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  1. benedwards64

    Silver E39, Henley

    Got a wave from a silver E39 on the way out of Henley this morning. Sorry for not reciprocating, you caught me napping!
  2. benedwards64

    E39 M5 clutch & flywheel - too good to be true?

    Nope, standard DMF. It's a road car, and my daily, so I have no reason to fuck about with it. Besides, I have a lightweight flywheel and 6-paddle clutch on my sprint car which is a bloody nightmare at low speed!
  3. benedwards64

    E39 M5 clutch & flywheel - too good to be true?

    Bargain. Quick update on mine - all seems well after ~1000 miles
  4. benedwards64

    E39 Sill rust

    I confess I can't see much from those pictures, but my advice (based on my own recent experience) is to double in your head the amount of expected work. Mine turned out to be much, much worse than expected once the flappy wheel came out and I had three out of four jacking points completely rebuilt. From what I can work out, the supports in the jacking points come loose causing the sills to fold and crack the underseal, which then lets moisture in and they rust from the inside out. Mine were actually held together by underseal in places.
  5. Whilst BMW may have owned MGR a the time, I doubt they had anything really to do with the design. The same era Rover 45/MG ZS was basically a rebadged Honda Civic (with worse build quality). I think the Mustang engine perfectly suited the car, really - it wasn't much less powerful than the BMW equivalent (which in my head is the E39 540i), much less complex and had a nice lazy torque that suited the ZT very well. I saw one at a rolling road day a few years ago that made 400bhp with a supercharger strapped on. Now that was a beast
  6. benedwards64

    e39 M5 Gearbox - Do I need detents?

    I've just had my gearbox oil replaced, along with a new clutch, fly and various bushes and linkage components (in particular the white plascit bush at the base of the gear lever had a lot of play in it). It's not prevented the usual notchiness when cold, but has made the changes much more positive when up to temp.
  7. benedwards64

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Little project from the last few days - I decided I couldn't bear to look at my naff black wheels any longer, but I can't justify the cost right now for a full refurb. Time to break out the rattle-cans First up, set up a Dexter-style kill room impromptu paint booth in the garage: Then get the car up off its wheels: I have to say, it's nice knowing all the jacking points are solid when you're doing this on a driveway This is what we're starting with after a degrease and deep clean (read: session with a bucket of hot water, Fairy liquid and a scourer pad): Then sand, clean again, mask and primer: Three coats of Ford Mercury Grey. From Halfords. Yes, really. Couple coats of heavy duty lacquer: .....and done! Before: After: I'm pretty happy with that, overall. They're not perfect but I've managed to avoid any weird runs in the paint or overspray. With any luck they'll last me a year or so before they flake to bits and I have to pay someone to do them properly :hehe:
  8. benedwards64

    E39 M5 rust repairs

    It really depends on how extensive it is - once we started poking mine, the rust was far more extensive than originally thought. I also instigated a lot of my own project creep while it was in bits, so there was additional parts & labour charges in there for all the work involved in changing the clutch, linkages, bearings etc etc. My advice with most major work on an M5 (including this) is to budget enough to buy a ropey-but-serviceable 530i In all seriousness, get yourself down to a decent bodyshop/fabricator and go over the car with a fine tooth comb before work starts. And mentally double whatever is initially quoted, as it'll still be worst than it looks.
  9. benedwards64

    E39 M5 headlight adjusters - MOT failure

    This is the one I used: Remember as a UK car you have an additional panel on each headlight you can remove - the flat, round one on the top that gives you access to switch from RHD to LHD beam pattern. This helps enormously with one of the adjusters!
  10. benedwards64

