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  1. farrell

    E28 front bumper passenger corner

    Hi Dan, was hoping for something a little better than that really but if nothing better comes along I’ll take it. Thanks
  2. farrell

    E28 front bumper passenger corner

    E28 front bumper corner wanted passenger side
  3. farrell

    Tyre size advice

    I Picked up some BBS Mahle 14x7 wheels last year for my 525e and finally just had them refurbished, can someone please advise what size tryes I should put on them. I currently have standard steel wheels with 195.70.14s, should I stick with this size or go with slightly bigger 205.70.14s. Would there be a difference in the ride. Thanks in advance
  4. farrell

    525e bad viberation

    Thanks for the response guys I'll try and explain The car drives lovely, really nice apart from when I drive over say 55mph. The whole car shakes wobbles judders what ever you want to call it mainly from the front Yesterday on the A1 it was uncomfortable to drive, as soon as you slow down under say 55mph it's all good. I haven't noticed any shaking when braking but I'm going to drive it today and see. Thanks Darren
  5. farrell

    525e bad viberation

    Hi Guys need help When driving over 60 mph I've got the dreaded front end wobble, had the wheels balanced changed the upper front track control arms with bushes but it's still shaking. Don't know what to do next any help would be much appreciated.
  6. farrell

    Black 525e

    Hi Tim I'm the guy who came to see you one Sunday morning about a year ago to look at the black C1
  7. farrell

    Black 525e

    Drove my E21 round to my dads yesterday where the ETA has been parked up for the last six months. Insured and taxed the E28 and drove it home, What a lovely comfortable drive. It was blowing a bit of smoke so going to get it serviced and checked over next weekend And the heater as totally packed up, it was working before but now it dosent blow at all. Couple of pictures of them together
  8. farrell

    Black 525e

    Hi all Been a long time since I last posted not a lot has happened to the e28 in that time, until yesterday when it was taken for an MOT. Good news all it needed was two wiper blades and two indicator bulbs. Can't believe it went straight through after being off the road so long. Going to get it taxed and insured next week and use it a lot.
  9. farrell

    Red e28 North Circular

    Nice looking red 518i on the North circular this morning
  10. farrell

    Black 525e

    Had a little bit of time after work today to mess around with the e28. Managed to get the electric windows working, there was a switch under the dash which I never saw before, must be some kind of lock. Also got the sunroof working, think it was just stuck shut with mud. Couple of interior pictures
  11. farrell

    Black 525e

    Thanks for the welcome The interior is like new, I'll get some pictures up soon. It's got a switchable auto gearbox and working central locking, the front electric windows don't open and the manual sunroof seems to be stuck. Charged the battery and it started straight up. Checking through the history it as had so much money spent on it over the years with regular services every year, just 1000 miles back it had 2k spent on it, new brakes all round. The paint as suffered badly under the trees for 4 years, the tree sap which is all over it as dried like bloody superglue, when you run your hands over the body work it feels like very fine sanding paper I've tried everything on it just can't remove it, might have to get a paint buffing specialist to look at it.
  12. farrell

    Black 525e

    Hello everyone, newbie here with my first e28 but not new to hold bmw's. About two years back whilst driving to work one morning I spotted the roof of an old car behind a wall, new what it was straight away. I stopped to look, black e28 525e covered in bird poo and tree sap, tax disc ending in January 2011. It was parked up under trees out side a very wealthy block of flats in St Johns Wood London, not knowing who it belonged too I left a note on the windscreen. Earlier this week I got a call asking if I still wanted it. It's a one owner car, full history all from BMW, 74000 miles, history file an inch thick. Here it is on the way home. I'm just hoping it cleans up well. Spent 5 hours yesterday trying to remove the bird poo and tree sap. It looks better in the pictures than it actually is, the whole car was covered in tree sap and it's difficult to remove, going to try try again next weekend. Cheers Darren