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  1. An update to my earlier much earlier posts in 2012/13....! Car is still going strong (2006 530D touring with sunroof) after 185,000 miles. Water ingress is still sometimes a problem - mainly getting into the battery compartment. Luckily our drive slopes down towards the road though and we ALWAYS park it facing downhill. So in spite of clearing the tubes, drilling the pan of the wheel-well, and four years ago having to drain and dry all the little electric gizmos in their specially designed BMW paddling pool - my main piece of advice is that when rain is imminent, ALWAYS park the car facing downhill. Sorry if you live on the east side with no hills...... maybe make a little set of chocks to reverse the car up on to. Obviously only drive down hills in the rain too. The car has a host of little faults other than caused by water, but still drives well and is reliable considering the mileage. The engine management warning light has been on for 110,000 miles - but the engine seems to run beautifully.... Jim
  2. JimP

    Outside Tyre Wear on Front

    Yes, they are run flats. But I have had the car for a few years and the previous tyres had never worn like this. Plus the very excessive wear was only on the outside edges. I have read some posts on this forum that seem to suggest RFT have very stiff sidewalls which could lead to excessive wear on the edges - but this is likely to happen if the tyres were under-inflated and would affect both edges to some degree. In my case the outside edges reached their wear limits well before the rest of the tyre. My local garage may have this all wrong, but my post is just to advise anyone that notices this sort of wear pattern to consider having their tracking CAREFULLY checked. I will report back when I have longer to observe the new tyres. Jim
  3. JimP

    10 Plate 530d

    We have a 2007 530D Touring and drive it a mixture of A and B road and Motorway, with not much town driving. Around 40mpg is average on a tank of fuel, and in fact on these sort of roads it is quite hard to get it below 40. By just easing up a bit the average goes up to 42, and once as an experiment I drove to Cornwall and back (around 300 miles) taking it VERY easy on the throttle and managed 48mpg. In fact for quite a way it had averaged around 50mpg, but that went once I hit the hills. If you do a lot of town driving it might be different, but out of towns I would say 40mpg. Car has 115,000 on the clock now. Jim
  4. Hi All Around five months ago I noticed the outside edges of the front tyres were showing a lot of wear. The pressures are good so I suspected a tracking problem. The car was taken to a local tyre dealer who I have used for 25 years to have the tracking checked. They told me the tracking was fine and then said some tyres just seem to wear like that on some cars. I carried on driving and of course came to the inevitable MOT fail in January. The tyres were replaced and my local independent garage where I get my cars serviced checked the tracking for me. Mike, the owner, said that technically the tyre dealer had been right when he said the tracking was fine - because BMW specify a 'range' of tolerance. However the tracking was not spot on. I believe the rear wheels being slightly out of track may have also contributed. The tracking has now been set precisely, and I'm hoping the condition will not recur. I'm no technical expert but it might be worth checking this, particularly if you get wear on just one edge (so not linked to under-inflation). Jim
  5. Steve, sorry to hear about your problem. If you see my posts above it might be worth trying to dry everything out yourself first. My problems were just like yours and it has now resolved - almost anyway, and the car is quite usable. By not changing the expensive 'black boxes' there has been no need for expensive BMW re-programming either. When I said almost resolved it is because I have had intermittent problems. That is that when I put the key into the ignition, the system would re-set itself and so all trip data, clocks etc (not odometer) would go to zero and need to be re-set. This was happening frequently for a few weeks, but has now ceased. So obviously there has been some damage somewhere. However it did not affect the driveability of the car at all, and I don't have a wedge of money to spend on rectifying such a minor fault at the moment. Jim
  6. Not at all. I am very new to this forum and know very little about cars. But I do know more about cameras and computers. Can I compare the drift of this thread to how it might sound as if a new BWM convert had just found an M5 going for sale from his aunt, and was asking about buying it. Then suddenly he has people telling him not to bother because in fact a completely different car from a different manufacturer would be more suitable and much cheaper. I just think it is unfair to suggest the iMac in question could be had for £50, or that a Dell laptop would be better. You are right - he might get it a bit cheaper though. No offense taken on my part I assure you - I might need some more advice on my car in the near future! Anyway I have to rush off and photograph a wedding now! Best wishes Jim
  7. If you can find the iMac specified in the OP for £50 I will eat my spare wheel! And how can you compare a Dell laptop with a 15" screen with the 20" iMac JohnW is looking at. It's like comparing a new Kia with a five year old BMW. Of course the Kia will do the job. The guy is not asking what the best/cheapest computer that will do the job is. He has been seduced by the beauty, simplicity and reliability of an iMac and wants to know if it will be a good buy. My point is it will be great for what HE wants to use it for, and in fact while the price might be a bit on the high side - it is from a relative so hopefully he will not be sold a pup. If he can get it reduced a bit so much the better. If you can buy that on e-bay for £50, the seller is either not of sane mind, or it's stolen. I have a much more up to date Mac now, but if I had to, I could run my business with the iMac in question - and I'm a photographer. And a G4, whilst still an able computer, cannot be compared to the iMac specified for running newer software. Jim PS - ok I admit my car has not got a spare wheel.
  8. 500GB is plenty for somebody who is mostly doing e-mail or internet surfing as the OP said. If you start needing to store lots of photos etc then probably best to get an extra drive for external use. Our old iMac only has 2GB of RAM and a 250GB drive, and it runs fine - just need to keep it lean! My MacPro has 10 Terabites of storage - now that can swallow a lot. Jim
  9. Hi. I'm new to this forum but just got some great info on how the water from my sunroof got into the spare wheel well and tried to drown the electrics. So thanks to you all! Now - Apple computers. The question here is what are you using it for. You said mostly e-mail and internet, so this machine will be absolutely fine. If it comes with the software you use like Office, that's a bonus (it's not dirt cheap unless you get a bootleg copy). We have a 5 year old iMac and my wife does her photo editing on it using Lightroom. That is quite demanding work with average files of 25mb each. It is not quite as fast as my new Mac Pro with quad core processors and 16gb of RAM, but it works fine. Perhaps if you were trying to edit video it might creak, but it sounds as if it will be fine for you. Yes you could buy a Mac mini and have a load of wires linking everything up, but an iMac is very compact - and they work incredibly well. You could just unplug it, carry it to another room, plug it in and go. I would try to get the price lower and spend the saved money on an external drive as back up using the built in Time Machine application. Then, if the hard drive should fail, you can replace it and restore the lot very easily. All in all the machine will be good, as long as you can negotiate a fair price. In my opinion, you will not want to go back to Windows - not saying windows is bad, just that I have found my Mac's (and we have four of them now) really reliable and simple to set up and use. Jim
  10. JimP

