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  1. corripeter

    Highest mileage vehicle

    Hi Marko, I had a few spurious Powertrain warnings pop up of the iDrive display when I was booting it when not fully warmed up, ...so at that time I considered it as preventative maintenance to do a gearbox oil change as it was still the original oil. In reality I think it was the DPF getting too blocked which was the rogue element. The oil change certainly helped the shift quality so I was not too miffed when the spurious error was not totally eradicated, I paid £500 for a BMW specialist in Milton Keynes to do the change, the only job on the car which I have ever sub'd out. I tracked down a low mileage OEM DPF (26K miles) on eBay from a BMW X3 which was an identical match to my one, costing £240 it was well worth the punt.........and that fixed the spurious powertrain errors........it's little fiddly to get the Turbo exit clamp on square, but all done in a single afternoon. I reset the DPF setting to new using Carly and drove on... I immediately picked up 4 more MPG as a result..........and since then the only further work needed was a Rear Airspring replacement.........my first in the 5 years I've had it. So from my personal experience....... opting to change the G'Box oil at 177K has not created any further issues for me..it just helped with gearbox life in my mind. Peter.
  2. corripeter

    Highest mileage vehicle

    My 2011 F11 520D is now up to 211K miles with original N47T engine, an Auto Gearbox Oil Change at 177K and a DPF replacement at 184K, she's still running well. And before anyone asks.............Change the LL04 engine Oil religiously every 10K (just use cheapo GM Dexos2).........and everyone is happy. Peter........................Do I win ?
  3. corripeter

    Castrol and LL04 approval ?

    Hi Andrew, The LL04 accreditation is simply needed to ensure the sulphur content is low such that the DPF life isn't compromised. The "Long Life" capability of the oil .......is not really being used when you operate with 10K mile period Oil changes , but at only £20 a go a ....it is a good insurance policy in my mind... I also change the Oil filter on a 20K Mile interval, (every other Oil Change) and I buy Mahle OX404D parts from eBay too.....for my N47D20 engine. I use a Vacuum pump to extract it from the Dipstick tube, so an oil and filter change can all be done "Topside" in a matter of 20 mins only.....Simples.... Peter.
  4. corripeter

    Castrol and LL04 approval ?

    I have been doing 10K miles..."home oil changes" for my last two BMW 520D estates ( an E61 and F11). And I have always used the "cost effective" solution of GM's Dexos2 5W-30 which is BMW LL04 approved. This is easily obtained via FleaBay for ~£20 / 5 Litres.............Both cars exceeded 200K miles with no engine issues seen ....and both were/are still on their original Turbochargers....which is usually the first part to suffer from poor oil quality. And yes .........both cars had N47 engines and neither suffered any timing chain issues.....Go figure.....Regular Oil changes almost certainly reduces the risks. Both cars required DPF replacements at ~170/180K miles, but this is simply down to them reaching their end of useful life through internal ash Build up....and nothing to do with the Oil Quality So in my personal opinion save your "Castrol sized" money for beers, and use GM's finest instead...............I believe VAG Quantum is now similarly priced online and LL04 approved too. Peter.
  5. corripeter

    iDrive, PRO-NAV, GPS Decoding no longer working

    Hi Saqib, This is the kind of cable needed:....1m long is fine for Dash Centre relocation https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GPS-antenna-Extension-cable-Fakra-C-female-to-Fakra-C-jack-RG174-1M/302371478670?hash=item4666be9c8e:g:UdsAAOSwax5YrlUS Regarding the actual antenna assembly use the usual online sites to track down your original UK spec part number, I had I-Drive Professional SA609, so i used that to track down a matching antenna. Peter.
  6. corripeter

    iDrive, PRO-NAV, GPS Decoding no longer working

    Hi Saqib, My system is still working just fine since the last post..in June 2017 ..I have even updated my maps with no issues afterwards The Genuine BMW Sharkfin Antenna assembly mounted under the front centre speaker grill, with a replacement short FAKRA cable proves to me the issue was with the original roof mounted GPS unit all along. In my case it became intermittent before total failure. The exercise of removing the painted cover to unscrew it is simply not worth the risk of paint damage, if you are prepared to do what I did........it is just as good for me travelling in the UK. Get a genuine BMW replacement Antenna assy from an eBay Car Breaker, a cheapo Blue Fakra cable and try it....mine cost only £30 for the pair....so a cheap fix for me. Good Luck, Peter.
  7. corripeter

    Headlight flap?

