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  1. Funknhell

    F11 - Ashtray won’t close

    I had the same issue with my F10. Coin had rolled over when closing and got stuck.
  2. Funknhell

    Coding Manchester

    Should push in. To too much force but it's not loose enough to just fall out. Im sure you will have dropped the little door protecting the port. Make sure the flat edge is facing the inside of the car not towards the drivers door.
  3. Funknhell

    Coding Manchester

    No. This will do fault finding. Registering batteries etc. Coding stick with BimmerCode
  4. Funknhell

    Coding Manchester

    I got autophix 7910.does a nice job and it was reduced to sub £50!
  5. Funknhell

    Coding Manchester

    Exactly that mate. Tomorrow I will confirm what my Bluetooth adapter is when I get in the car. I'm 90% it's Vgate.
  6. Funknhell

    Coding Manchester

    Thought of getting BimmerCode. Will do what your after. Think I paid £25 for the app and if you don't have a Bluetooth odb reader I can recomend one for about £20. Im from the Northwest too near the place with the crap version of the eiffel tower!!
  7. Funknhell

    Condensation inside headlight

    It is mate but honestly it's a easy process. Hardest thing is checking the weather that your not going to get a bath doing it! Unless your lucky enough to have a big enough garage. The other difficult side is to have somewhere appropriate to keep all the plastic pop studs and bolts you take from the wheel lining and bumper / under bonnet plastics as there are a few. I may have a few pics if it helps
  8. Had this a couple of times when I have got back into the car morning after use and wanted to stream music via Bluetooth. My solutions were quite the standard whixh I'm going to guess you've already done prior to here but mine was to delete the device on the phone then delete the phone on the idrive. Resync them and was back on. Had the car and phone a few years and had to do this 2 or 3 times max.
  9. Funknhell

    Condensation inside headlight

    Well when it's out to give it a fighting chance do the over trick! When the Mrs is out of course!!
  10. Funknhell

    Condensation inside headlight

    It could well be! Only time will tell!!
  11. Funknhell

    Condensation inside headlight

    As yet no. I have bought a replacement nearside which had the issues only because it came up at a very reasonable price so thought always good as a spare!
  12. Funknhell

    Condensation inside headlight

    Few months on and going strong so here's hoping.
  13. Funknhell

    Condensation inside headlight

    Yes worked a treat. But one came up at a good price so thought I would grab it. In the spirit of the BMW I like to throw money at it!!
  14. Funknhell

    Condensation inside headlight

    There was enough water in the light to put a fish in! I did tip the light around to try and sus where it was coming in but nothing. Still no idea. Replacement arrived today so I'm toying with either selling the old one as its holding up well now with the holes and they arent easy to find at a decent price. Or to open it up to investigate further and have a look as the LED rings so see if I can perhaps solder a brighter led in Undesided so far....
  15. Funknhell

    Condensation inside headlight

    This is my 3rd control board (2nd replacement) One I save for a while wut when the water came back it died. These holes seam to have done the trick though I have to say. I tried the cap off trick but just far to much moisture to fight against for mine.