equipment for my install. intravee II and charging adapter, alpine cha-s634, pdx f6, pdx m6, focal k2p (front), focal 130v2 (rear) and exile xt10 subs. just realised i'll have to get some other speakers since the focals i've got won't go in without modifications. i could use the boston spz50 f+r i'll be pulling out from my e34. i've read many of your posts and learnt plenty. hope you can help advise whether i'll need additional alpine parts like those you have in your setup or just get an intravee switch. my plan is to have the following sources: - ori bmw radio/tape/nav/tele - ipod - alpine mp3 cd changer thanks again.