    Battery running flat

    Re my problems recently documented in the Sticky Thread at the top - have you checked the spare wheel well for water? Although I had other symptoms - the end result was that the water had caused corrosion in some of the relays and the battery drained in a couple of days. I imagine it could also be an intermittent fault. It may only affect cars with sunroofs, but worth a check. Jim
  11. Ok, latest update, and it is good news!!!! My local independent dealer has re-assembled the electrics and there are no fault codes. The car is in good working order and so no need to replace the expensive BMW electronic boxes in the boot. Just the three rather rusty relays - which will not cost much. He opened up the two boxes with the printed circuits, gave them a good clean and blew away the white powder that had started to gather over the damp circuit boards. I think I have been rather lucky really all in all. I was lucky that my case was not as bad as the OP, in that my circuits had not yet fried - but it could have been a lot worse. We have also drilled a hole in the bottom of the spare wheel well and put a rubber grommet in - just in case. After all, I'm not going to ford any rivers - hopefully. Just glad I did not rush to the main dealer and had a look in the boot for myself. Jim
  12. Quick update. Found the two rear hoses, though the pictures in the first post can be a little misleading. The little blighters are tucked well away right at the back of the space. I did not need to remove the fuse panel for the RH hose, but then I have smallish hands. If I still had a child living at home I would have got them to do it! The hose needed quite a tug to remove. The RH one was well and truly bunged up with mud. They are both now plugged back in - the little grommets should stop them from coming out, but the tube is several inches into the body and as there is nothing to snag it I cannot see how it will pop out of it's own accord. Now I am waiting for my local indy dealer to come back with the recharged battery, three new relays, and the dried out control boxes. They did not look too bad so I dream that perhaps they will not need replacing! Should I also drill drain holes into the bottom of the wheel well? A consideration. Jim
  13. Incredible! I have just suffered from this problem of water in the spare wheel well and typed the query into Google - which led to you guys. The very first post (sticky) at the top of the list was this one. We had about 2 litres of water in the well, plus water about 2cm up the battery. Same symptoms of i-drive showing level control system failure, telling me the fuel tank was full when it was half empty, and now the battery has completely drained. My local independant garage who have always serviced my car are trying to help before I take it to the Main Dealer. The control units and three relays were sat in water, so hardly surprising I was having problems. We are going to replace the relays and dry out the system then see what happens. I have a dehumidifier in the car now to help with the drying. I only noticed a problem last weekend down in Devon. We had a torrential rainstorm overnight, then the next day drove up and down some very steep hills. Normally the car is used in a flat area. Reading the other posts I deduce that water was in the boot, and then driving the car at steep angles must have sloshed the water over the control units. Yes, we also have a sunroof!. Will let you know what the outcome is. Jim