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  1. Webster

    Rear Suspension Refresh

    Job done! Took about 4hrs in total - that includes getting set up wheels off etc and clearing up ( don't think it's possible to do one in 20mins from start to finish ! ) Had a bit of a nightmare with the OS due to a bolt being seized in and was a real pig to get out. Removal of old bushes and insertion of the new ones was easy with the correct tool - the old locking rings were quite badly corroded in place. Remember when you do this job to pre-load the new bushes before you do the bolts up. Easiest way... Before you start / jack the car up, measure from the lip of the wheel arch ( 12 o'clock position ) to the center of the wheel. Once the new bushes are in do the bolts up and when they start to pinch back them off a turn or so - put a 2nd jack under the lower arm and raise it to the measurement you took then do the bolts up - by doing this the new bushes are set at the settled suspension height and stops the new rubbers being twisted which in turn shortens their life. Do this for the fronts as well...
  2. Webster

    Rear Suspension Refresh

    Well , I'm just about to go and replace the 2 rose joint bushes ( No. 2 in the diagram ) on my Touring - will let you know what they are like to do...
  3. Webster

    Rear Suspension Refresh

    Rear Suspension hub lower bush - No. 2 in the picture:
  4. Webster

    Rear Suspension Refresh

    I run Meyle HD rear subframe bushes and they are of decent quality - you won't have any issues with them. Last year I also replaced the 4 front arms and drop links with Meyle items again without any issues and I have already put a good few thousand miles on them. All items were sourced off of eBay and were genuine 'new' items.
  5. Webster

    Auto to Manual conversion

    TheEnd ( couple down from the top of this page ) sorted all the coding for me - we just hooked the car up on line and that was that. Make sure you have a stable 12v power supply to hand as the battery will get hammered pretty quickly!
  6. Webster

    Auto to Manual conversion

    Hello... Well believe it or not it's been well over year since I did the auto/manual conversion! Still got the car and still loving it!! It has and continues to run faultlessly. Going to spend a bit of time on the bodywork this year as I have one rust post to attend too and I want to freshen up the black shadow line etc plus I also have a tailgate roof spoiler to paint and fit.
  7. Webster

    E39 eibach springs

    Hi, I have a full set F & R for a 6 cylinder touring. Only done a few thousand miles and had to swap them out as car sat too low for the stupid speed bumps we have outside our house! They are Sportlines so have the greater drop - 40 to 50mm. Fronts were painted black from new as I don't like bright red springs being visible. Rears were special order from Eibach and from memory arrived finished in black.
  8. Webster

    E60 / 61 M5 alloys - XX SOLD XX

    BUMP... Open to sensible offers... Need the space!
  9. Webster

    E39/E60/E61 Rose Bush Removal Tool - SOLD!!

    No worries, if it doesn't sell look me up and I'll still probably have it. Have been avoiding doing the Rose bushes on my Touring for long enough so, having the tool would mean no more excuses!...
  10. As per title, full set of genuine floor mats in Light Grey - never fitted. May have the odd mark from being stored ( will clean up very easily ) and I'm pretty sure the clip set is there as well. Open to offers... Can be collected from Basingstoke or posted at cost.
  11. Webster

    E39/E60/E61 Rose Bush Removal Tool - SOLD!!

    £20.00 inc delivery? and I'll take it off your hands...
  12. NOW SOLD... As per title... These are genuine 19'' M5 wheels - there are 5 for sale, 3 fronts and 2 rears Specs are: Fronts - 8.5J x 19'' ET 12 Rears - 9.5J x 19'' ET 28 All wheels were refurbished by MY Alloys in Basingstoke the tail end of last year and are still in excellent condition! No curbing with just one of the rears having the smallest of scratches which takes ages to find. Unfortunately a few weeks back I clipped a pot hot and flat spotted the inside edge of both NSF & NSR ( it was that or plough in to oncoming traffic! needless to say the pot hole won!! ). They were both taken back to MY Alloys to be straighten and apart from a bit of bubbling to the finish where heat was applied they are running straight and true again with only the slightest hint of where the flat spots were. They were not cracked, there are no buckles, they balance up spot on and the tyres sit and run perfectly true. Apart from the straightening mentioned above, all five rims have never been welded or had any major repairs carried out. The tyres are not E60 size! they are E39 spec: Fronts: 245/35/19 Rears: 275/30/19 The four on the tarmac are Falken FK453 and the fifth is a Continental ( I think ). All tyres have thousands of miles left in them and could be bolted straight on to a E60 / 61 but the speedo would be out slightly. They will not go straight on to a E39 as they have the std 72.6mm center bores. My E39 in the picture is running E60 hub and bearing assemblies so they bolted straight on I will upload more detailed pictures of each wheel including the areas of repair mentioned above. I'm looking for £750.00 or near offer and I would like to think this is a fair figure to ask as there is five of them. Collection preferred from Basingstoke, Hants.
  13. Webster

    19" Alloys for E60

    Hi Jay, Yes, all wheels are genuine including the spare. Drop me a PM and we can chat about £'s... I am open to sensible offers for them, please remember that there are 5 in total. R's, Mark.
  14. True... But I was just referring to using the front jacking points to lift the rears as that will cause the chassis to twist more due to the extra height you need to get so that the rears lift enough! Obviously using the jacking points for the corresponding wheel is okay otherwise why put the jacking points there. As someone has already mentioned the front is easy... The rear is a tad more awkward if you want to stick to the correct procedure.
  15. Using the front jacking points to get the rears off the ground is not ideal as it twists the chassis! try it and then open a couple of doors and you will see that they have gone out of alignment - yes they do settle again but it just shows the strain jacking the car up that way puts on things. I must admit that I have always used the diff to get the back end up off the ground ( both wheels same time ) and then lowered it down on to axle stands positioned under the jacking points - to date zero problems...