    My 2011 car has the Full Monty Xenons with L/R Steering............and under those 2 flaps there are the removable access ports for lamp replacements. I know the rear access port is for the D1S Xenon Dipped Beams, but this upper one allows access for the H7 Halogens used for the steering inner lamps / Main Beams. So basically the flaps only needed when you have the higher Spec Headlamp option. Peter.
  8. Hi...........Regarding your tyres for sale, can you please confirm the brand, your location & your asking price? Thanks, Peter
  9. My 2011 F11 520D SE (N47 engine) is now up to 174K with no timing chain issues, ......my previous 2008 E61 520D (also an N47 engine) got to 200K before I sold it with no Timing Chain issues. I religiously change the Oil every 10K and fit anew Oil filter every 20K.....both cars were 4 years old and had 130K on them when I bought them. So in my opinion, if you take the wise "preventative maintenance" approach................There's no need to stress over having a N47 lump under your bonnet. NB: I don't even have to get under the car, as I use a Sealey Vacuum Extractor to suck the oil out through the dipstick...........This way you get most of it out and whats left get regularly diluted with fresh new oil. I use GM Dexos 2 5W30 Oil @ £20 for 5 litres..............and Mahle Oil Filters, which usually cost ~ £9 each..............Simples....... PS: My First BMW Diesel was an E46 320D which I took up to 385K Miles before I moved it on ...only due to wheelarch rust bubbles... Peter.
  10. corripeter

    iDrive, PRO-NAV, GPS Decoding no longer working

    The SAtNav system will use Vehicle speed and Steering angle signals as back up info when the GPS data is missing....this method is referred to as "dead reckoning"....So yes it is kind of correct that the ABS wheel speed sensors are used to generate the vehicle speed and trajectory info, however really this just to cover times when GPS Signals are not being received such as inside long tunnels. Peter.
  11. corripeter

    iDrive, PRO-NAV, GPS Decoding no longer working

    Finally Fixed: Okay.....My next Installment, to help anyone else who trips over this thread in the future trying to fix their similar issue. I tracked down a genuine BMW F11 Antenna assembly from eBay, and along with a short Blue FAKRA female/female lead (ebay again) installed the antenna assembly under the dash-top centre speaker grill, which it fits into perfectly. Hooked the cable into replace the stock Roof top antenna coax cable, and started up the Headunit NAV Screen......Sadly still Stuck in France, even after 15 minutes stationary & waiting no position movement.......So I Re-installed the headunit and then took it for a short test drive, and after ~ 1Km she jumped into the English Channel momentarily...then back to jolly old Blighty....Milton Keynes in fact....Perfect because that's where I was. Since then no issue seen, everything seems to be working just fine............ So the Moral of the Story is/are: 1) The Nav system may need you to actually move some distance before it will correct a displayed position error & 2) A decent genuine BMW antenna still works for the under dash location, looking up through the windscreen & speaker grill I thought about progressing on to the next stage of installing the good working antenna Assembly back into the stock rooftop location, but the risks of paintwork damage removing the bonded on cover are simply not worth the hassle. If your Audio system does not use the Dashtop Centre Speaker location, then it seems to be just as good a location for a GPS antenna as the roof. Peter.
  12. corripeter

    New alloy wheels Bmw F11

    Ryan, The Rear Offset is exactly the same as mine, at 44mm. So other than brake caliper & disk clearance which should also be fine , they will fit your car.. Peter.
  13. corripeter

    New alloy wheels Bmw F11

    Just dug the details out.....& here's what I have fitted: Front Wheels: 8Jx18 ET30 (p/n BMW 36117842650) Rear Wheels: 9Jx18 ET44 (p/n BMW 36117842651) Peter.
  14. corripeter

    New alloy wheels Bmw F11

    Yes Ryan, on my F11 520D there's no fitment issues with the rear 9J Rims, I cant recall the actual offset on my double spoke 18" 350M rims, but they look just fine on the car, if anything they're tucked inside so quite discrete. Since your Rear brake disks are slightly larger diameter, that's the only aspect which might need checking. I went from 245 to 275 wide rear tyres and found I lost a few MPG along the way... Peter
  15. corripeter

    iDrive, PRO-NAV, GPS Decoding no longer working

    Update, The car was just playing with me, and the original CIC Pro NAV problem returned one month later. Since then I have re-made the Blue Head unit connection and also the blue GPS Antenna FAKRA connector but sadly to no avail........ the NAV function has been "off picking daises" ever since then. In the meantime I am using Google Maps on my Smart-phone when I need route guidance, which to be honest is a pretty good alternative. But....Now that the good weather is here I am planning to remove the shark fin cover and swap out the multiple Fin antenna assembly for another one sourced from a F11. Reading up on the task, managing to remove the bonded down Fin plastic cover without scratching the roof paintwork.....looks to be a barrel laughs, but since my BMW GPS map now says I'm in Northern France I'd better fix it before Brexit kicks in..... This post is really just a "prod" to see if anyone else has suffered the same CIC Professional NAV fate as me...........Deep down I still suspect the problem is in the Head Unit itself, but the engineer in me says "you can fix it with parts swapping". Peter.