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  1. Vpricey

    M5 winter repairs

    Thanks guys, yes Simon, lots of work no one will see, it's off to the bodyshop soon to get some work to freshen it up a bit. The oil leak was the cam cover gasket not sealing right, the vanos orings and the power steering pipes, but that should be them all fixed now. I have had a bit of trouble getting the brakes bled up, I think there's a bit of air trapped in the abs unit as they're still quite spongy. I've tried pressure bleeding them and the usual 2 person method, bit i think I might have to use INPA to operate the abs unit. Not tried that yet as I didn't have my laptop with me yesterday so I'll see how that goes.
  2. Vpricey

    M5 winter repairs

    I thought I'd post up a few pictures of some work ive done on the M5 this winter. First up was a rather annoying Oil leak from the left bank. I replaced the cam cover gaskets last year when it was off the road for winter. I thought that was the cure, but no...so off with the plenum again.... The Power steering pipes had been leaking and as well as a leak from cam cover, i spotted the o-rings on the vanos solenoids had been leaking too. So they got replaced too. Also while the coil pack covers were off, i rubbed them down and laqured them. Much better. Next up was the brakes. I had a bad wobble under braking, so i decided to have the discs skimmed, then i painted the centres... Then whilst the brakes were off, i thought i'd check the front wheel bearings, i gave them a spin......yip both rumbly, two new wheel bearings required..nice.... (Yes i know its dirty!Lol.) The calipers were looking scabby, so i stripped them then had them powder coated and rebuilt with some new seals... Much better. Next up was the usual culprit of the M5, leaking diff seals, so exhaust off, clean it up, diff out, refurb and back in. Out... In... Repaired and cleaned... After a quick run of the engine, the oil leak was back, so back off with the plenum and cam cover, Hylomar gasket sealent and back on....again... Thats most things for now, tomorrows job is to clean and refit the under trays and a few small clips and drive home!!
  3. Vpricey

    BMW Festival Gaydon 2014 anybody?

    I'll be on the Bmwcc Scottish region stand as usual so i''ll pop over and say hi
  4. Vpricey

    iPad drummer

    You've too much time on your hands! Back to the real kit!
  5. Vpricey

    Simonc's E60 M5

    Very nice
  6. Vpricey

    Bmw E60 M5

    I'm sure that very one use to belong to another guy from Greenock area(Forum name Wetbell?), he came to a few bmwcc meets last year, may be the year before. I think it was him who had the clutch done. Very nice tho. Enjoy!
  7. Vpricey

    I want an m3 but........

    GO for it!! they're fantastic!! I loved mine, although i had to do a wee bit of work on it to get it to where i wanted, and to get it right, it was very worth it! I'd have another anyday. But if you do buy one, make sure it's a facelift car thats under 10 years old so can get the floor fixed if it hasnt been done. Or buy one that has. Also watch out for headgasket problems, as they're getting ore common, My M3 floor repair My M3 other repairs Just my 2p worth
  8. Very nice, the sound with the mufflers removed is fantastic, enjoy!
  9. Vpricey

    Who's putting the M5 away?

    Thats mine away for the winter too, just before the salt hit the road. Cant wait for next year to get it back tho, missing the H&S sound already. Got a few repairs to do over the winter tho, new brakes, fuel pipes.
  10. Vpricey

    Newbie with a '99 E39 M5

    Mine are in the garage, arrived yesterday, cant wait to get them fitted.
  11. Vpricey

    Newbie with a '99 E39 M5

    Yeah that was me, gave a flash of the lights. You car sounded nice
  12. Vpricey

    A newbie from Edinburgh

    Nice car also Paul, it's previous owner Mike had it a few Bmwcc meets over the past couple of years.... A pic next to Cambell's E60 last year, my old M3 in the background too. Hope you enjoy!
  13. Vpricey

    Newbie with a '99 E39 M5

  14. Vpricey

    Newbie with a '99 E39 M5

    Thanks for the comments guys, stilling love driving it, just purchased a set of H&S boxes off ebay, so i can't wait for those to arrive. Mazi, my friend Ian and I do a fair bit of detailing, Send me a pm and pop out at some point
  15. Vpricey

    Newbie with a '99 E39 M5

    The old lights had mould around the top, I'll still keep them for originality. Thanks guys.