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  1. Captain Beaky

    525e Timing Belt information 127 or 128 teeth

    Sorted now, just had my local MF on the phone, Gates timing belt kit, water pump and 2 belts PAS and power and coolant £90 all in! Not bad
  2. Captain Beaky

    525e Timing Belt information 127 or 128 teeth

    I thought that but my local MF asked me which one i needed and when i checked online just to see, europarts also have a choice of 127 & 128 but GSF did not So it got me thinking
  3. Does anyone know what year the timing belts changed from 127 teeth to 128 teeth on the M20B27 engine
  4. Captain Beaky

    E28 on tour

    The Kayaks fit well, especially dipping down over the top of the windscreen, lots of people nodding and few came over to talk about the cars
  5. Captain Beaky

    E28 on tour

    Here we go again the start of our annual tour from south wales to north with the same old girls the only change is the addition of the 18" rims and a couple of kayaks
  6. Captain Beaky

    E39 Breyton Bodykit

    Sorry Gazza we're away this week and haven't checked my messages, this kit fits properly not like the one above. There is a small micro crack in the cutout around the exhaust area, one isin paint silver the other has not been painted.
  7. Captain Beaky

    E39 Breyton Bodykit

    Hi Gazza I've only got the front and rear bumpers
  8. Captain Beaky

    Twin Solex Carb problem

    Thank you Sir Anthony, yet again a font of wisdom!! I thought you may reply to this one even though my details are misleading as the car is a 68 912 sorry anyway i think you are right I'd better start looking for a set of carburetors because there are rubbish
  9. Captain Beaky

    E39 Breyton Bodykit

    big bump Is anyone interested ? These don't come up for sale that often
  10. Captain Beaky

    Twin Solex Carb problem

    I got a problem with one Solex 30 Carb running very rich on a 1972 Porsche 911. It's running twin solex 30's but one of them is so rich the plugs are soaking wet, the adjustment screw makes no difference when adjusted, the float is okay and set correct and the needle valve works fine so the bowl is not flooding either. Does anyone have any experience with these?
  11. Captain Beaky

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Agreed I suppose it's all relevant to where you live. In my situation i live 2 mins walking distance from the town centre, a busy dual carriageway and the police stn, yet it's very quite where i live, my property being bordered by a river, fields, a park and a leisure center. Unfortunately i have suffered in the past with muppets who have tried and damaged cars, I even had a squatter in one and apparently its not against the law to take shelter in you car if its unlocked (my Bad!) The reasoning behind the interlock switch is this - the longer they are there trying to start the car on the drive, the more likely they will draw attention and do a runner, that's why I now have a big ugly dog called Lola! If there is a timer involved then once started you only need 10 seconds, again once stopped the first logical thing will be to try and start it. Again the more time spent doing this the better and they may damage it for spite but probably not because if your a thief you don't want to be hanging around. On the other hand if they are off their face on drugs then they wont give a shit about time and how long they are at it and if you live in the country none of the above would help so its horses for courses
  12. Captain Beaky

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Don't bother with anything like that because if someone wants it that bad it will go and if they can't steal it they'll damage the ar for spite. All you need to do is find the live or earth to the fuel pump and put a switch on it or micro switch under the ashtray to cut the power, if you really want to mess them up use a delay timer on the pump feed with an override switch for you to use. The idea being let them try to steal the car but they will never get it to run, even better with the timer if they get the car to start it will stop shortly afterwards in the middle of the road. They won't be to inclined to spend any time trying to fix it but will probably leave it abandoned.
  13. Captain Beaky

    What have you done on your E28 this week........

    it's been a while since my last post and lots going on but the Little Donkey is ready for action. Flat out all weekend, rebuilt the brake master cylinder only to find out the linkages were the culprits for the brakes sticking on, wish i'd read you post first on that Dunc! Interestingly enough the picture does show something going on but it was not the cause but was it affecting the brakes ?? I don't know Full service, all fluids replaced, waxoiled the inner arches and inner sills, new "thing" joints on the back axle, forgot what they are called now Summer wheels Just needs a dam good clean and polish now
  14. Captain Beaky

    What have you done on your E28 this week........

    How clean is that garage, that's just perfect!
  15. Captain Beaky

    PREDATOR - It really does exist

    Don't let that fool you she's an eight stone baby