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  1. Edpugh

    m535i power steering leak

    OK, I'll give them a call. Done some Googling and there's Pirtek centre just down the road from me!
  2. Edpugh

    m535i power steering leak

    OK guys - an update. A new belt has largely solved the problem, but there is evidence of PAS fluid seeping out from a number of hose unions, hence the low fluid levels. My man at the garage advises acquiring a length of OEM hose and some jubilee clips to replace the OEM hose clamps, then we'll renew the bits that seem to be leaking the most. 2 - questions: 1 - OEM 12 x18mm hose costs a bloody fortune - £40 on eBay for a short length from Lithuania! Any better ideas? Pirtek hoses are all imperial sizes 2 - will correctly sized jubilee clips (13-20mm version) do the job, or does it need to be the spec expensive OEM hose clamps?
  3. Edpugh

    m535i power steering leak

    thanks guys - much appreciated. I'll do as you advise!
  4. Edpugh

    m535i power steering leak

    Hi everyone Power steering on my 1986 e28 m535i is on the blink. The belt is loose, which should be an easy fix. But there is also evidence of ps fluid leaking inside the engine bay. Obviously the pipes are all very old and no doubt some have perished. Are there any obvious items to consider replacing? thanks Ed
  5. Edpugh

    Clutch problem M535i

    Gents Just got her out of winter storage, had her serviced and took her for a drive. I've noticed that the clutch pedal has significantly reduced travel and now only releases the clutch an inch or so before the pedal is fully depressed. When released the clutch pedal sits 2 inches or so below the brake pedal, which I'm sure wasn't the case before. There's no sign of any fluid leak. Pedal box issue? Faulty master cylinder? Any guidance gratefully received, as ever Ed
  6. Hi Edpugh,

    i understand from Sir Anthony Regents on this forum did a manual conversion on your auto M535i for you last year, do you still have the auto gearbox and would you be interested in selling it.




    1. Edpugh


      Hi Gary

      Yes he did (and a very good job he did to). However, I'm afraid I sold the gearbox late last year, for use in a Triumph Stag of all things!



    2. garym535i


      Hi Ed, thank you for getting back to me, what a waste, a Stag. I have managed to source another via the forum .



  7. Yes, definitely the output seal - I've had the car up on a ramp and you can see the leak coming from the seal. It's only a small leak mind. Other than that, the gearbox is doing very well and like you said, it's transformed the car. How's the M6 project?
  8. Gents, a couple of e28 conundrums for you: 1 - the old girl is making quite a noticeable tappety noise coming from the top of the engine (e28 M535i m30). It's not there all the time. Valve clearance where checked about 6 months ago. Do I? - check clearances again? - I've heard mention of changing oil grade as a solution to this well known problem - could some sort of oil additive help? apologies if there's already a thread on this ... 2 - rear output seal of 5 speed box is leaking so I"m going to change it. I'll change the rubber doughnut that connects to the drive shaft whilst I'm at it. However I can't find a part number of Real OEM. Does anyone have one and can you tell me where best to get this part? thanks all
  9. Thanks guys Sir Anthony - I'll PM you
  10. Gents I acquired the bits needed to do this from Wattsmonkey last year and the time has come to finally convert the old girl over from auto. Question is .... I live in Shropshire. Are there any BMW specialist in the Midlands who will do a good job for reasonable price? Presumably it's sensible to get new clutch and cylinder fitted as well? Which parts would we worth getting on to ebay? (car has only done 42k some auto box is in excellent condition and all works perfectly)? thanks in advance Ed
  11. gents I've located an e12 front windscreen near to where I live for not much cost. 2 questions: - will it fit my e28? - it looks like a bronze tint from the picture, and the glass markings are on attached photo. Can you tell conclusively from the markings if it's a bronze tint? thanks
  12. Edpugh

    Fitting chip to M30 engine

    Hi Everyone I've bought a chip from Fritz bits for my m535i and haven't yet got round to fitting it. Is is possible to do this DIY or does it need a specialist? If DIY isn't advisable, if there anyone in Shropshire/West Midlands who could do the job? Richard at Fritz mentioned that there are a couple of ECU designs and you might need to rewire the pins depending on which version you have. thanks Ed
  13. Thanks - very comprehensive replies. I've ordered the same size of tyre again. Rob - I like your idea of DIY staggered. Genius!
  14. Gents She's got 225/50/16 on rear style 5s and 205/55/16 on front, for that staggered look. Front tyres now need replacing as they are low on tread and both over 10 years old. However I've always thought they look a bit small in the wheel arches compared to the rears which look about right. What other front tyre choices might there be, and does specific make of tyre matter? thanks Ed
  15. Edpugh

    Replacement e28 windscreen

    I've cracked the windscreen and it won't get through an MOT now. It's a bronze tint, and I've identified an e12 one on eBay. I'm told e12 and e28 are the same part number, but were e12's fitted with bronze tint? If not, does anyone know of a likely source of replacement windscreens out there? Also, should I replace the rubber gasket as well? The existing one seems fine with no visible sign of damage. Finally, does anyone know of a good mobile fitter in West Midlands/Shropshire area who can fit an old windscreen like this?