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  1. stuclark

    Odd issues after LCM swap

    Its working perfectly now; many thanks
  2. stuclark

    Odd issues after LCM swap

    Fabulous, many thanks :)
  3. stuclark

    Odd issues after LCM swap

    ...and that "pulls" the LCM coding from "the car" and puts it on the LCM? Don't I need to update my daten files or something (I've been reading lots of other posts that don't make a lot of sense)? I'll give this a go tonight and report back...
  4. stuclark

    Odd issues after LCM swap

    No, there's no tamper dot showing; that side of it is fine. I'm not very clued up on ncs - is there a cheats guide anywhere?
  5. stuclark

    Odd issues after LCM swap

    Firstly, hello everyone after a long time away! I recently had the good-old main beams sticking on / turning on randomly when the car was turned off issue on my 530i, so after checking the stallk wasn't at fault, I decided it was time to swap the LCM. I bought an "LCM IV W/ AUTO.LWR" from fleabay to swap with the LCM III-B that was in the car. I also have PA-Soft so plugged that in to get a screenshot of the original LCM's VIN & milage settings. I then fitted the LCM IV and went into PA-Soft to change the VIN & milage to match my car. Surprisingly I found that PA-Soft was already listing the correct VIN & the same milage as my previous LCM (which odly is 8KM different to the "chassis" milage). PA-Soft was definitely reading the new LCM as it required a different "coding algorithm" (which it picked up correctly) to the original LCM. I manually set the VIN and milage anyway just in case... Since then, I've had the following faults on the car which I can't resolve (none of these existed with the original LCM): "Tail Lights" fail the cold and hot test and show as faulty even when turned on. They are both working fine. I can only stop the OBC message coming up by turning it off in PA-Soft. "Self.level Susp. Inoperative" shows up on the OBC on starting the car. The car detects a fault of the self leveling sensot not working. I can turn the OBC message off, which then stops the LCM detecting the "fault" The dial to adjust the cluster brightness no longer works and the cluster is set at max. The LCM lists a fault (presumably for this), but it is not obvious what the fault relates to - I only found the dial was inactive when trying to adjust it. The car has had the battery disconnected (and actually allowed to go flat) both before and after the LCM swap. On jumping the car from dead with the original LCM, NO FAULTS at all occurred (even the bleedin' main beams behaved, but that fault had always been intermittent). On donig the same after the LCM faults, the 3 listed above come back every time. Is this a faulty replacement LCM; am I not coding it correctly (I've looked at everything that makes sense to me and it is all "correct"); or is this something else?
  6. stuclark

    mirror glass for 1998 523i se bmw ?

    I found a pair on fleabay a few months ago. They weren't cheap though, but I figured that as I was replacing my mirrors with power-fold ones, I might as well go the whole hog and have photochromatic ones as well (had to replace the entire passenger door wiring loom to get the photochromatic connector in that side though... that was quite a mission)
  7. stuclark

    Aero blades

    I recently got a set of the "FLAT AERO WIPER BLADES HQ" (the second link) - they fit perfectly and work just as well.
  8. stuclark

    Jaguar XJ8 3.2L Petrol V8 Sport (1998)

    I'd love one of those
  9. I have a v13 module (the latest that will fit an e39) and it works perfectly on all 3 Android phones I've tried it with (that covers 3 generations of Android too)
  10. stuclark

    power fold mirror

    I have one from an e39. I think it was a bit slow at times, but tbh I can't the how bad it was. I'll give it a quick test if you're interested Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  11. stuclark

    sorry, another pdc question

    Check reach rear connection in turn initially and get a set of working sensors in there. If you still don't have any luck, rev try the same procedure on the front Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  12. stuclark

    No wonder cyclists get hurt

    There needs to be some kind of proficiency test, pure and simple. I bet half the idiots don't even know the Highway Code, let alone observe it.
  13. stuclark

    Delivery by Saturday or Refund Required

    I've pushed them to give you a refund - the case ID with DX is 76409 and they will be asking the Bristol branch to process it
  14. stuclark

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Finally finished my power-fold chromatic mirror retrofit Those mirror caps took a whole month to get hold of
  15. stuclark

    Delivery by Saturday or Refund Required

    They finally got delivered and look great on the car. Thanks for your help Phil