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  1. mickeyboy

    Sudden Radio loss?

    Ok, so how does one "Reset" the Diversity Amp?
  2. mickeyboy

    Sudden Radio loss?

    Mine still comes and goes randomly, latest period of working was 5 days then it stopped when I got in the car after work today. I am beginning to see some association of it failing when the car gets hot (i.e. left in the hot sun for several hours). So maybe something like a bad contact is expanding with the heat or something like that. Good to know that stations disappearing is a symptom of a diversity amp problem. Will have to look there and report back.
  3. mickeyboy

    Sudden Radio loss?

    Update: Jumped in the car yesterday morning and radio was working fine again, displayed all stations etc. This morning it's gone again! I hate these intermittent faults. Gonna disconnect the battery for 30 minutes tonight.
  4. mickeyboy

    Sudden Radio loss?

    That thought did cross my mind since the fob range has never been great, no more than 4 feet from the car usually. Quick question, I don't see any radio stations displayed at all, is that a usual sympton of the diversity amp failing? I would have thought they would be stored in memory somewhere and display on the screen irrespective of whether the amp is bad or not. Not had an opportunity to try anything as yet.
  5. mickeyboy

    Sudden Radio loss?

    Hi Baus, thanks for the reply I'll give that a try.
  6. mickeyboy

    Sudden Radio loss?

    Jumped in the car for work this morning to be greeted with no radio from my Pro Sat Nav unit. CD Changer still works OK but I cannot select FM, AM or SW, no stations being displayed at all and of course no output from the radio. Sat Nav still works ok too. Was all working fine Saturday afternoon, didn't drive the car Sunday, then Monday morning the problem was there. I've had a good search around most of the forums + Google but can't find a single thread that replicates this problem. Any help or troubleshooting ideas from those more knowledgeable on the audio side would be much appreciated.
  7. mickeyboy

    Swiched Power Supply for coding?

    Thanks for the info/links Chr1sbg, I will do some reading. See below from the guy from the other forum in the US who gave me the guide below. We both have/had (he doesn't anymore) a 93f9 Restraint Error (Airbag) which in our case is a "Low Reserve Voltage" fault (according to DIS). He cleared his by re-flashing the SGM. First, WINKFP is A LOT faster than Progman but It is more dangerous if you do not know how to use it, so I try to stay away from it, and use Progman. Progman is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) and is friendly. I can most likely guide you on how to do it, so as you go along and have questions you can ask. The general steps are: 1) Connect the cable to the car and usb/computer. (Make sure your car can connect to Progman, ie: it is properly set up) Launch PROGMAN and turn the key to the accessory position (one before engine start.) 2) Once Progman loads up, on the bottom you will see a button called (New Session).Click it. 3) Next Highlight the interface: OPS1, and on the bottom right a button "Continue" will pop up, click it. 4) Enter a description for this session, I use things like "TEST" or "BMW" etc. 5)Next on the right select your model. 5 Series followed by E60/E61. 6)It will load the Vehicle Order and determine it. (Takes anywhere from 2-5 min, so be patient) 7) Once it loads, on the top you will see oval buttons. Select the Load SW option.It will ask have control units been replaced? You answer NO. It starts to determine the control units. next on the right you will see ALL control modules your car is equipped with. So you scroll down until you see the SGM or ACSM . CLick it. 9) List of options appear on the right, you select PROGRAMMING. Followed by UPDATE SOFTWARE. 10) IT will say: Measurement plan is being determined. wait. 11) AFter it's done, it will show the plan. Look at the Old ECU part No and New ECU part no.Make sure they are either the same or the new one is newer (You don't want to downgrade of course) Hit accept. 12) It will say a measurement plan has been created and accepted it will take X amount of minutes. (Mine took about 5-8 in total) Not too lengthy. Hit accept. It will warn you to connect a charger, hit next/continue. 13) You will see a remaining time period /progress bar on top, it might not seem like it is doing anything, but DO NOT interfere, just sit there until it finishes. 14) After its done, it will show you results , ie: pass or fail etc. hit FINISH. 15) Voila, you have updated/programmed your SGM Airbag Module, the light should be off. There are also other techniques but I suggest you do this way/one first and see if your light goes off. A side note: During the update process, you might get an extra error on the Idrive, I recieved a Cruise Contrl Malfunction and Traction Control Malfunction, your's might be different. It's okay. It will clear on its own after the update. If it DOES NOT clear, you have to manually clear it like any other code using INPA ( I hope you know how to do that. ) Hope this might be of some use.
  8. mickeyboy

    Swiched Power Supply for coding?

    Hi Chr1sgb, Whilst I bow to your superior knowledge, a guy over on 5 Series.net says he has done this and he reckons you can select individual modules (once all have been determined) and it took him 8 minutes to re-programme his SGM using Progman. I will have a look into using WinKFP, is it easy to use and can you point me at a good user guide? Also, for a 10 hour stint I'm guessing you had to use a power supply, what did you use?
  9. mickeyboy

    Swiched Power Supply for coding?

    Not sure if what I want to do is classified as coding or programming, methinks probably the latter. I am looking at using Progman to re-flash the Safety and Gateway Module. I understand that the re-flash alone can take anything up to 10 mins (provided that it is successful), that's not including reading all the ECUs and VO plus creating the measurement plan. So I might be on the battery for up to 15 mins, plus I don't know what current will be being drawn at any time throughout the procedure. I've also been told that Progman will advise / tell you to connect a charger /power supply for this. I would rather play it safe so any advice would be most welcome either on the procedure or a suitable power supply.
  10. mickeyboy

    Swiched Power Supply for coding?

    I meant "switched".
  11. Looking to source a switched power supply for coding, what does everybody use?
  12. mickeyboy

    E60 fuel gauge only reading half full

    Look in Baus' signature.
  13. mickeyboy

    Dis cable/software

    I am in Locks Heath and have software but like Neil D I am no expert, willing to help if I can.
  14. mickeyboy

    What is this box under my seat?

    Looks very much like the seat occupancy sensor unit to me.
  15. mickeyboy

    htc and carphone warehouse ***WARNING***

    I have the HTC One S and have had no problems with it at all other than when I got it wet one day and the vibrate wouldn't turn off, even when I turned the damn thing off. Ended up taking the battery out (yes you can take it out, video on youtube shows you how) to stop it vibrating. As soon as it dried out it was fine again. Probably the most reliable phone I have owned.