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  1. standard on tourings and most don't work!
  2. Bumbaclut

    Improving 535i Performance

    I've just found a guy who can live remap the old motronic. Hes just done my E30 and my new favourite man! Will be way better than any chip but obviously more expense than £40 for a chip I'd get it running properly. Is the air flow meter in good order? This will effect performance
  3. Bumbaclut

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    have you run it in on mineral oil for 400 miles then or something?
  4. Bumbaclut

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    fuck sake no!
  5. Bumbaclut

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    I hope you drove it Dave, not just washed it
  6. Bumbaclut

    My e34 M5 Elekta Touring

    lots of want, lovely
  7. Bumbaclut


    it not, the easiest is the non vanos M62 engines. Only problem is bmw built them for 1 year only so they are rare engines. A nice upgrade to 4.4 for any V8 chaps
  8. Bumbaclut

    525e Timing Belt information 127 or 128 teeth

    the early timing belts were an e21 thing
  9. Bumbaclut

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    the non vanos M62 will go in an e34 e32, the hard bit is finding one as its an engine BMW only built for a year or so before they fitted the 540/740s with the single vanos versions A good upgrade as the 4.4 has alot more grunt, not that the 4.0 is massively lacking
  10. Bumbaclut

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Starting to look like a fast e34 now
  11. Bumbaclut

    Project bites off more than can chew

    So a little, update a vain one but who cares as it helps with the inspiration! I got this before christmas, my old saloon had the same wheel. Its nice and better than all the shite airbag efforts offered by BMW at the time. (Safety aside!) I've got a bit less room here so i thought i'll fit the wheels then, i'm not storing another set! took a long time as every rim was corroded onto the hubs so some violence was needed to remove the old metric rollers, much better? So onto fitting the front spoiler, this took a long time to get it right, as i didn't have a stencil and there were holes that needed drilling! bit of picture dump here interesting sticker for a geek, is that the date time said bumper was manufactured i assume The amount of cutting as seen in older posts is alot on a poor standard bumper. You could always go to Alpina cap in hand and buy all the specific parts they made for this, I simply don't have that budget and this fits well now The money shot I've got a pre facelift grill also. I think this looks better and you have room to fit a front bi turbo badge. Its more work though and i don't think the wide grill looks to bad now i've seen it in the flesh rather than pictures Time for a well earned wash i thought yesterday A bit better, I'll keep going with stuff until my more clever friends arrive and we can sort out why engine is not getting fuel soon. because with fuel it should start!
  12. Bumbaclut

    E34 540/6 Orient blue (Ireland)

    its fucked, typical 540i owner on the value!
  13. Bumbaclut

    E32 750 trailing arms

    e32 arms are all the same iirc e34 M5s had them also. You must want wide rimz
  14. Bumbaclut

    E34 b10

    yeah, sytners no longer have the records for the old stuff. But its founds their way into safe hands so all is not lost. It could just be a B3.5 but its all guessing until its viewed
  15. Bumbaclut

    E34 b10

    its all speculation until someone views it who knows what they are looking at. The advert isn't helping as alot of what would help isn't pictured. The outside looks legit along with the original synters numberplate. MOT history shows a few fails on rust. So theres something going on....... I'd rescue it or like to look!