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    1993 BMW 540i
  1. bennyg

    Radiator drain plug - cant remove!

    ... drain the rad by removing the bottom hose. Then remove the top hose, stick your garden hose nozzle in there to flush the rad
  2. bennyg

    BMW Boot Lid Badge

    Sounds like one of the grommets isn't aligned properly
  3. bennyg

    530 v8 as my next car

    There's reports of changing trans fluid hastening a tranny already on the way out but I reckon that's people trying it once symptoms start and theres already loads of lost friction material on the pan when it's dropped, rather than as preventative maintenance. At that relatively low milage I'd be suspicious of it being a sitter for some period of time and changing every fluid you can regardless of age or milage is usually a good idea in that case It's up to how long you reckon you want to keep it and how much you want to spend, given these are old cars where most major fixes like swapping a trans would probably cost more in shop labour than you've bought it for.
  4. bennyg

    530 v8 as my next car

    Nothing really wrong with them except they weren't worth it over the 525 or weren't that much cheaper or less hassle than the 540. It's exactly what you're after in a comfy cruiser, it just has nothing it does better than the 540 except a mpg or two. I don't know whether the 5hp18 had the same insane "never change the trans fluid" service schedule as the 540's 5hp30 (or its plastic checkball) but look for a trans flush having been done, the stock fluid usually causes trans death around that milage
  5. bennyg

    Auto Dim Mirror questions

    1993 euro 540i standard manual dip mirror (I find it really really hard to believe BMW made one that looks exactly the same with autodip...) And in my other 540 which does have it factory optioned on the VIN check 1993 euro 540i auto dip mirror With sensor visible
  6. bennyg

    Auto Dim Mirror questions

    That looks exactly like the mirror on my grey 540i (1993 euro) The auto dim on my other 540i has no knob. It's the photowhatsit type. Has a little square light sensor that faces backwards. Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  7. bennyg

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Me too! New clips for side shades coming from fcp as well and i have to reglue the door trims as the PO of the car I harvested them from was just a tad brutal... I am gonna get this done soon now we're at the end of winter down here and here's where i think all the info I'll ever need will be. That shogun guy is a total godsend.http://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1397812
  8. bennyg

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Howd you get the RHD kick panel off. Were the ducts attached to yours? I cant get mine off without feeling like I'm going to break it and even taking off the trim above it (with the drivers side storage box) and the bonnet lever I still can barely move it, the ducting is catching on something I cant see up on the left hand side above and forward from where the filter sits
  9. bennyg

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Dudmd chip in my 540A was noticeable especially between 2k and 3krpm, that was before my fuel log showed 0.5-1L better economy, that's a few mpg in 18th century maths I already fed it 98ron fuel so its saving me money.
  10. bennyg

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Haha sorry for leaving it dangling like that.Something about fuel washing the glaze off the aluminum bore liners (? iirc) a problem only for m60 and a few other engines as usually cast iron parts are used there. It was oversight on my mechanics part who is otherwise a e34 genius. 2ml oil stabiliser in each cylinder through splug hole. Spread around with comp air. Then with no fuel (fuse 23), and a car with a nice big alt jumped to it (we used a 535) sprayed no start into intake (maf out) and cranked until it sounded like it was turning over with comp. Giving the starter a rest to dissipate heat and battery a chance to charge a bit inbetween each attempt. Eventually it sounded like it was getting comp so gave it fuel and once it got going all was good. About two hours of on/off cranking then revving it until it sounded stable off throttle to return to idle and no more clouds of smoke. Basically a flooded start procedure from what I've read on the net. Silver lining is I think we found the reason for the rough idle with minor crankcase vac symptoms we were trying to troubleshoot in the first place. Rocker cover crown nut & washer had been liquidnailed in by PO and it failed to seal after we put it back in, it sprayed oil all over the engine bay on the test drive. I leaned a couple things. I can not get enough of the sound of a high revving m60. This, and getting a ride in a 6 speed supercharged 540i pushing well over 300kw (hint, it takes longer to say "150 kilometres per hour" than to get there) I have totally changed my mind and am waiting for my auto to go to have an excuse to throw cash at a manual conv.
  11. bennyg

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    2pm, zero comp on all 8 cylinders. 9pm, hooning again. Drive your m60 people. They suck at sitting!
  12. bennyg

    Monaro and VXR V8... Hmmmmm

    Being from oz yes these are fun, in the most irresponsible wasteful straight-line-only sense of car fun. They have the ultimate in cashed up bogan (chav) stigma because they are basically a 2dr version of a 4dr sedan that was sold for >$20k more - a commo SS with the same running gear could be bought and bolt-on'd way past a stock monaro with cash left over. I'll forgive the mention because you dont have commodores and falcons everywhere, unremarkable in every way except when driven by morons, but if you mentioned pushrods on an oz bmw forum for any other purpose other than something cool like putting LSx/T56 in a 318 shell you'd be ignored completely. Interior is cheap and will fall apart. Especially prior to VE platform
  13. bennyg

    Some just see red...

    I wouldn't drive into anyone on purpose. Just got a new good quality rad put in the 540. Too expensive to risk damage on some cheap merc. Plus guy in white car should thank his gf holding him back. If she could stop him getting out of his car he wouldve got his ass bent over his head by Mr shirtless.
  14. bennyg

    M sport badge

    Oh does this statement not unwittingly perfectly sum up who BMW targets these daysThey used to have to actually do something to justify the price premium for enthusiast drivers' cars now a bodykit and flappy paddles magically turn entrylevel into racecar
  15. bennyg

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    How funny, I had the top hose come off last week. Very similar.The cluster f started with a tiny crack in the plastic just under where the top hose goes into the rad (I think it's where on some E34s the tranny cooler line would go in), welded it up with a soldering iron and some added abs for filler, covered it in jb weld about 3 weeks ago. Found out the hard way I left a knob of semi melted abs on the underside of where the top hose clips on. Which combined with me perhaps rushing to put it back together and maybe not tightening the clamp enough, a really baking hot day, and a blown high speed aux fan fuse getting the pressure nice and high meant it popped off and left most of the fresh expensive long life coolant all over the engine bay before I saw the rising temp. Lucky I had about 4L of water in the boot but the 10min to home in peak hour 35C caused what was left in the system to boil - bursting through my repair of the crack in the rad...... I can guess the venting steam was keeping the temp below red though. Silver lining perhaps the HG and everything else expensive to fix seems fine. Cbf trying again. New rad ordered.