    E39 M5 rust repairs

    Aaaaaaaand we are back in business! Rich very kindly stayed late and picked me up from the station on Wednesday evening, having finished off spraying the sills, reattaching the recalcitrant undertrays and giving the car a clean inside and out. Rich insists he’s no painter, and my intention is to get the new sills ‘properly’ painted along with a couple of other bits that need attention, but having seen how decent a match he’s managed to get with rattle cans this will probably take me a while to get round to… We had a good natter about the car and Rich’s own projects, before I jumped in and headed back up north. Apparently it had had a ticking lifter on first start-up (pretty standard for these after they’ve been sat for a while!) but this had evidently cleared the morning of collection. The first thing I noticed was just how biblically quick this thing feels after two months driving a diesel Grand Cherokee! And also, how smooth it is. Not just smoother than the Jeep (which goes without saying!), but the new clutch, flywheel and all of the prop-shaft bits that Rich replaced for me have made a massive difference. The gearchange is transformed, and an irritating buzzing I’d been getting through the gear lever has disappeared altogether. The old clutch was evidently more knackered than I thought it had been, too – quick changes at high rpm are now much more positive, there’s no hint of slip and the car feels a lot quicker as a result. I’ve been driving it around with a massive grin on my face for the last couple of days A few pics now it’s back home. The new rattle-can paint on the sills is actually better than the paint on much of the rest of the car! No, I still haven’t painted the gopping wheels. Incidentally, the car industry needs more companies like Southways Automotive and more people like Rich – he’s never moaned about the not-insignificant project creep that I’ve piled on him and he’s kept me well up to date with emails, phone calls and loads of pictures as we’ve gone on. I find it oddly reassuring, too, that a man who spends his life around TVRs and other exotica is genuinely interested in swapping stories of shonky old French hatchbacks
  11. benedwards64

    E39 M5 rust repairs

    Well it’s safe to say Rich has been busy on the old girl. Get ready, this will be a heavy one… First up, the front sill sections also needed extensive work. Same as the rear, the rust had paired up with collapsed jacking points which needed a lot of work (including pulling much of the interior out so it didn’t catch fire!) Now reinforced… And fully welded in: Amd a bit more rust hunting under the inderseal at the rear: And all now under 2 coats of 2k epoxy mastic, made up to replicate the OE finish (which is pretty bloody cool, if you ask me!) While that’s been going on, there has been a certain amount of ‘while you’re in there’ at play. Poor old Rich hasn’t batted an eyelid at the amount of parts that keep showing up at his workshop :hehe: First up, clutch and flywheel removed: Rich had to make up a SST for this (to avoid the usual M tax on the official BMW product! The spigot bearing was also a bit tired, so that was replaced along with the RMS: Shiny new clutch & fly: ….and now time to replace most of the gear linkage: Old clutch pivot had to be drilled out: The release arm had cracked, so Rich built this up again with a washer welded in, then ground the inside back to solid metal: New OE gearbox mounts while we’re in there… More epoxy and paint up above the fuel tank (and a bit of Citroen blue paint to give the undersides a bit of colour :hehe: ) Lots of crusty fuel lines replaced…. Gearbox back in: Propshaft split: New propshaft bearing: ‘BMW sealed for life’ gearbox oil, looking black and runny…. Exhaust and fuel tanks refitted: …and it’s back outside for the first time in a while!! So, what’s next? It’ll be getting some temporary paint next week on the new sill sections before I head down to collect, and I’ll most likely run around in it for a while before taking it to a ‘proper’ bodyshop to have the new sections blended in along with a new pair of rust-free front wings and a bit of general tidying up. Mostly I’m just looking forward to not driving around in a lollopy old Jeep! It will also need some suspension work at some point as well – much of it is original at 165k miles so it’s all getting a bit baggy. How long this takes will very much depend on exactly how much of a moneypit my (hopeful) new (old!) house turns out to be. Time will tell, but in the meantime I look forward to making shouty noises in it again
  12. benedwards64

    E39 M5 clutch & flywheel - too good to be true?

    Sorry, sorry - yes, garage has it all back together and have confirmed it is genuine Sachs clutch and Luk flywheel
  13. benedwards64

    Upsetting the purists...

    Well now. That's a bit awesome. What are the plans?
  14. benedwards64

    E39 M5 clutch & flywheel - too good to be true?

    Just to update this - I ordered the eBay kit and it's turned up in a CarParts4Less box, delivered from a Euro Car Parts warehouse (CP4L are part of ECP). I'll update again when it's all together and running (once the car has finished being welded together!).
  15. benedwards64

    E39 M5 rust repairs

    Thanks all. Yep, clutch and flywheel are being done as well