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  1. NorCalzman

    Intravee switch

    Where are you located?
  2. NorCalzman

    iPod question

    Thanks. I will play around with my ipod too. Maybe changing "shuffle" settings on the device will help. Will report back if I make any progress.
  3. NorCalzman

    iPod question

    Ah. It's a 5th generation nano I am using. Also just remembered I pick a playlist first, then select "random song" Think it could be updated in a update to keep its place?
  4. NorCalzman

    iPod question

    I was thinking more like in the case of over heating (or pre overheating). Ideally I guess we would be able to set the temp at which we wish the alert to happen.
  5. NorCalzman

    iPod question

    Intravee II in my 2005 330i. Build installed was the newest firmware before the inventor passed away. My situation is this: i currently have my ipod hooked up and have the intravee set for random song shuffle. every time I get in the car the iPod tracks reset the count and the shuffle starts over, which means the same songs can come up. Question: is this normal function? Is there a setting i am missing or a way for the Intravee to remember what track it's on so it doesn't reset each time I start the car. Kind of annoying to have to fast forward though songs that had already been played last time I was in the car. PS. I love the car stats display. Would be awesome if the Intravee could beep if the coolant temp ever reached a certain temp.
  6. NorCalzman

    Firmware V6.02-6942

    Really? Thats disapointing. Ah well. Not the end of the world.
  7. 330i ZHP owner from California here. First, thank you to Richard, this forum, and any other members involved in keeping this great product and its support alive. Richard's emails have been most helpful. I have been posting them on my own forum to keep Intravee owners there informed. A few will probably join this forum to gain access to future updates. I will be following this thread for news/support/builds. I am a big fan of this product. Love how I can see my temp guage. I currently have 6.02-6641 installed on my Intravee September 2012. It is very stable except a screen redraw issue in which the song name flickers when changing menus. I will eventually install 6941 and maybe that will solve the issue (I can report back here as well).