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  1. JonJon

    Goodwood Breakfast Club - Sunday 7th May

    Saw a couple of grey E39 M5s in the course of the day there: one whilst stuck trying to get onto the roundabout to exit the Chichester bypass (traffic was even thicker than at FOS in my experience) and another at the exit to the circuit when we passed one another immediately outside the exit but going in opposite directions. You gave it the revs when we passed but I'm afraid I was too busy looking the other way until we passed!
  2. JonJon

    BKR6EQUP Sparkplugs - Halfords CHEAP!!!

    Thanks for the heads up. Grabbed some today, having done reserve and collect through my usual cashback provider first. When I collected them the chap behind the desk admitted that the shop staff had been struggling to comprehend the sudden mark down and that they have been flying off the shelves.
  3. JonJon

    E39 M5 crankcase breather vent hoses

    Lightening fast
  4. I read this thread yesterday and meant to compliment you on an excellent thread and for the meticulous attention to detail over the years. The car also looks great and I'm minded to do something similar when mine finally gets the repaint and body restoration that I promised it last year but ended up rolling to this. After a lot of pondering and research I have also shifted over to 0w40 Mobil 1, comforted in large part by your experience over the years so thanks for that!
  5. JonJon

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Inspection 2 and plenty of preventative maintenance including thermostat, lambdas and oil level sensor to replace the temperamental one that kept having a hissy fit, sending the oil temp reading off the scale whilst at the same time reporting that the oil level was low (which is wasn't). Speaking of oil, and having read a lot of owner experience with different oils I've used 0w40 Mobil 1 this time around and the car is noticeably quieter and feels more eager to rev (although I appreciate that this is not going to be just down to the thinner oil). I'll be keeping a close eye on oil use and characteristics in the coming months but initial impressions are good.
  6. JonJon

    E39 M5 crankcase breather vent hoses

    Thanks Phil. Paid by Paypal. Regards Jon
  7. I'm after both hoses (which have basically turned to putty) for my 2001 M5 please. I think the numbers are 11 15 406 952 and 953 but no doubt you'll be able to confirm. Thanks Jon
  8. JonJon

    Buying tyres on line

    I've used Costco in the past for other cars and they've been OK on price - I've used them for convenience (at the time) more than for price. I used to hunt around for online prices in the past and order the cheapest (generally but not always Camskill) and have them fit them but these days they'll just match online prices for me and supply and fit. It's worth seeing if your local garage can or is prepared to do the same as it takes all of the hassle factor out of the exercise. The last time I ordered tyres online myself I did it through Mytyres, who were at the time cheapest for what I wanted and showed the tyres as in stock. I ended up waiting over a week for them to be dispatched, despite constant pestering from me, so if you need them in a hurry take any indication of tyres being 'in stock' with a pinch of salt from that particular retailer. If you do end up buying online it's also worth seeing whether the site you buy from is signed up to one of the cashback websites too. A very quick look a moment ago shows that some give as much as 6.9% cashback (that was on Topcashback), all of which adds up.
  9. JonJon

    E39 M5 thermostat + O rings

    Fabulous. Thanks, as ever, for quick response. Jon
  10. JonJon

    E39 M5 thermostat + O rings

    Thanks, Phil. Paid by Paypal. Jon
  11. JonJon

    E39 M5 thermostat + O rings

    Please could you quote for the following: E39 M5 'stat O rings (x6) O rings (x4) Gasket ring I believe the part numbers are correct but no doubt you'll correct me if I'm wrong! Many thanks. Jon
  12. JonJon

    My Supercharger Install

    How could you miss it - he posted it 4 times
  13. JonJon

    Leo's E39 M5

    Thanks for the message - much appreciated. Will have to look out for you when I'm next around MK...
  14. JonJon

    Leo's E39 M5

    Lovely car, Leo. I'd also be interested in the same PM you sent to Barry as I'm considering using Retro Classica for some work on one of my cars.
  15. JonJon


    A good M5 will sell itself but lots available are distinctly average once you look past the badge and the lustre of the paint. The key is to not allow the heart, excited about the prospect of having what might be a dream car for you, over rule the head. If the seller (or previous owner) of the first car you linked to didn't sort even the flaking wheel finish then one can't have any confidence in what has been allowed to fall into disrepair that you can't see. There's more info provided in the second advert about the £200 headunit fitted in it than the car itself and there's certainly not enough to be able to offer any opinion on the quality of the car or its mechanicals. It might just be the picture but it looks as though there's some evidence of rot in three of the four arches. That's not necessarily a deal breaker as lots of (probably most) E39s will benefit from rust prevention. Conversely, quality rubber suggests that it is (or has been) shown at least some care. It might be a peach but I wouldn't personally travel to find out for myself off the back of what I've seen on that link.