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  1. poison e39

    1994 BMW E34 540I/6 - BK35093

    Glad it's back on the road again Carl hopefully u won't have to spend money to fix anything for a while other than on goodies for it,must applaud your commitment and enthusiasm for the car with the amount of work and money you have put in and have enjoyed reading both you and your sons thread keep up the good work fella.
  2. poison e39

    The Orient Express | Hits 22 Years Old

    Fantastic stefan glad to see it back on the road and looking good have followed this from the beginning and u can be proud of what u have achieved,will defo look good with the champagne interior
  3. poison e39

    Vacuum oil pump

    Can I have a price for the vacuum oil pump for the wife's e90 318 msport on a55 plate thanks
  4. poison e39

    My E39 528 Sport - Car Now Sold

    bbs lms all the way for me jerry
  5. poison e39

    My E39 528 Sport - Car Now Sold

    armrest looks good jerry and the new grill will be spot on not so sure about the alloys tho prefer the paras but i agree with willie about ur passion for the car it still looks fab not so sure about ur choice of radio station bbc gaelic come on ur not as old as willie yet lol
  6. poison e39

    HI HO Silver

    welcome aboard car looks fantastic good choice of mods
  7. poison e39

    My E39 528 Sport - Car Now Sold

    jesus gerry u still got that old banger just kidding car still looks great its a credit to u mate
  8. poison e39

    Titanium E39 2002 530d Manual Sport Touring

    man i would love to do a factory tour of an f1 team and sit in the car for me ayrton senna is the greatest driver f1 has ever seen or will see good to see the car pass its mot with flying colours considering the work u have put into it
  9. poison e39

    New member - E34 Fanatic from the US

    welcome e34 is drool tastic
  10. poison e39


    i need to replace the suspension at the front as it bangs and crashes going over bumps and will start with the bushes my question is what bushes do i need to change and is there a front bush kit available other than powerflex as i have been told that this will make my car to stiff because i have the sport suspension any help or comments would be helpful cheers poison
  11. poison e39

    My E34 535i sport

    attention christ it looks as if its just out the show room and welcome to the forum
  12. poison e39

    Happy new year

    happy new years to everybody
  13. Where did you get your rear lights from and how much those Rota,s wil look sweet
  14. poison e39

    OXL... E34 540iA [Now For Sale Spares/Repairs]

    always enjoy watching this thread for updates as i think this is one the the best e34s here keep up the good work carl and tell stefan to keep posting the pics
  15. poison e39

    Piper's E39 523i.

    well done piper car looking good forgot how much you had done reread the whole thread again keep up the good work my good man