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  1. avtovaz

    E61 520d, 2008 should i buy it?

    right ok, i was going to keep my e39, i have replaced everything on it, but its starting to look its age, and hasnt things bluetooth radio etc. I think what ever condition the suspension is in, its only going to be a simular situation as im in now but a lot newer and better car. Does the 6 cylinder diesel fit in a 4 cylinder car? I was wondering about that too as im big into e36;s and from a m44 to a m52 isnt that big a deal. Infact m44 to volvo b230 wasnt that big a deal either so i am ok with a bit of messing. edit mind you, then its a big project and i have a n47 engine if i buy the car, and its a good lump i think when the chain is done.
  2. avtovaz

    E61 520d, 2008 should i buy it?

    oh not that bad, like reversed into in a car park. bonnet only just bent, wing will repair, you can drive it now but its not right if you see what i mean.
  3. My mate has a 2008 520d se, 6 speed manual, 1its done 169,000 miles, tidy car but its been hit on the front, needs a wing, bonnet, headlight, and a few other bits. Its not a lot of money but i know of the cam chain problems, swirl flaps, etc.. My idea would be to pull the engine out straight away, replace the chain, new duel mass flywheel, check the engine bearings etc, put it back together. Would that make it worth while then as in ill get another 100k out of it? I understand i may need to spend 1k in parts on the car, but its like £500... thanks
  4. avtovaz

    530i Manual Clutch Swap

    with your clutch being worn, is the pedal quite hard?
  5. avtovaz

    rear end float

    e39 touring with air suspension. i have noticed some clutch vibration when i pull away, when i stop the car seems to go back and forth, The car has 2 engines in the boot tonight, and the car floats, i turn in and it starts to lean like with no much resistance, then it stops, and the springs seem to work. is that rear subframe bushes again? i replaced them 7 years ago!
  6. avtovaz

    In need of a few more ponies..

    its not the ecu on its own you want to do, its the inlet manifold, they restricted the 2.8 loads, with a m54 one, nad a remap will make a fair difference.
  7. avtovaz

    E39 Touring Air Suspension Issue

    your getting some voltage, so i think your wiring should be ok, but check it both sides where it goes up into the rear of the car. I had 2 chineese sensors on mine when it came up with the error, but i had 0.0v due to the wiring had worn threw and i think earthed out and shorted the sensor. The two chineese ones didnt work and i was all for going to coil springs, but the cotsworld sensor sorted it ...
  8. avtovaz

    m54b30 fuel consumption

    i was really annoyed that the car had failed again , and had been looking on ebay for a vw pasatt estate, b5 i think the model id like. So, when i went out testing, i was made up, the car is so quiet, and smooth. If i bought the pasatte, id have to spend on it, or buy a high price one. So, keeping the e39 even though it does F all to mpg, its the cheapest answer! LOL! Its just every time i look at the car, it needs something else! Now it needs a bumper washer jet, one of the nozzles has gone somewhere... Looking on ebay they are a lot of money too!
  9. avtovaz

    m54b30 fuel consumption

    so had a look at it today a bit more, found that one of the blanking plugs on teh inlet wasst doing much, also that the dip stick tube rubber was hard, and the pipe going to the ccv from there was not a good fit. I put a one way check valve into that as 50;s kid on youtube said so. Went for a drive in it tonight and when i used to start it up teh idle would move about a bit, and also, moving the car at low revs it would stall easily. Now its ok, idle is much better but it still has a little unevenness to it. It did 26.1 mpg which i supose is about right? I did a half motorway miles and half in town, wasnt hanging about on the motorway
  10. avtovaz

    m54b30 fuel consumption

    i have recently put a new disa, its only ever averaged 27mpg, exactly the same as the m52! THe computer shows low mpg, i think its true as its not right on the emitions test. All the wiring and ecu of the car is original, even teh engine loom, its on the old cat under car system, and its was working fine. I know it was 100% as when i put the new engine in i took it to wayne chip wizard and he put it on his rollers and said all was really good. I noticed recently its not idling as smooth as it has before but its always had a little unevenness to it, wayne noticed that but i thought it was to do with the duel mass. It drives fine no flat spots, just i took it up the express way again just and when i got it, the cat was smelling, i think due to it getting unburnt fuel in it and its just burnt off. My mate with the mot hasnt replied to what was up on the emitions but it was something that should be 400 and it was like 900 i think... thanks
  11. avtovaz

    m54b30 fuel consumption

    The car is a e39 523i and ive fitted the m54b30 to it. Since the fit the mpg has always been "good" same as the m52tu. But fuel consumption has gone up massivly, just reset the computer, and a trip up the expressway and a little drive to home here says 20.1mpg. I have had it on my mates mot emitions tester, and it would not pass if it was for mot. Now, the temp gague i noticed isnt quite on the middle, so ive fitted a new stat, and there is the sensor on the engine to replace. Its raining now, and te engine is hot. Could this be a lambda sensor issue too? Is there common reasons on this engine. thanks!
  12. avtovaz

    Clutch kicking

    dosnt do any harm what so ever, it just like changing gear, if your doing it to spin the rear tyres up, its even less stress as the wheels spin so less resistance.
  13. avtovaz

    air suspension AGAIN!

    so after a 2 year problem with the sls, it was fine ffor 2 weeks or so! today it started raising teh right side, did that in about 4 different movements, then came up with a warning on teh dash, and it went back down. looked on inpa, and got this fault code 10 controling time, only one side error frequency 31 unknown enviroment condition right side it stopped doing it then its doing it again. the analogue readings all looked ok when it was doing it, so i cant work out what it could be. as i say it took 4 goes to raise the right side, then error and gave up , back down it came. suspension dosnt feel right also for some reason when its back down but that could just be my imagination.. dosnt drop over night thanks!
  14. avtovaz

    Front disc guards

    dont know if its any help ive a e36 compact road rally car, its got porsche calipers on the front and motorsport abs, cut the guards off to get big discs on. with ds3000 pads, i can see sparks comming from the front pads. car is now 10 year old as a rally car and no problems.
  15. avtovaz

    spray washer jets

    thanks the e60 ones on ebay are a lot of money it seems! I maybe will goto local scrap yard at the weekend and see if there is any e60 there thanks!