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  1. Hi Guys, I have an E39 with standard Sat Nav system with a LC6i unit. Has anybody had a problem with there aftermarket subs cutting out at higher volume, it sounds great at a lower level the more you turn it up the quieter the subs go. Any help would be great Thanks
  2. Pjn11

    Sound loss on Bluetooth

    This is my ulf the iPhone is upto date
  3. Pjn11

    Sound loss on Bluetooth

    Is anybody else had or have an issue where you can't here phone through Bluetooth when plugged into intravee via Apple lightning adapter, I have iPhone 5s with 9.3 os and the most recent update on intravee. Thanks
  4. I have done the latest update and mine done it again once this evening will keep an eye on it and report back.
  5. Pjn11

    Iphone intermitant sound loss

    Most of the time not on all menus thou. I will check the connections tomorrow and it is the sat Nav unit
  6. Pjn11

    Iphone intermitant sound loss

    Not yet was going to have a look over the weekend, but I have noticed it also does it when I scroll through some of the menus on the intravee too.
  7. Pjn11

    Iphone intermitant sound loss

    No just a short break in sound
  8. Pjn11

    Iphone intermitant sound loss

    Hi there, I have a sound issue when I am playing my IPhone my sound stops for a few seconds then replays and does it every now and then any help and ideas please. Thanks Paul
  9. Pjn11

    Latest Firmware Update?

    Hi there is this still the latest version or is there a newer one thanks Paul
  10. Pjn11

    Avoid Manford Tyres/Cars

    What's there address as my dad has manford autos which is a completely different company and getting confused with this one
  11. Pjn11

    Bluetooth Help

    It's ok I've just got hold of a gen 3 module with voice I will try that
  12. Pjn11

    Bluetooth Help

    So does mine it only when I receive a call nothing comes up
  13. Pjn11

    Bluetooth Help

    Hi there, I was just wondering if any one has any information on why I cant get caller id on my E39 I have an Iphone 4S and the car has standard sat nav and bluetooth unit, any help would be great.
  14. Pjn11

    london / esex / herts

    I am popping down there tonight