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  1. longtimedead

    M5 brake fluid and engine coolant replacement

    Cant remember exactly the coolant but think its green oat stuff but google to make sure. Brake fluid wise if your not tracking the car my recommendation would be comma 5.1 its got pretty much the same specs as motul 5.1. Do not use dot 5 as its not suitable for normal cars.
  2. longtimedead

    Marine fish tank

    Used to be in it alot and had a nice reef set up back in the day, I would get a bristle star to do some general housekeeping. List your setup and I can make some recommendations.
  3. longtimedead

    Looking for a new polish (only) opinions please

    Never really used AG products but isnt AG UDS a final stage not a polish? The dedicated polishes I have used to good affect in the past are DJ lime prime, Auto Finese and Megs ultra cut and finishing polish. If im really in a rush a combo polish and sealant like werkstat always produces an okay result.
  4. longtimedead

    Looking for a new polish (only) opinions please

    The process I have used for a good number of years is (assume usual SF & TBM have been done) clay, tardis or similar, lime prime (light or normal depends on paint thickness) then apply sealant ie werkstat and finally wax layers.
  5. longtimedead

    Colour Laser Printers / Scanners / Photocopier

    Some of the client reports I have to print are pretty bulky and often have to be printed in triplicate for regulatory reasons. Print quality wise I assumed laser would also be better than inkjet, is this the case?
  6. longtimedead

    Wheel option for E39 M5

    Got to be stock wheels on an M5, if your after a wider track why not used some hubcentric spacers.
  7. longtimedead

    Colour Laser Printers / Scanners / Photocopier

    Thanks for the recommendation, put off by ink jets due to amount of ink they use but will be looking into this one for sure.
  8. Guys as per title if anyone has any experience, recommendations ect... it would be very much appreciated. The printer needs to be an all in one jobbie that also prints in colour as whilst most of the stuff I will print is black every page will have graphs, diagrams and logo's which must be in colour. Really also need a top feed tray that actually works and dosnt look pretty and jam all the time. I will be scanning and producing copies of client documentation. Goes with out saying my budget is the less the better but anything between £400-£650 I can do. Ive searched alot on the net but they all look the same and prices seems to differ alot. Thanks LTD
  9. longtimedead

    VW Golf petrol or diesel

    Seat's are also worth a look for your price range, only advice I would give when considering any VAG car in your age range would be check and tripple check for leaks. Bulkheads can leak, cabin filter can leak, door seals will defo be on there way out but could have been sorted by previous owner. My mrs has a Leon Cupra and it took me a year to finally trace down every leak, the same went for my mages golf and his wifes passat. Its not just the wet carpets thats a pain but the condensation has a habit of killing electrics over time.
  10. longtimedead

    550i Gone Long Live The...........

    Sexual beast that is love it.
  11. longtimedead

    Work issues....guidance pls.

    All depends on how they treat you when you return to work, if they let you go for being sick then at least you wont be sanctioned by the JSA people. If they owe you money and refute that they do, you would have to complete an ET1 and take them to employment tribunal to attempt to get some kind of remedy. I would however advise this is a long drawn out process and very much biased towards the respondents.
  12. longtimedead

    Topic locked?

    You where not advertising but you say "dosnt matter al just eBay them at anyway" seems a little bit of a contradiction to me.
  13. longtimedead

    Terra Clean M5

    Dont know but no smoke came out the back of mine when it was done.
  14. longtimedead

    Terraclean anybody had it done?

    Yep alot of people have that fear, it took me a few years to convince my father to use it. Anyway good luck and I hope the terra clean treatment does what you want it to do.
  15. longtimedead

    Terraclean anybody had it done?

    Yep M5 diesel results may differ, have you looked into using 2 stroke in your tank I did for six years on my accord and it ran like a dream and produced alot less smoke even when remapped within an inch of its life.