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  1. Many year back my N53 falsely failed with a Lambda of around 2.5, the MOT guy told me it should be around 1.0 I kindly educated him that mine was a N53 lean-burn stratified engine and once he entered the correct engine code with the correct Lambda range it passed, he did admit to me he'd never seen such as high lambda reading before.
  2. leew88

    2006 530i n52. Which engine oil

    I've been using Castrol 5w-30 C3 LL04 Magnetec since owning my car, mine only consumes less than 1/2 litre per 3000 miles but I'm only on 62k miles. As long as it's changed regularly circa 6k miles then any LL04 whether 5w-30 or 5w-40.
  3. leew88

    ZF gearbox service

    Cheers Jay, How's your one running lately?
  4. leew88

    BMWDOCTOR N53 review

    His common phrase "it's a common issue" repeated 10 times throughout his videos. Not had my water pump replaced on recall, not failed on me for the past 8 years of ownership, same for my high pressure fuel pump and non index 11 injectors. I've had ignition coils, battery cable, rear light cluster and CAS security update as a free quality enhancement. If it's not safety related they don't normally announce it.
  5. leew88

    ZF gearbox service

    No driving issues prior to the work and feels the same after the service, just had oil weeping through the oil pan gaskets.
  6. leew88

    BMWDOCTOR N53 review

    He's right on most of the common issues, and in regards to the latest DME update, I've used D-CAN cable with WINKFP to flash the latest ZB update no issues at all. Didn't notice any difference but I never had issues in the first place.
  7. leew88

    ZF gearbox service

    Following on from my BMW recall work the other week, it was noted that I had a oil leak coming from the gearbox. I managed to borrow a ramp from my work colleagues friend who owned a garage and am so glad to say what good decision that was. In total it took me around 9 hrs from start to finish (including doing an engine oil \ filter change) taking my time and coming across problems which I don't think would of been resolved if I was to do it on my driveway. First off my leak was coming from the oil pan seals and not from the mechatronic sleeve, my entire under-tray was soaked in oil but non of it dripped onto my driveway, who knows how long this was happening, but all along my transmission shifted OK with no issues and I reckon it lost up to 1/2 litre of oil. Before I started to drain the oil, I proceeded to loosen the oil filling plug first for obvious reasons and good job I did, it was stuck on proper and no tool could budge it without rounding off the bolt. A quick call to the garage owner who suggested to use his flame torch, so a quick lesson over the phone I proceeded with caution to heat the bolt up being very careful not to torch my car...lol..eventually the bolt came of with ease afterwards. Pan off everything went as planned, removed the mechatronic module to replace the bridge seal and the 4 tube seals as well as the ECU plug sleeve. The sleeve was a right pain in the ass due to the limited space for your hands, it could only go in with the notch lined up correctly but then have to have constant pressure on it before the mechatronic locking tab would engage back in, I used a crow bar on to apply the pressure without success as would of risked damaging the sleeve. The solution was to insert the ECU plug into the sleeve lock in back into position and then use a big open ended spanner which could rest on the edge of the connector to apply constant pressure which worked perfectly, this bit took me 1hr. Mechatronic module and new oil pan back in torqued up correctly and in the correct order according to the ZF installation manual, next came the oil filling procedure, I had INPA running to monitor the gearbox oil temperature and it is critical to follow the filling procedure to the letter as filling at the wrong temperature would result in in-accurate levels. This procedure took me a couple of hours to complete as the temperature reached close to 50 deg so had to switch off the car for about an hour to let it cool down to around 35-40 deg, you will be surprised to know that the oil temperature can reach the limit within 5-10 mins on idle. Some pictures I took attached, I didn't take any pictures whilst doing the mechatronic bridge and tube seals as I was covered in oil from top to bottom at the time. The bridge seal was actually still OK, the 4 tube seals had shrunk in length when compared the news ones, my car only has 62k miles so probably didn't need it but for the sake of undoing a few more bolts it was a no brainer.
  8. leew88

    Debating xHP flashfool gearbox tuning

    The LCI SAT (Sports Auto) already has a different map compared to the standard auto, I flashed mine myself with WINKFP when I did my SAT retro-fit, the difference in shift speed when the SPORT button was active was night and day, it also has throttle blip (rev match) when you shift down via the paddles, in non-SPORT mode it was still silky smooth but with enhanced shift. The XHP may indeed feel similar to the SAT equipped cars but they have the added benefit of no auto upshift at rev limiter which the SAT map cannot do. Some might think lets flash the SAT map yourself for free but you won't see any real benefit unless you activate the SPORT mode by either using the factory button under the gearshift, there are some who have wired in a manual SPORT button to activate this I'm not sure if this works on the LCI.
  9. leew88

