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  1. tej

    Cam sensor

    The reason I did the code scan was because the car felt a little flat at the bottom end.. It could have been my imagination, but either way, my spidey senses gave me enough to do the code scan.. then I found the cam sensor faults. No difference in knock/sound though. Again, could be placebo, but the car felt 'back to normal' after the sensor was replaced
  2. tej

    535d advice > buying

    You only plan to keep it a couple weeks then?
  3. Ok, thanks guys. Maybe something has broken. There is no other parameter in Carly - just the setting to for making the fold via fob active/not active and the time delay. Will drop it into the dealer and see if they can sort it under warranty
  4. Hi Guys, Not exactly for the e60, but an e92 M3 - I imagine its the same as any other model with folding mirrors. I coded my mirrors to fold via the keyfob using carly. Everything was fine before the coding, but the driver side has lost its inward resting position, it now closes too far inward and has damaged the housing. I reset the coding in Carly, but it made no difference. I've seen there is a way to reset the rest position for when the mirrors folds outward, but this does nothing for when the mirror folds inward.. Any help/ideas?
  5. tej

    Dash cam power source

    No battery issues for me. I went by the theory that the IBS/intelligent battery sensor would do its job if the current drain went on for too long. I think I prefer the additional recording time compared to a true switched live, too.
  6. tej

    Dash cam power source

    I went for the torch light socket too. In fact, I'm going to do the same for the M3 The upside being, it will run for some time after you lock the car and then power down as the car goes into sleep mode around 40mins later (I'm guessing/hoping its the same on the M3). Some details in my sig below...
  7. tej

    E60 530D...Pre 2K lag, any ideas?

    Tempted to say, the latter may cause the issue and the former may exacerbate it. Is the cooler a reputable brand? I've seen cheap copy part intercoolers arrive with holes in them due to really bad welds as well as not being able to flow anywhere near as well as a well regarded brand. The issue sounds like classic boost leak tbh. Have you pressure tested it the pipework?
  8. tej


    Yeah, blanking EGR will give you better performance for any given scenerio where the valve would be open. It might see you another 1-2mpg too. But given that Nox is a pretty nasty thing, i left it as is.
  9. tej


    I had mine remapped by e-maps.. Our main use of the vehicle then changed for a while (less motorway usage) and the DPF clogged. I had it removed and coded out. The coding out didn't affect the map. I kept the EGR, and cooler intact and later found the swirl flaps had already been removed - in theory you can introduce a dead spot low down in the rev range by removing the swirl flaps, but its better than the alternative of the engine being toasted.
  10. tej

    535d seems slow

    You're a mechanic? If so, easy stuff for you to do (if you haven't already)- -Check the car is reaching its target boost pressure (and reaching it at the target rpm, ie not full boost @ 4000rpm but under 2000rpm, maybe even 1500rpm). -Pressure test the pipework -Compression test the cylinders -Do an injector leak down test -Buy a scanner (C110, iirc?) - it'll read codes and I think it also does some of the tests, like injector smooth running test. At worst, you can use it on other cars you service/work on. Start basic, work methodically, and you will fix the issue:)
  11. tej

    key spinning in door lock bmw e60/e61

    haha.. I doubt anyone else has ever put their key in the lock manually! I also bet there is a large % of owners who don't realise the physical key slides out of the LCI fob!
  12. Anyone happen to know the steering rack ratio for the e60 model (not the variable rack). Not sure if its different for UK and other regions?
  13. tej

    Air Con

    As per my previous comment, you can check the link in my sig for more details on how I changed mine just so you have an idea. In fact, here you go - Its relatively easy, but if the pins that hold the connections together are corroded you will have a bit of fun getting them apart (same as I did). In my case it became a 2 man job at that point. You can always try up until that point, if you can't get the connections apart, put it back together and get someone else to do it.
  14. tej

    Remap issues - less power

    Maybe get someone to compression test it? If its getting enough air and fuel, I can only think its losing power via low compression.
  15. tej

    Remap issues - less power

    Someone else may be able to find the additional power, but the last thing you want is for someone to whack everything up to max without understanding the underlying issue. On a slightly separate note , is your engine quite mechanically noisy (not necessarily anything wrong) or quite quiet?