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  1. MFM

    Purchased a e93 335i

    How's it going with the 335i? I've had mine a few months now. Bought it stock and have it on MHD Stage 2+ now, probably around 430-450hp. Very fast and capable at this power level. The most surprising thing is the sheer amount of torque for a petrol engine, and how low down it's all available. Mine has been super reliable bar a faulty water pump and one faulty coil pack. I have spent a few grand on performance bits and maintenance though as you need to stay on top of it, especially with the N54. Great car and still excites me to get in and drive it. Especially since it's my daily driver and I do 20k+ miles a year.
  2. MFM

    2003 BMW e39 530i Sport LPG Aegean

    I've just sold my 530i Sport with 174k on the clock for £1800. Granted mine was in better nick with a load more options so I think your asking price is bang on.
  3. MFM

    Finsbury Park Mosque attack

    Tell you what. Next time you're in west London why don't you let me know. Let's see if you're such a big man in person.
  4. MFM

    My new bimmer

    So the E39 went yesterday. I can honestly say I'm not sad. Maybe it's because I'm enjoying the new car so much. Hopefully the new owner will register here. For anyone owning a 335i, do yourself a favour and flash the MHD stage1 map. I thought my car came with it, but how wrong I was. I downloaded the MHD Flasher app, bought the licences and flashed the map myself. It transformed the car and I can't believe how much quicker it feels. Still no lag and masses amounts of torque everywhere in the rev range in any gear.
  5. MFM

    Finsbury Park Mosque attack

    Has anyone ever slapped the shit out of you for no reason? I'd be surprised if not as you just seem like that kind of guy.
  6. MFM

    Finsbury Park Mosque attack

    I'm surprised it took this long.
  7. MFM

    General Election

    Good! They need more than just antagonising. The sooner we cut all ties with the EU the better. They will come running to us for a trade deal.
  8. MFM

    General Election

    Don't be so sure. I woke up to the wonderful news this morning that the DUP is pushing for Nigel Farage to be part of the Brexit negotiations. Silver lining and all that!!
  9. The Quran contains more than a 100 verses that call Muslims to war with 'infidels' for the sake of Islamic rule. Some with commands to behead and kill nonbelievers. Muslims who do not join the fight are called hypocrites and warned that Allah will send them to hell if they do not join the slaughter. So yes, it does say in the Quran to kill nonbelievers(random people according to you). So how's that for some facts? As for the bible, I couldn't care less what it says I don't believe in fairy tales. Saying that, how many Christian terror attacks have there been in the last 20 years? Because there have been thousands of Islamic terror attacks.
  10. No, people don't lump terrorism and Islam together. Islamic terrorists are self proclaimed Muslims. They aren't some 'faction' of Islam or some twisted sect that have nothing to do with Islam as the media so love to report. They are 100% Muslim that follow what it says in the Quran. Like I said, the same book that teaches the so called 'moderate Muslims' also teaches the extremists. They don't get their info from different sources. I find it amusing when people wonder how the extremists can do the things they do. Well, just look at the book that teaches them. It's all in there.
  11. And that's the thing. Because 1 in 4 is Muslim, this whole thing of 'it's only a minority' is total bullshit. All Muslims get taught from the same Quran. A book that is inherently violent and condones acts of terror, killing non believers etc. Some might take it more literal than others, but the fact is, the same values are instilled in every Muslim. And however moderate any Muslim says he or she is, take them on about their religion and their pedophile child rapist of a prophet and you'll see how quickly they turn from moderate to extreme. I have first hand experience as I wrote off one of my best mates who is Muslim.
  12. When innocent people got slaughtered by Muslims I guess.
  13. Until our terrorist sympathizing government stops being politically correct and ban the practice of Islam from non Muslim countries, nothing will change.
  14. MFM

    My new bimmer

    Got some nice options there! Any pics of your car? I downloaded MHD Flasher last night and read my ecu just to make sure it had the stock map, but to my surprise it's got a stage1 MHD map flashed already. I think it should be running 350-370hp at the moment, and comparing it to my 530i Sport it definitely feels like it! Now just waiting for my water pump and thermostat to turn up from Germany.
  15. MFM

    My new bimmer

    Thanks. I think I'm going with an MHD map as everyone rates it highly.