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  1. Bumbaclut

    540i touring. "The Improvening!"

    Nice work I can't tow, or don't have it on my license I've just took it all off my E34 wagon. Its a bmw retro fit kit from what I can tell from westfalia saved me a good 25kgs! Also concur the wiper comment. My LHD e34s I've had don't seem to suffer from a bit of wiper linkage slack but the RHD cars are much worse. My old M5 was the worst
  2. Bumbaclut

    540i touring. "The Improvening!"

    just use the chassis legs i'd say when jacking and the under the beam bushes on the rear when lifting it at home
  3. Bumbaclut

    E34 540i/6T again

    As in your buying the Avus car back?! Hard to know which one as you have had so many!
  4. Bumbaclut

    540i touring. "The Improvening!"

    There looks to be more room for this job than on an M5! I fitted a normal wiper rack I picked up new as the AKS is for high speed action that we don't really do here. Some e34s are getting rusty around the bulkheads now but yours looks nice which is good
  5. Bumbaclut

    Nice low miles e34 535i

    that's a fair amount of waffle there blackman, leather matches the milege as does the steering wheel. Non of it is all worn shiney. BMW leather new had a more matt finish when new. The tech 2 wheel was fitted to pre air bag e34s also
  6. Bumbaclut

    Early memory seats in a late car

    the cars plug is pre wired, if the drivers seat is memory then there is a an extra loom that joins between the seat loom and the car iirc. As I fitted memory seats to my old M5. If its a non memory seat then the seat loom and car loom plug straight up. tried Colour matching the wires to see if it all fires up?
  7. Bumbaclut

    540i touring. "The Improvening!"

    I expect keeping car in garage will greatly help the roof rails lasting longer, nice work from where i'm sat
  8. I'm going to get a set of these one day
  9. Bumbaclut

    The e34 rear sill thread

    lovely work there, wish I could weld/fabricate
  10. Bumbaclut

    E34 Alpina B10 Bi turbo touring project

    So the post man has been this past week delivering my get engine running well kit of bits. Refurbished MAF, new plugs, rotor arm, boost hose, lambda sensor, injectors refurbished, temperature sensors. Its a start This guys been going years, the MAF on these is shared with the Porsche 928 and the 3.6 M5 and also one of the audi quattros I think 20v ones. Handy to know of, my MAF was fucked as the engine wouldn't run with it plugged in. So this is done on a service exchange basis injectors looked horrid from the outside but have come up trumps. Matey who did them said they flow a lot of fuel! So onto the new boost line, managed to find the exact same pipe is used originally This now runs to the inlet manifold So the ECU can read boost levels, and the guage in the car and see it. Except I've not wired it up yet. One less air leak also. Bloody fiddly getting pipe on as it doesn't want to fit easily! New Lambda in, always nice grovelling under the car injectors back in, always fun bit of WD40 and some wiggling coolant temp sensors. I thought I had bought them all but ive not got a brown one, my guess is that feeds the guage on the clocks? 6 new bosch, I went with the WR6DP0's this is amazing a new part fitted and not by me! 2015 stamped. So I've just replaced the rotor arm, as its the original 91 stamped. My "new" one has 96 or 98 stamped on it! refitting the MAF with a new air temp sensor so all back together...…………….turned ignition on and bam. Fired straight up and purred away nicely. Result, so ran it up to temp and all seems well or a million times better than before. I can actually move it about now! With the engine running nicely I can hear new noises namely from the gearbox, maybe clutch release bearing. Anyhow I think the box needs to come off as its very hard to get it into gear any gear and difficult. The clutch bite point is right at the bottom of the pedal travel. Its supposed to have a new clutch but I won't know that until the gearbox if off. But it moves now under its own steam. I've not done a sneaky drive up the road but I wish I could! The red LED light is on on the boost guage indicating that it won't fully boost if you drove it. That can be for another day might be to do with my non EML clocks fitted i'm not sure at the minute So to prove it I've turned the car around! I had to move it so I could get the E30 back in the garage as that's not allowed to get rained on. I've run out of money so need so sell parts etc raise funds sell my arse again and there still seems millions of jobs to do. Somehow with the engine seeming to run nicely now it all seems a bit easier so i'm happy
  11. Bumbaclut

    E34 Alpina B10 Bi turbo touring project

    Good point Dave, a lot easier to find also. Your kind donation clocks are in at the minute
  12. Bumbaclut

    E34 Alpina B10 Bi turbo touring project

    The last 50 bi turbos did have blue clocks and were wide grills also. Interestingly my e36 B3 had normal clocks but all the RHD cars were like that. LHD got the red blue combo also. Clocks are a minor problem at the minute
  13. Bumbaclut

    E34 Alpina B10 Bi turbo touring project

    no, all the black paint is peeling off them also. A normal e34 speedo doesn't read high enough though at 160mph. I know from personal experience these cars can go quicker than that!