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  1. Bumbaclut

    E34 M5 touring anyone?

    I was offered this car a few years back for 20k from its then current german owner. I think the arse has fallen out of these as there a few kicking around at this money and none are shifting
  2. Bumbaclut

    Project bites off more than can chew

    The eagle has landed, my mate runs a BMW specialist BMR. So I've had it recovered here and the guys are going to get this sorted and the engine running. just had to be patient and wait until they had cleared a few big projects out the way. Its cranking over with spark, but not getting fuel for some reason, pump is working My old Bi turbo is here so a handy reference for them!
  3. Bumbaclut

    Modern Classics.

    obviously the e34 won?
  4. Bumbaclut

    e34 540i 6sp for sale

    clearly scrap
  5. Bumbaclut

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    or you've bought Chinese imitation of behr. I've done this in the past. There are some dodgey sellers of stuff portraying to be OEM brands even in the correct packaging. Mainly on Ebay, always take a look where the seller is registered from as a clue the English seller selling the same part and brand for twice the price is probably selling the genuine part
  6. Bumbaclut

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    what brand did you fit boilie?
  7. Bumbaclut

    Lovely 335i touring for sale

    if you like driving properly then its 3 pedals. The values of these reflect it. This is highly council landfill to my eyes
  8. Bumbaclut

    Lovely 335i touring for sale

    gotta be manual
  9. Bumbaclut

    Lovely 335i touring for sale

    its auto,
  10. Bumbaclut

    E39 525i tourer - Jap import

    only in the states have these prices been achieved. Seeing as the market is clearly in an adjustment period price wise at the moment. Seymore hope clearly smoking crack when it comes to pricing !
  11. Bumbaclut

    E38 740i on Rolls Royce alloys

    major councilfest and Ergen motorsport? the less said the better but that geezer shouldn't be working on cars. Known beast/epic bodger
  12. throttle switch problem?
  13. standard on tourings and most don't work!
  14. Bumbaclut

    Improving 535i Performance

    I've just found a guy who can live remap the old motronic. Hes just done my E30 and my new favourite man! Will be way better than any chip but obviously more expense than £40 for a chip I'd get it running properly. Is the air flow meter in good order? This will effect performance
  15. Bumbaclut

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    have you run it in on mineral oil for 400 miles then or something?