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  1. marshall1302

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    No sunroof, thankfully so hopefully OK. I did wonder about the inside of the sills, was thinking of removing the kick plates and spraying wax oil in there
  2. marshall1302

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Bit the bullet and removed the m tech sill covers. Held breath as the final clips released and.......... pretty good actually! Some surface rust on the jacking points to sort out but overall excellent for a 26 year old car, original paint has held up well and after a clean and polish the sills look good. Will clean up the jacking points and paint the bottom section with Kruust and stone chip paint before refitting the covers
  3. marshall1302


    Hi all, just about to return to the fold after a spell with a 320d GT (great car but boring) and several years running Mercs. In fact I've still got the CLS 320d-awesome car and definitely not selling! Anyway, just given in to the BMW urge and bought a late 1995 E34 525i SE for a weekend project. Its been lightly restored in the past and is in excellent nick. See pics attached. I'm sure I'll be back with lots of questions as soon as I get into the new car Stuart
  4. marshall1302

    530d Smoke on full boost- fixed:)

    Re map was done by a tuning company in Warrington Cheshire- don't know their name as my indie sorted it all for me. the indie is BM tech in Royton Oldham- real genuine guys, real enthusiasts, nothing too much trouble-thanks Aj. Original map was already on the car- new re mapper said "it was all over the place!" Pay a bit more and get a bespoke map- don't waste your money on an off the shelf generic map.
  5. Just got my e61 530d back after a full de coke service, and performance remap. Finally got the car id thought I bought back in April It's just awesome, so relieved after nearly selling in despair last month Turns out that the remap already loaded was cr*p and was over fuelling all over the place causing poor running, lack of performance, clouds of black smoke on full boost and a constantly filthy back end. Not to mention 24 mpg It's like having a new car !!!
  6. marshall1302

    EGR info needed

    Just finished replacing the egr stat on my new E61 530D , the old one was stuck open so I'm hoping that I might get a few extra MPG and maybe the DPF will regen Anyway I noticed a tight spring mechanism which seems to operate a flap in the main air inlet pipe just before it goes through the EGR valve body. I can turn the spring and it moves a large vane inside the valve body, but it doesnt seem to be connected to anything? What does it do? Has it been disconnected for some reason or am I missing something? Going to replace the air filter and crankcase breather tomorrow before a blast down to France at the weekend. Does anyone know if I've got the bog roll type breather or the vortex? Its a 2005 530D Thanks
  7. marshall1302

    Headlight washers

    Cant see any fluid under the car so not sure it's a loose pipe. Any ideas?
  8. marshall1302

    Headlight washers

    On checking over my new E61 yesterday I appears that only 1 of the headlight washers works. I think these work off pressure from the pumped washer fluid so hoping its just a pipe off, but how to get at the mechanism without taking the bumper off??
  9. marshall1302

    New E61 owner

    Just picked up my 2005 E61 530D M Sport in silbergrau metallic after driving a 530i SE Saloon for the last 18 months. Nice spec- heated comfort seats, pro nav, bluetooth, xenons, detachable tow bar (never used by the look of it) First impressions- it feels heavier than the petrol and not as nippy- the 530i was a manual so it might be me getting used to the auto. I bought it from Kent and drove back to Saddleworth, 220 miles- OBC shows 35.5mpg- I reckon I would have got this in the petrol on a similar run. Feels incredibly tight and planted though, not a squeak or a rattle, Also the m sport suspension is stiffer and gives much more confidence when pushing on along some of the undulating moorland roads round here. I wanted a diesel because I spend a couple of months ayear in France where its quite a bit cheaper than petrol. One or two jobs to look forward to really good clean and polish including engine bay which is untouched (and very dirty!)Want to look at a remap to give it a bit more wellyNot sure if the swirl flaps are still in so a flapectoemy might be in orderclean crankcase oil breatherAll these are things I did on my old e39 530d (which incidentally felt much quicker- although it was mapped) anything I've forgotten? I've checked the running temp via secret menu and it's showing between 86 and 91 degrees so the stats look ok Will post some pics as I get a minute, Anyone know how to view the sat nav map in full screen?
  10. marshall1302

    Missing trim clips

    Thanks, there was me thinking I had a couple of missing 2 " blanking plates, but I've actually got a great big plastic kick plate missing Anyone breaking an E60 with grey interior? Thanks for all youir help
  11. marshall1302

    Tailgate closure

    Not quite the same, but I had similar issues on my E60 recently, boot wouldnt lock or open with the keyfob, tailgate lights not working Traced it to a couple of frayed wires in the loom that runs down the inside of the hinge. These are bending and flexing everytime the boot opens. Failure inevitable eventually Dont know if there are any similar wires that are constantly flexing and bending in the E61 tailgate?
  12. marshall1302

    Missing trim clips

    Dont understand, I have a large plastic piece on the other side that supports the bonnet release lever and internal sensor isolation switch?? Cant see an L shaped piece
  13. marshall1302

    Missing trim clips

    Sorry Tuvoc, I'm up North, amongst the dark satanic mills, miles away from leafy Surrey Any idea what's missing in my footwell though?
  14. marshall1302

    Missing trim clips

    How many miles on yours? Mines just turned 80,000 so only just run in !
  15. marshall1302

    Missing trim clips

    OK this is the best I can do in the dark Baus