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  1. I just installed 6970. No source switching issues. Also, I had a problem where it would skip to the next track when I push the volume down button on the steering wheel. This has been fixed so far......just two days in though (this had been a daily occurence). I'll report back in a few weeks to confirm it's been solved. Thank you Richard for the new firmware!
  2. BoomBoom

    Hello from Charleston, SC

    Just wanted to say hello from the states! I found this UK forum for the Intravee discussions. Anyway, the M5 is getting a makeover this week...see pics below! -Ryan Charleston SC 2002 M5
  3. I get the AWOL problem where it switches to the radio about once every week. 90% of the time it happens when I push the down volume button on the steering wheel. The rest of the time it just occurs out of nowhere. I'll perform the test this weekend.
  4. BoomBoom

    Firmware 6.02-6952

    Sorry for the late reply. Gmail sent your follow up email to my spam folder. Anyway, here are my results: AI-net components: (2) KCA-420i connected to the KCA-410c; one is for an iPhone, the other is an iPad mini BMW components: 2002 M5 with an October 2001 build date; Mark IV DVD (made in France Part #6590 6 969 263 1), 4-1/00; BM53 radio; Data from version 6947: Data from version 6952: Here are some pics of the radio displaying my hardware and software versions.
  5. BoomBoom

    Firmware 6.02-6952

    When I upgraded the firmware to 6950 or 6952, the radio says "No Source." 6947 works perfectly. Any ideas? What other info do you need to diagnose? Thanks, Ryan