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  1. JonJon

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I had the aircon regassed today as the system was emptied out during the recent refurb works. The car is now icy cold again and I'm £65 poorer. Worth it though!
  2. JonJon

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Drove it for the first time in getting on for three years, having spent the last 12 months going through a fairly comprehensive restoration. It was a good day
  3. JonJon

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I got excited today: after a year long restoration/rebuild and nearly three years since I first decided to take it off the road, the M5 is taxed and tested and is looking, sounding and (I'm told) driving like new. Just some final polishing, new shadowline trim and a few replacement stickers to be added in the bodyshop and she'll be done. I've never been so pleased to pay my road fund licence before
  4. JonJon

    E39 M5.

    Prices don't seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. That end price is more than £26k with the fees and I imagine a fair bit of spending to be done on maintenance quite soon, what with the diff leak and what looks like rusty sills (esp. leading edge of offside front and around the rear jacking point on the same sill). Maybe I'm a glass half empty kind of guy but "Lower sill covers fitted" and corroded brake lines in the same area on the MoT suggests to me that the tester can see signs of rot but obviously isn't permitted to remove anything to delve any deeper, and personal experience demonstrates that the underside of an otherwise good looking 2000 or 2001 car will need work. At the very least I imagine the new owner will be straight out to buy a new badge set for it. I can't understand why a seller looking to maximise sale price will go to the effort of having it detailed, spraying the inside arch covers black (at least it appears that way, and the overspray onto the front offside sill suggests this wasn't done too carefully) but not spend £100-200 to replace the badly faded badges, wheel centres and missing M badges on the alloys. It's lovely and rare to see a nice clean header tank under the bonnet though. I'm sure it will be a nice car but it looks like it'll swallow an immediate £5-6k spend by the new owner without breaking a sweat.
  5. JonJon

    E39 M5

    Keep in mind also that Isofix was not standard across all facelift cars (I understand it appeared some time on 2002 builds). If you are able to consider an alternative child restraint system this would widen your pool of potential cars.
  6. JonJon

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I'm glad I'm not the only person who has thought that. I appreciate that some people are just doing a patch up job rather than trying to eradicate the rot but from what I've seen it's going to become increasingly important for anyone buying an E39 that is said to have had the "sills done" to look at and find out how it has been done.
  7. You're not kidding! And most definitely not Caramel.
  8. I think they're 'caramel' but they're described as 'tan' in the ad so it may be that this is an individual colour after all. I agree with you that they look slightly odd: the photos look over-saturated and the seats themselves look really shiny, and the leather even looks slightly baggy at the top of the seat back. That might just be a trick of the camera but I have Active Comfort seats with the caramel extended leather option in my car and they are neither shiny nor baggy (seen by the eye or on camera). To my eye it's also slightly jarring that the rear seat folding release on this car is black rather than tan. I imagine that this is to match the other hard plastics in the car, such as the front seat bases, and I guess that was part of the 'individual' option that also added the piping on the headrests. On my car they're caramel-coloured to match the leather. I appreciate that few people will have had the opportunity to compare the standard M5 seats against the optional Comforts but the Comforts really do live up to the name. This is especially so if you're taller than average, as I am.
  9. JonJon

    Late BMW F10 530i / D or Audi A6?

    You don't mention what your budget is but I can give you an owner's perspective of life with an A6. We have had an A6 Avant as a family car and general run around for more than a decade. The first of these was a 2005 3.0tdi Quattro S-line with the Tiptronic auto box (a 'C6 4F' model in Audi numbers), which was on optional 19" BBS split rims. The ride was challenging at times but it was brilliantly reliable, generally comfortable and ate distance driving with ease. Ours was particularly well spec'd and did everything that we wanted of it, and we kept it fastidiously maintained. After 272k miles in our use (not a typo) it was written off last year by someone driving a newer A6. Total expenditure on servicing, repairs and consumables in our tenure was just a shade over £10k, the highest cost items of which were injectors (6 at £300 each!!) and an EGR (over £1k). But given the mileage we covered I calculate it as being cheaper than walking. We'd still have it today if it hadn't been totalled. I love BMW but I genuinely don't think that I would be saying the same thing if we had bought an E61 BMW rather than the A6. There was no question about any other car for its replacement and we picked up a 2016 Avant Quattro Black Edition. It's another 3.0tdi Avant but the facelifted C7 version with 272ps, S-line suspension and riding on 20" alloys. The ride comfort in the new car is actually very very good - massively better than the older model car, which was a real and welcome surprise. Comes with all mod cons (Google maps, wifi hotspots, Carplay, 4-zone climate etc) and an updated version of the familiar 3.0V6. It's a good car and the interior is as well put together as the older car, but the 7-speed DSG box isn't as good as the full auto. We had to buy in a hurry because of the circumstances in which we lost our previous car and were restricted further because it happened during lockdown but if we were in the market now I'd be seeking out a 3.0 BiTdi Quattro Black Edition, which has the 313ps version mated to a full auto 8-speed box. It's quick, too. Don't be at all put off by preconceptions about the way that it rides or handles. Yes, the steering is numb but - whisper - so is the steering on everything else comparable. The ride - even on 20" rims and S-line suspension - is good, and our daily driving is a mix of (knackered!) country roads, fast A roads and motorway. For all the above comments and endorsement based upon long-term experience, I would not entertain the idea of the latest A6. Build quality is noticeably not as good and the internet is littered with reports of tech and other difficulties. I also couldn't live with touch screen controls for everything. So heaven knows what we'll replace our current A6 with! Happy to answer any questions specific to ownership experience if it will help you. Good luck whatever you end up with.
  10. JonJon

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    It’s not a completed exercise yet but here are a couple of teasers. I’ll post some up when it’s all finished but keep in mind that the moment it hasn’t been polished, hasn’t got brakes, exhaust or half the drivetrain fitted so the stance is rather strange, and the model badge is going to be repositioned. However, the wheels are intentionally and will be staying silver as I have never personally thought that shadow chrome works against Oxford Green (although to my eyes it does against other dark colours. It‘s just a green thing!). Jon
  11. JonJon

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Saw the car in person this weekend for the first time in six months as the bodywork stage of restoration draws to a close and attention moves to the engine, drivetrain and chassis. The new paint is better than I had hoped and I am getting increasingly excited about getting the car back when all of the work is completed.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/470615214155750/ A handsome low owner E39 530i wearing its miles well and that I was genuinely surprised to see offered for sale. If it means anything, I've known the owner for more than 20 years and he's always been meticulous about the mechanicals of his various and varied projects.
  13. JonJon

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Glad you're getting somewhere with it. Eventually you'll be on top of all the historical bodging and it'll work and perform as it's intended, and remember that's what you bought it for! Keep the faith
  14. JonJon

    Sabine Schmidt

    She could make a car dance around the track, and the outpouring of grief and nice comments from those who knew or experienced her in person suggest that she was a lovely person, too. Another lost too soon.
  15. JonJon

    Incoming ... E61 M5

    Lovely. Enjoy!