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  1. Captain Beaky

    which side ??

    Mine was on the left when looking at the back of the car
  2. Captain Beaky

    E39 Breyton Bodykit

    no sorry
  3. Captain Beaky

    lower wing repair panels

    I have some permission forms here I'm happy to sign them for you
  4. Captain Beaky

    lower wing repair panels

    I know I seen the box when I looked the second time, too excited like my wife says Man Looking!!
  5. Captain Beaky

    lower wing repair panels

    if you don't mind, where did you get them from? Doh! Man Looking again
  6. Captain Beaky

    ball park figure

    I was quoted £800 for leather including the materials so depends on whether you are suppling the material, but I would budget at least £200 a seat less the material its a lot of work
  7. Captain Beaky

    new guy

    looks fantastic, welcome
  8. Captain Beaky

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    The 535i failed its mot yesterday, 3tyres and a blown hard line on the brakes, thank god its NS front and not above the petrol tank. Wasn't expecting that!
  9. Captain Beaky

    E39 Rear Bumpers

    I want to change the rear box on the 535i but the SE rear bumper has no cut out for the exhaust tips, so i was looking at a sport bumper or I see the touring rear has a relief in the bottom for exhaust tips. Will a touring fit a saloon?
  10. Captain Beaky

    528i won't start

    fantastic news !!
  11. Captain Beaky

    First clean in 3 years buffed up nice

    good luck with the mot
  12. Captain Beaky

    the old girl came out the garage after 3 years

    looking good !!
  13. Captain Beaky

    modern gadgets that connect to analogue stereos

    that's interesting what's it called, i could do with one for my sprint
  14. Hi Tims


    Do you have any fllywheel pick up sensors for a M30b35?


    Its for a 1984/5 635i auto





  15. Captain Beaky

    Anyones e28 not been on the road for a time?

    you may be supprised how robust they are especially if garaged good luck with the MOT