    SZL Coding Issue -- BWM E60 - 530i CT27740

    You can change the VIN by using NCSEXPERT with OBD cable, I've done it many times before on various BMW's when modules were replaced from another car for example ABS module etc. You need to select job FGNR SCHREIBEN (Write VIN) then enter the new VIN and program. Then default code afterwards with NCSEXPERT and see if it lets you re-calibrate the steering.
  10. I coded light sensitivity menu today and can confirm it works on my LCI E60, it responds to differing light conditions as per the sensitivity settings shown. The only glitch I've found is that sometimes it has the tendency to switch back to a previous setting as you're toggling through the 3 settings on the I-drive but if you change it again it eventually stays put (for example if the current setting was Normal and you toggle it to Slow, it will revert back to Normal). I think that due to this slight glitch BMW disabled it from factory but I can live with this. You need to change the following lines on the CAPPL module (CCC professional) then code the MAN file, not sure if the same on MASK, CIC etc. RAIN_LIGHT_SENSOR aktiv C750A_SCHWELLWERT_EMPFIN par_frei C750A_SCHWELLWERT_NORMAL par_frei C750A_SCHWELLWERT_SEHR_E par_frei
  11. The cylinder numbering starts at the front of the engine bay 1-6 in that order, 1-3 is bank 1 and 4-6 is bank 2. If the diagram above is correct as per you engine layout ie exhaust manifold is on the left looking from the front of your car then it's part 1 you require. Looks like the heating element is the faulty part within the Lambda sensor (the sensor itself looks working according to your inpa) The fuel pressure issue is a tricky one as it could be just the sensors or worse the fuel pumps, I believe there are two pumps on the N53 low and high pressure ones, the latter is the one which is quite a common failure on these engines. One thing I've learnt is that if the engine struggles to start in the morning with long crank times then it's likely to be the high pressure pump (not cheap), if you don't have this issue and car starts and runs fine it could just be the sensors.
  12. leew88

    523i n53b25a misfire

    LCI 523i, 525i, 530i are all N53. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMW_N53
  13. leew88

    523i n53b25a misfire

    The N53 is a very complex direct injection engines which are able to run in lean-burn stratified fuel saving mode, the most common problem which causes mis-fire are failed piezo injectors, loads of post on this issue on this forum and on the internet and since you have already replaced the coils and still experience mis-fires it's likely to be the injectors. Which injector is faulty is a tricky one to resolve as normally if one is leaking the ECU will trim back the mixture in that particular bank which in turn causes mis-fire to the other cylinder in that bank (due to lean condition) and hence the mixture control fault which you also have. You may also have several injectors that are leaking and BMW would almost certainly replace all six to the latest Rev 11 version which are known for the better design, unfortunately the injectors are not cheap, you are looking at around £180 per injector plus labour. You also have aging NOX cat fault which will effect fuel consumption by around 20% because the stratified fuel saving mode will be disabled by the ECU if any NOX related faults exist, NOX cats are only fitted to direct-injection engines (in addition to the standard cat), you can clear this fault code but it will return, a new NOX cat is going to cost you thousands from BMW as they are one-piece integrated into the entire exhaust. You can buy a NOX emulator from https://bimmerprofs.com/noxem-129/ which will effectively mask out this fault and enables your car to run in stratified mode, they can also provide remote diagnostics if you have your own D-CAN OBD cable with the BMW diagnostic tools such as INPA, ISTA-D etc. which can be downloaded on the internet for free. I would sort out your mis-fire first before looking at the NOX cat issue and I would suggest someone who knows how to troubleshoot N53 engines rather than just stabbing in the dark. Also check your spark plugs as the N53 uses plugs specifically designed for direct injection wrong ones will cause constant mis-fire, they should be either BMW or NGK nothing else, they are long nose type with 3 side electrodes and a air gap of 1.2mm compared to standard plugs of 0.6mm. Beware that BOSCH plugs incorrectly advises that they are compatible but they are wrong and this is also mentioned on the Bimmerprofs website. Looks like the previous owner got rid of the car knowing that it's going to cost him an arm and leg to resolve all these issues.
  14. leew88

    Test drove my first e60 yesterday My opinions.

    I average around 32-33mpg combined of mixed road driving taking it easy. If you do buy an LCI 530i (N53) watch out for the injectors and NOX sensor which are common failures, causing rough running and loss of fuel consumption by around 10-15%. Once it's running right it a sweet little engine with a good compromise of power and economy.