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  1. diesel_donkey

    330i after sharp pull off engine died

    guys: "spotted was oil symbol in red then quickly pulled off" this what happened in order: 1 accelerate 2 bang 3 oil light in red 4 pulled off however I was able to spoke with the alpina and older bmw cars specialist from Germany, when I described what happened he said: 99% engine seized, check side of the engine and look for big hole in the block, local mechanic only confirmed ;-0 however the German guy said is so common with the cars, where ccv is clogged up... Thanks all of you to support, now I am looking to scrap the car... To clarify to some people: level of oil I had on Monday was between min-max marker = designed oil level/safe level, I was always keep eye on it and i was changing oil and filters max.6-8k miles, where most of the drivers do not at all! I believe is due to lower oil level, first symtomps of ccv issue and to heavy right foot, forgot to mentioned 4th factor BMW always is an expense
  2. diesel_donkey

    330i after sharp pull off engine died

    new water pump fitted with the belt in the summer(2014) I am wondering about huge leak...and the knocking noise.... now going through forums and will look in the morning if it was not taken as a transmission fluid hope is nothing serious, as I like the car and invested some money to bring it to good shape
  3. diesel_donkey

    330i after sharp pull off engine died

    i have checked oil level on monday was close to minimum so for sure it was not a case....keep looking at other forums and nothing at all
  4. diesel_donkey

    330i after sharp pull off engine died

    only what i have spotted was oil symbol in red then quickly pulled off when trying to start all lights go off and then on and i believe EML light on
  5. diesel_donkey

    330i after sharp pull off engine died

    not sure was already dark and I left the place, will go there tomorrow morning... any ideas what it could be?
  6. diesel_donkey

    330i after sharp pull off engine died

    Hi guys! i need some urgent help. I own 330i 130k 2000, with no big issues until 30min ago. I stopped at traffic lights, changes into manual mode and to gear M1. Then I pulled off quite fast after 50m something knocked around the engine bay and engine stopped, there was also quite loud grading noise until i stopped on the road verge. I have looked under the car and spotted quite big oil leak, splash i would say. The engine light came on of course,it does not turn when trying to start engine. I do not know what to do and what it could be? the problem also i have that it happened in Belgium on the way back to the UK. Please help!
  7. diesel_donkey

    cold start vibrations

    Hi all, 530d SE 2007 68k oil and filters changed 2 months ago. I have some issues with cold start vibrations. They appear when engine is cold and get bigger/worse when accelerating. After I reach 70-75C temperature then it gets better around 85-90C they gone. About 3 month ago (before winter) I have checked glow plugs and 2 of them had an error no1 and no5, so they were replaced. Then car was checked last week and again glow plug no1 has an error. Sound like I have problem with glow plug relay unit? Am I right? I have booked car for main dealer service this Saturday and wondering for costs as want to sell it and do not want to spend much money any more. Has anyone idea how much extra would it cost me if I replaced control unit with them? If the symptoms of cold start vibrations is result of faulty unit of course. Thanks in advance chris
  8. diesel_donkey

    Unlocking issues

    hi, had similar problem with the Antenna amplifier diversity, once you dry(east to get wet) it should work, if will not help time to change one. You are looking to spend 250pounds+ and if you have some mechanical skills then is 30-45min job, very easy btw good luck
  9. diesel_donkey

    rubbing/friction noise when brake or slow approach

    a light vibration only, tiny so would not consider it could be that after (6 weeks ago) changing wish bones, that were done and caused vibrations, now I feel that there is no anymore it must be a bent discs as while I was rotating wheel(hub really) it was stopping at the same location/position, I will try to replace them asap
  10. diesel_donkey

    rubbing/friction noise when brake or slow approach

    hi guys! did little investigation over the weekend, I took wheels off and when I tried to spin/rotate passenger-front wheel was rubbing at the same position and had to use some force to pass this point. on other side similar but was only little touch however wheel was stopping as well. The was a time few months ago where I hit big hole full of rainwater while braking at speed 50-60mph, would it be that I have bent my discs, as they don't look straight to me. If I am right; should I change pads as well as discs, pads are 7-8mm thick. thanks chris
  11. diesel_donkey

    rubbing/friction noise when brake or slow approach

    thanks guys for some tips, I will try to have look this weekend my brakes. Now a bit limited(busy) with new born baby boy that's why need some time to replay. I will update you with brake investigation.
  12. diesel_donkey

    rubbing/friction noise when brake or slow approach

    regards to brakes, as far as I know they have been done at main dealer, before I bought it. I think more likely to be wheel bearings, but I would like to see if anyone of you had similar symptoms. I just do not want to start changing part by part, spend hundreds and realize after some time that noise gone. I will try first I think bearings.... thanks anyway for trying to help
  13. Hi, I am coming back with my rubbing/friction noise coming from the front of the car. I really need some advice as do not want to go to main dealer and hear that all is ok and spend few hundred pounds at the same time. I get this noise when release accelerator and approaches to traffic lights or roundabout. It gets worse when braking then is really loud. Also noticed that when driving on road with rut (roads) when wheels are not on the flat surface noise increases. When I leave car for 2-3 days and do not drive it gets better (but still there), once I do some drive on motorway with higher speed it starts again. I still have almost 12000 miles to change pads and have this problem from 3-4 months. Noise increases every week. I do not want to wait until something went completely wrong.
  14. Hi all, I have few issues again and need your help guys to make sure that I am going to right direction. 1. Recently I have done remap and guy who did it told me that I have errors on glow plugs 1,4,6. Is it time to replace control unit or only plugs? To me it looks like unit, but want to see other people opinion. 2. Yesterday morning I drove to work as usual, got out of the car and tried to close the car with remote. Is not working! Cannot close it and open, tried second key/remote the same. I have done little research and checked amplifier antenna, that is placed under the rear spoiler. Took black cover and there was some rust, but not much on cables but dry and no sign of water. I opened with box where the unit is, dry no water no sign of rust. I have unplugged all cables checked no rust, reconnected and put all back where it should be. So my question is what else should I check before buy new amplifier? 3. When I drive with low speed, I hear a rubbing noise, I think coming from the front wheels. Worst is when I for example approach traffic lights and take foot from accelerator, or on parking when turning with big angle with speed 5-10mph. After I do long run on motorway noise increases. When left overnight gets back to “normalâ€. Not sure what it could be, bearing is about to die? I will look forward to hearing your opinions. Thanks.
  15. diesel_donkey

    stats changed but still running cool?

    few months ago had exactly the same issue. When engine cold drive for let say 500yards and check top of radiator on the right looking front. If is warm that means your cooler is leaking and has to be replaced. You will be looking at around 400pounds at main dealer, I have paid 450euros in Belgium where currently working. I would recommend main dealer as is quite complicate job: changing cooler oil, fill up coolant etc. you will see huge improvement on mpg once changed and after 6-8 miles you will reach 90-92C good luck