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    2001 E39 520i SE manual, B5.5 2.0 Passat estate

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  1. jonwil560115

    Error codes

    found these two lovely error messages on the shadow memory. The one i'm interested in is the first one - i think this maybe the cause of my rear PDC sensors detecting thin air when the engine is running (they work fine with just the ignition on) i've tried the Googles but this hasn't brought anything up
  2. jonwil560115

    PDC issues

    i've just bought a rear PDC wiring loom from Ebay so i'll just fit this during my time off and hopefully it'll be a winner
  3. jonwil560115

    PDC issues

    ah ok, thanks for the advice - i'm in Northampton - i some time off in a few weeks so i'll probly pull the bumper off then and check it out - soooo annoying!
  4. jonwil560115

    PDC issues

    its a saloon - ah, i suspect the next step is bumper off
  5. jonwil560115

    PDC issues

    this is what i'm thinking (and hoping it's not)..... that the issue will be a pain in the butt!
  6. jonwil560115

    PDC issues

    oh, my sensors are not painted and have clean surfaces
  7. jonwil560115

    PDC issues

    As soon as i start the engine the sensors detect something - the bars showing the distance on each sensor show it randomly detecting something i.e. they dont detect something to the same distance, the bars go up and down super fast and randomly. What's cracking me up is that it works bang on with the ignition on but as soon as u turn the key it goes mental. Swapping sensors has no effect i'm not sure what else i can do now!
  8. jonwil560115

    PDC issues

    Hoping someone can help with this! Have an issue with PDC at the rear of my 2001 E39 where if you turn the ignition to position 2 (dash lights on) and turn on the PDC and walk up to each they work fine. If I connect the laptop and view the output of all the sensors they can be seen to be working OK. However, if I start the car the sensors then go mental and start beeping away and the laptop shows they think they're detecting something - No error codes recorded Actions so far: I have replaced all the rear parking sensors All rear sensors click away fine I have replaced the PDC unit I have cleaned all the connections
  9. just bought my first e39, took a while to find a good one!