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    E34 525 Tds saloon
  1. matbarlo

    530 v8 as my next car

    If it hasn't had a trans fluid change after 111k will doing on now help or not? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. matbarlo

    530 v8 as my next car

    Morning all, So after owning a 525 tds a few years back I'm looking to get myself another e34. I've come across a tidy 530 v8 auto model with 111000 on the clock and just noticed they seemed thinner on the ground than other engines. Now I know it won't be economical and I know it won't be actually that fast. I'm just looking for a comfy cruiser that will eat up the miles and look good doing so! Engine wise as long as it's not a 518 or 520 I'm not fussed. It just so happened this nice looking one I found is the 3.0 v8. Extra spark plugs and more oil at a service doesn't concern me ( it seems to concern a few on other sites for some reason) I have read mixed reviews on them so I would like your opinions! If anyone is currently running one I would appreciate your contribution. Just want to know if they are a solid engine or riddled with faults and a nightmare to maintain. Did a quick search on my phone but couldn't find any topics relating to this which I thought was strange but if there is one, please point me in the right direction! Thanks Matt Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. matbarlo

    1995 318Ti M Technic (Sport) 'Individual' £650.

    Sent you a message. Not a dreamer, just need a car as mine is about to die so would like to come have a poke around this Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. matbarlo


  5. matbarlo

    I'm buying an e39 and need some advice!

    Got to be auto I'm afraid. I'm too lazy to change gear
  6. matbarlo

    I'm buying an e39 and need some advice!

    I'm looking to spend up to 3k if needs must but obviously I would prefer to spend less so I have money left over for bits. So 2-2.5k . Average approx 12-13k a year normally ams currently we have 3 1.9 tdi that return excellent mpg. I'm selling 2 of them to fund my one bmw. I commute about 17miles to.work mixed between dual carriage ways and a bit of town driving. Also an annual trip to Cornwall and a few trips up north to visit family. I have had an e46 330d and loved it hence wanting thr 530d but with it only averaging 32mpg approx on my commute then a petrol wouldn't be a bad shout and would be more fun, cheaper to maintain and still get 30mpg if I'm lucky??
  7. matbarlo

    I'm buying an e39 and need some advice!

    I actually quite like that! Spec look right, not far off my price but won't be buying till the new year when my Passat has gone.
  8. matbarlo

    I'm buying an e39 and need some advice!

    Which was the nicer drive the petrol or the deisel?
  9. I've owned e36s e34s and e46s but now I'm looking to get myself an e39 in the new year. I was initially looking at a 530d sport due to wanting half decent mpg. My 330d auto averaged about 33 on my commute and I will expect similar and slightly less from a 530d auto Now after shopping around there are a few petrol e39s which are well spec'd for good prices. If I opted for a 530 petrol what real life mpg could I expect? What about a 540?! Is it worth me loosing a bit of economy for the smoother lower maintenance petrol engine? I just want some real life mpg figures and opinions Any help will be appreciated! Cheers Matt
  10. matbarlo

    which pdc sensor

    I have an issue with my pdc also What is this clicky test?
  11. matbarlo

    Diesel automatics

    Cheers for all the advise guys. Couldn't find a nice 5 in budget so went for the 3 Picked up 330d sport saloon yesterday and so far I love it!
  12. matbarlo

    Diesel automatics

    So the 525 and the 530 diesel autos share the same box ? Surely this would mean it's under less stress so should last if looked after I did wonder why I couldn't find a 520d in e39 form!
  13. matbarlo

    Diesel automatics

    Hi guys. I'm currently in the market for a 520/525/530d saloon or estate with an auto box. I was initially looking for a 530d but have found a few nice 525d sport models for good prices locally. Do they use the same gearboxes as the 530d cars or are they a different unit? I am looking to spend 2-3k and have found a few fsh cars for in that price bracket. Has anyone here got a 525d? Are they slow and gutless compared to the 530d? Will the gearboxes hold a remap or will they just go bang? Will I see 40mpg from one ? Any advice would be apprieciated. Thanks Matt
  14. matbarlo

    m5 in the fast and furious 6 film

    Ha well the actual m5 has about 8 anyway so seems the perfect car for the film
  15. matbarlo

    m5 in the fast and furious 6 film

    Ha they are so bad but I love them so much! You cant beat a damn good OTT car chase