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  1. hi everybody as above after 17 years faithfull service its looking like my abs unit has intermittent hicups changed the left hand rear sensor out for a new bosch one as was the one according to inpa the queston i ask is this happened just after the mot (passed) by thew way , in fact as the tester was parking it up in their parking space (local garage in fact it where my son works (but he did not do the mot ) i have owned the car for over 8 years and never had any issues as to abs etc if any mot testers or madhanic on the foruim are reading this i ask 1/ is it possible to brake an abs unit when doing the mot brake test ? 2/ is bba remam still the repair of choice for all things abs
  2. supertramp101

    DISA valve re-build?

    x8r'ed mine about 3 months ago , good bit of kit
  3. supertramp101

    E39 Steering angle sensor: Error 9: "No CAN message (ASC)"

    i had trouble with mine sas a few years ago after chaging out column for a leccie one i think i done mine via the e46 option in inpa as calibration tool/ option was not available in e39
  4. i have a few bmw tec docks kicking around but i mainly use TIS now (https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/)
  5. supertramp101

    remember the group buy

  6. supertramp101

    remember the group buy

    well done piper glad to hear you still around the e39 seen did you ever get the retro fit lci working ? and as for the under trays the swiss company that mfg them realy take the p@@@ i got a beetup set that have been fiberglass repaired look s?@? but only to somebody laying under the car
  7. supertramp101

    remember the group buy

    hi bit late with reply i just replace the pully wheels the 2 engine ones not the compressor one. with 2 INA ones about 15 quid each tensioners still good and they were replace about 5y or so ago bearings getting a bit noisy the 2 on the right
  8. supertramp101

    remember the group buy

    just A BIT OF FUN anybody remember the group buy of the touring tailgate spoiler ? hmm a wile ago 5 years + me thinks well any way hears a couple of picks. this was fitted end summer last year after being put away in a safe place at the same time i had the m5 lookelike folding mirrors done as well ( had them stached away for over 2 years ) local body shop done a good job of paint matching and at fair cost i dont rush into things as you can proberly tell iam keeping this one, aquired in2012 and still going strong never failed mot since then now at present redoing oil filter houseing gasget front pully tenioners and rocker cover gasget both done when i first aquired the car but best part of 8y is not bad , me thinks and swaped out the style 66s for some proper style 37s (e39 0ff set 18x8et20 and 9x18 et24 74.1) any body got a tail of parts that eventually got fitted
  9. supertramp101

    525tds car thinks its stuck in drive

    in your version of INPA on the first screen have you got option for older cars if pressing F8 i obtained a newer copy and e39s among others have to be accessed this way but you might be better getting a copy of ISTA-D runs native in windows 10 (no vmware required ) and works with dcan cable or enet cable( this plugs into lan port)
  10. supertramp101

    Any gaiter

    febi ones fitted 3+ years ago still all good
  11. supertramp101

    DIS V57 18 PDC: Voltage, converters in general

    pdc error/// (24 . voltage converter in general short circuit currently available( rear tone gen sounding ) when switch active all sensors reading 100% on graph had rear loom out and tested eash wire for brakes etc all good on multimeter have repared 2x wires with soldered joints and shink tube so queston is 1 what is the voltage converter is it a sensor or the module iam going to rip all the loom apart once moor but befor sorceing a new one want to be sure its the loom. any pointers as to were we go from hear thanks st101
  12. supertramp101

    alphanumeric dash display

    this ploblem is well known. ebay for diy kit or as above rudi was / is over west london i think shout out dennis cooper he will know
  13. supertramp101

    E39 seat yellow plug help

    scrap wiring and plugs i used , you can take the pins out of the plugs you need , i was lucky when i got seats i got car loom seat plugs as well i tryed once to try and sort wich terminal required [epic fail] just to many to work out if you need wireing i done a diagram for my 04 touring ( its in my album)
  14. supertramp101

    528i Radiator oil leak somewhere :(

    the auto box cooler rad i suspect where the pipe goes into the rad it can rub / vibrate and wear through mine was done about 8 years ago just b4 i got it and was done by the steelers , rad was just over £200 but the total bill was just over £800 with fluid and labour ) ouch