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  1. Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles still need a battery though (with everything that implies with extraction and processing of rare minerals). The considered industry opinion IS that Commercial Vehicles (and trains) will be the first wholesale adopters of HFC technology).
  2. carrman

    HUD 3 lines/dots - what are they?

    Doesn't dip when the nearside mirror is selected for adjustment - move it back to the drivers side - it'll then dip (too much).
  3. carrman

    530e Performance without electric

    I’ve got use of an i8 for 2 weeks over Christmas - I wonder what fuel economy I’ll get from that (as if I care - just look at it!!!!)
  4. carrman

    530e Performance without electric

    Thanks. Actually I would buy it at the end of the lease - although my plan is a second hand 540i when I retire!! Bear in mind the next generation of PHEV are now coming out with 50 miles electric range - and by the time I change in 2020 - I'm hoping that the G30 LCI will be further still.
  5. carrman

    530e Performance without electric

    Pros and cons of BMW Hybrid: I think that it is important to explain to those that do not drive a 530e the pros and cons of the system. Firstly, it's not like a non-Plug-In Prius (or most other Toyota/Lexus "Self Charging "Hybrids for that matter) in that the Toyota system broadly assists the vehicle and does not provide a boost for performance purposes. Its fundamentally for economy - the clue from BMW is the "iPerformance" moniker - although I accept that this is probably a good way to attract an "enthusiast" driver/owner. I believe that the Plug In Prius has only just been re-introduced into the UK with its claimed 30 mile range (I believe previously that it was dropped because it was too expensive). As a result, for the others running on pure electric is not an option beyond 1 to 2 miles - and is not widely explained in Toyota literature. The BMW's can run from 15 to 25 miles in my experience and the silent running is part of the "fun" of the vehicle in my option. Despite the display the battery does not truly run down to Nil. There is always an element of charge remaining. For example, whilst "-" may show on the display, the Connected Drive App may show the "true" remaining level of up to 10%. For your information Mercedes PHEV's retain 20%. Charging is easy - OK at home this can take 4 hours using a standard 3 pin plug and cost around a £1 - but Public Charging Points are widely available and take half the time. I use Chargemaster for a £7.85 monthly fee and RFID Card authorisation and PodPoint which is generally free and authorised by App. There are charging points all over the place - I use the Zap Map App to find them. This is Company Car for me and I readily agree that I use it due to BIK reasons (it saved me £200 per month in Tax) - but I was able to obtain a £10k "better" car basic 520d SE to 530e M-Sport with toys for £100 more rental. Hence a net reduction in cost of £100. OK the fuel tank is smaller at 46 litres - which gives a 350 mile plus range on Petrol only. Charging regularly can relatively easily boost this to 50mpg. Running around the UK for my job (and using Charging points were available) - I generally get 40mpg. As a result my Costa Card is accumulating points at quite a rate! As a result, the variation in Economy can be from no Fuel used (running round near home for a week - cost that at £1 per full charge - which would be say £5 for 100 miles), to traveling 350 miles on a motorway with no charge at 35mpg (I did that in a run down to South West France - and did not notice any drop in performance). I accept that in most cases this is not Diesel economy and range - but it depends how you use it. I consider Handling is worse that a "normal" G30. You can feel the weight of the battery at the rear and the M-Sport suspension is not available on the 530e (I have EDC). And of course boot space is reduced by 100 litres (probably the most noticeable practical difference to the non-Hybrids). Stand back and wait to be shot down in flames.....!
  6. carrman

    530e Performance without electric

    Because the Government (and the Newspapers) tell us they are the future (says the BIK driver)
  7. carrman

    BMW Connected Drive portal is a bit flaky

    No this works best (only?) on the 530e when it heats (or cools) using the High Voltage battery.
  8. carrman

    Attachment Limit

    Greetings All. At the risk of missing something blindingly obvious - since starting in 2012 I have now reached the 100Mb attachment limit on this forum. I have tried to "manage" them down but with no success. Any clues anyone...?
  9. carrman

    USB map update?

    No problem here formatting to FAT32 on my MacBook Pro:
  10. carrman

    Delivery Leadtime

    Work colleagues are getting them in 2 to 3 months now.
  11. carrman


    MB use their own automatic gearboxes - not ZF’s.
  12. carrman

    self righting wheel centre caps

    Oh dear! Always thought they were naff on an RR! How long before we see this as the latest “cool” mod for F10’s and F30’s?
  13. carrman

    Folding Mirrors

    Standard on the G20!!
  14. carrman

    Parking sensors

    Just ban caravans?