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  1. weber magic

    Do I have cruise control???

    Yes the spec sheet does mention MFL
  2. weber magic

    Do I have cruise control???

    I would say so. Says sport on the log book and has all the sport spec, bumpers, seats, headliner etc
  3. weber magic

    Do I have cruise control???

    Yes, hit the on/off button and got nothing. On all the other E39's I've owned you get the yellow cruise symbol come up in the dash to say it on.
  4. weber magic

    Do I have cruise control???

    Hi all, I have bought myself a 2003 520i sport touring after bing out of an E39 for a long time I have been looking around for a manual sport spec 520 touring for a while so when this came up I had to have it. It needs completely going through as I intend to keep this car long term but one of my immediate disappoints is that the cruise control does not work. The car has the late style multi function steering wheel with the cruise control buttons but on trying the cruise control it did not illuminate in the Low OBC cluster nor did it appear to function. I ran the chassis number through the decoder and there is no mention of cruise control. How can I check for sure if this car has cruise control or not? Any advice greatly appreciated, thank in advance.
  5. weber magic

    Wanted rear subframe bush tool

    Yes yes yes! Can you DM me what you have please or a phone number and I’ll give you a call.
  6. weber magic

    Wanted rear subframe bush tool

    As per title seeking a rear subframe bush puller/Installer tool bmw special tool B333100 sealy VS4465 there are other versions available please get in touch if you have one of these Tools you’d be willing to part with.
  7. Can anyone recommend a HPI check that actually gives detail as to how a car is written off. I know it was written off as a cat C but i want to know the exact nature of the damage. I was disappointed to find the RAC one only told me what I already know. It was written off as a cat C. Thanks in advance.
  8. do you still have a E34 535I SPORT MANUAL for sale ?

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      I thought you were part of classic bahnstormers

    4. weber magic

      weber magic

      I am, it’s my business. Just curious as I hadn’t advertised the car on here but if you found the website then that explains it. 


      Its a really nice example. I’ve had all the body kit off and apart from a small welding repair we had to do to the NSF wing the sills are in perfect condition. 


      Best thing is for you to give me a call if you want to discuss the car. 




      Cheers Steve 



  9. weber magic

    E32/E34 zf4hp 22 automatic transmission

    As per title. Looking for a E32/E34 specific zf4hp 22autatix transmission in known working order. Many thanks
  10. weber magic

    535i non start (fuel injectors not firing)

    Thought I would report back on this for anyone who is reading this thread in the future (so frustrating when people don't say how they fixed things lol) After chasing just about everything I arrived back at the fuel pump. I fitted one from a running car and hey presto it fired straight up. Obviously there is something that the ECU needs to see from the pump to fire the injectors.
  11. weber magic

    535i non start (fuel injectors not firing)

    I have hooked up a high pressure pump from an E28 which is capable of producing 5 bar so that should counteract the fuel pressure argument shouldn’t it? I will check for continuity between the DME and the injectors. Does anyone know off hand which wires these are? I will also swap the FPR out for another one. What is the ECU injector driver, and where is it located please M635uk?
  12. E34 535i auto won’t start. Interesting symptoms on this non start. Good battery, turning over fine and getting a good spark but no fuel. Tested pump and found it to be good. I can jump it and it will run. The main relay clicks and I get fuel up to the rail with the fuel pump relay jumped but the fuel injectors won’t run. Plugs are dry. I have swapped out my fuel pump relay and DME relay which has created no change. I swapped the CPS despite having spark, still no change. I tried a different ECU/DME control unit. I did not have the matching 179 unit so tried a 150 from a E32 735i but no change. I realise it could still be the ECU but this seems unlikely as I have spark. What am I missing? Any ideas/advice greatly received. Thanks in advance
  13. weber magic

    E39 touring on gas/LPG

    A good friend of mine is looking for and E39 touring that has already been converted to LPG with a spare wheel tank. He’d rather have a manual but it’s not a deal breaker and I think he’d consider a 520, 523, 525 or 528. If if anyone knows of anything that fits the bill, please let me know. Idealy somsthing with an MOT but he’s not afraid of doing a little work either.
  14. Thanks to all for your responses. I’m home now so thought i’d update a little. I have discovered that the black plastic joiner block wherethe air lines join just outside of the compressor housing had a stripped thread and it was allowing air to leak out depending on the pressure applied to the lines. Whilst this may prove to have nothing to do with what I experienced it is never the less faulty. I had a spare compressor with the black plastic bit attached so i’ve Swapped that out. The bags hold air and will hold air for days on end but the car still try’s to pump itself up to the maximum height. I have removed the fuse for now in order to stop it pumping itself up to the maximum height. Planning to investigate the load sensors tomorrow. On the basis they are both doing doing the same thing I wonder if the fellow above saying they could be stuck is right. When hitching yo the caravan it may have pumped itself up to a part of the travel the sensors haven’t experienced in some time.
  15. Went out to it yesterday to get something. Unlocked it and it sprang into life. It aised itself to normal ride height. Went out to it again a few minutes later, opened the door and it raised itself again this time as far as it’s able to. It now looks like a monster truck at the back. It has maintained its altitude and every time it’s unlocked the compressorsruns for a minute or so. I guess this would suggest the ride height sensors have had it.