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  1. Hello, Is that video with, using Invery AirDual 100? And what is OBM? Thanks much.
  2. While my cars are in the shop (long story), decided to give these gizmo's try, the bovee 1000 and invery Airdual-100-BMW units. (backdrop: i'm currently in turmoil between several conflicting choices for what to do with head units in e46 m3 and e39 m5, going into year 2020 - not a typo, we are heading into year 2020, and my cars are 2004 and 2003 MY respectively - long time, to be using OEM head units, but thankfully intravee made and been making the journey with sticking with OEM look, worthwhile, and while sirius units added additional listening comforts, nicely all in 16:9 OEM screens) So, wanted to do some unit testing using Sony ICF-CS10IP through these bovee and airdual BT units, using iphone nano gen 7 (BT capable), iphone se and note10+ 5g. iphone nano playing back itune syned music. And iphone and note10 playing back apple music and spotify, streaming. I've let the playback/streaming go for >8 hours, while working from home today. Playback wise, android, iphone, ipod, all worked. No skips, no cutouts, no pauses, no drops. Along with RichardP's experiments, both bovee and airdual seem promising for BT with ipod/iphone/android, to hookup with ainet+intravee. What was bit surprising, interesting is, while hooked up with bovee and airdual, i could not control the playback (i.e. pause, play). For instance hooking ipod directly to sony through sony's remote i can play, pause, control menu, etc. I looked up some details of pinout of ipod 30 pins, and frankly i don't know what sony uses to control ipod. But i would have thought the same control sony uses would get relayed through bovee and airdual wirelessly through BT to ipod, to do the same to pause, play the track. I'm hoping KCA-410i will do better (than sony) to control ipod through bovee and airdual. Perhaps bovee and airdual goes through different control signals/protocol of ipod than what sony uses from 30 pins. Anyone more knowledge with BT profile, ipod interface, can explain why through sony i cannot pause/play tracks through bovee/airdual BT to ipod? I'm only keeping one so probably will return bovee (to Amazon as prime member). And i still have bluebus to try out. Thanks much.
  3. Found it. Indeed, stuck there in that folder.
  4. dinan5m3

    ai net breakout box

    Okay, doing that now. Thank you.
  5. dinan5m3

    ai net breakout box

    Hello, Any chance (at all) for this intravee breakout box to be (still) available for purchase, ship to US? I would be looking at quantity of 2. Or, anyone selling their used? Thanks much.
  6. dinan5m3

    Intravee switch firmware update?

    Hi, Anyone know if Intravee support is dead? Asking since Richard P. is usually responsive. Thanks,
  7. dinan5m3

    Intravee switch firmware update?

    Hello, After some searching i'm finding that the latest Intravee firmware is 6.02-7146. As for the Intravee switch firmware update, reading the post below, am i to understand that rarely we need switch firmware update? The two switches i have whatever the version they were flashed several years ago purchased. I'm now gearing up to add a switch with 1 AI-Net and 1 Aux. And was wondering if proactive in switch firmware update? Or, not? I don't think i've seen prior post that fixes or addresses problem from updating the switch firmware, so i'm guessing what i have there now from day 1 is okay, especially for my application. Thanks much.