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  1. Hello, I have read solutions like "Put some silica gel in" or "drill some holes" when people said their headlights were misting up. The answers seemed a bit iffy to say the least, as you would assume BMW had a bit more savvy than that. My headlights kept misting up & even drying them out were the same within a couple of days. I got some different headlights so thought the problem was cured. But no, same thing again. I decided to investigate properly instead of following the advice of some armchair mechanics. The bottom line was, the headlight cover was no longer sealed to the lens section above where the headlight finishes & the indicator starts. You can test this for yourself by gently flexing the unit with the lip that's above the indicator & you will see a slight difference in movement between the cover & lens holder. Not a lot of room to play about, but clean the joint with a bit of rag on a small screwdriver then run some silicone sealer in the joint. I went to the end of the indicator just to make sure. Headlights have been clear for a fortnight now, so job sorted.