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  1. IanW

    Free E61 Parts

    I am possibly back that way Monday? Don't worry I have been just as manic too!
  2. IanW

    Free E61 Parts

    Are you around tomorrow morning at all? If not if you can post it to me and i'll send you some Beer tokens via PayPal in return?
  3. IanW

    Finally moved to an F11

    Put your chassis number into one of the option decoders. The rocker switch changing the modes does change the throttle response and also the steering feel even without VDC in my experience
  4. IanW

    Coding in Kent/Medway

    I did it in both CAPPL and LM2. I dont have any use for NCS for coding regularly now since I have an F10, if i get the laptop out at some point in the next couple of weeks i'll see what I can remember and let you both know.
  5. I have Mac too I have had INPA running on a VM on the MAC (Windows VM) but I think DIS would need a bit more work, as although it's VM based it needs the DiagHead emulator running, which is a Windows App.
  6. IanW

    Coding in Kent/Medway

    NCS Expert is part of the software that comes with the cable, or at least certainly was when I bought it. I managed to code a few things without any issues, like the chirp on lock / unlock, making the heated seat settings come on the iDrive screen when pressed to allow quick / easy adjustment
  7. IanW

    Coding in Kent/Medway

    Just outside of Ashford
  8. IanW

    Coding in Kent/Medway

    I thought that about the cable too, but i have used it for diagnostics also! And just sorting one issue, paid for the cable! Which was only about £25 I think from @jimmy http://www.cable-shack.co.uk/products.php
  9. IanW

    Got busted last night!

    As above you will have almost certainly been given a Verbal NIP when you were stopped.
  10. I would speak to @jimmy and get one of his kits to check the car for faults using INPA or DIS I've found some of the other code readers are very generic compared to the other tools.
  11. IanW

    Coding in Kent/Medway

    I have a very late Pre LCI E60 that I tried to code welcome lights for into the LM2, but I could never get it to work. Its been about 18 months / 2 years since I dabbled in any coding though.
  12. IanW

    Sat Nav/CD player

    @baus has done a retrofit of NBT into his e60 so might be able to advise better on what was needed.
  13. IanW

    Sat Nav/CD player

    The CCC Sat Nav isnt bad, it gets you where you need to go, but it doesnt have the features of the newer TomTom / Garmin devices, like real time traffc, line assistance, also being DVD based it can be a bit slow searching for addresses and routes. BMW CIC is better than CCC, and NBT (as found in the newer F10's etc) is even better still, but it depends how much you want to spend, I think to fit NBT into an E60 you are probably looking at a figure of at least £1200 for a plug and play kit! you could do it less if you did come of the coding etc yourself probably.
  14. IanW

    Dtc deactivated!?

    The traction control isn't disabled on the cars I have driven, infact they want it on by default now. As for Runlock mentioned above in the post from theend, all this does is lets the engine carry on running, with the keys removed, and cuts out the engine when the brake pedal is pressed. Usually this gets used when we are at a scene for a protracted period of time and needing the blues it reds on so that we don't end up with a flat battery. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. IanW

    Sat Nav/CD player

    You may be able to pick up a CCC professional system from some of the people who have upgraded from that to either CIC or NBT. It does need coding to the car though I assume. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk