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  1. avtovaz

    Anyone got INPA for N47 engine?

    my e39 was a 2000 year, it was m52b25 when i got it. its probably the cable then. ive ordered a silver one from ebay , and it lists the e60, the blue one i have lists e39 etc so maybe that is the problem. thanks
  2. avtovaz

    Anyone got INPA for N47 engine?

    my brother did something with the ports, before at the insert bmw cable part, i put the cable in and windows made a noise, and also when i unplugged it. Now when it comes up for insert the cable, it does the noise and it recognises there is a cable there. It did some windows update install software thing. I plugged it into the bmw and cant read anything. Its the blue cable and the red light came on. its a 2008 e61 lci 520d
  3. avtovaz

    Anyone got INPA for N47 engine?

    so i have got a little further, i ve got inpa working as in it comes up with the models of car, it recognises there is a cable plugged into the computer, but at no point can i get it to see that the ignition is on. I think there is a comunication problem. I think tis the right cable, its the one for the e39 i got from jimmy. is that right? thanks
  4. avtovaz

    Anyone got INPA for N47 engine?

    well my brother took 2 days to get windows working, update after update. THen instialled the software, inpa is there but it has no types of car when you open it up. So the software does work, just i think needs some other set up stuff. Ista does open up, and its quite slow, but dosnt do anything much. I think the cable is not being recognised by the usb port some how. I know about BBC micros, and thats about it for me, just seems a lot of hard work to get a program to read a few error codes!.
  5. avtovaz

    Anyone got INPA for N47 engine?

    Is there anything else that can read the engine, im having massive problems getting this program to work. thanks
  6. avtovaz

    tailgate randomly opens

    believe it or not! someone had the bootlid catch off before and when they put it back on, they trapped one of the wires in the housing so when i moved the rear wiper, it opened the boot. Took me a few mins to work out what was going on lol! which side of the boot are the wires for the window? thanks
  7. avtovaz

    tailgate randomly opens

    right ok ill have a look at it tomorrow... not much else to do atm LOL!
  8. avtovaz

    tailgate randomly opens

    im guessing this is the wiring in the hinges? is that the common one? if so how hard is it to do? thanks
  9. avtovaz

    Anyone got INPA for N47 engine?

    i have reolised my pc laptop thing is running windows 7 32, so after a lot of time downloading that software ISTA, i have updates windows 7 to the 64 bit... windows is absolutly useless, its taking so long to do anything from a fresh install, its the worst bit of software ive ever used, and why in 99, i went to use linux. Can this be run in anyway on linux with out windows? A fresh install its jsut not working... i hate windows... LINUX just WORKS... please help!
  10. avtovaz

    Anyone got INPA for N47 engine?

    my mate has just me that dis should be able to read teh codes from my engine, but it runs in that virtual box thing so slow! any ideas why that is?
  11. avtovaz

    Anyone got INPA for N47 engine?

    yes, it only lets you download so much for free in one go, or you have to wait hours.
  12. avtovaz

    Anyone got INPA for N47 engine?

    right ok thanks, ive done what you have and am about to see if it can read the car. where do you get ista from and what cable does it use? thanks!
  13. avtovaz

    Anyone got INPA for N47 engine?

    hi mate, did you get this working, ive got one of bmw cables setup, and inpa and it wont read my e61 with the n47. not sure what to do... ive got a fault comming up now thanks
  14. avtovaz

    Timing chain snapped @ 165k miles

    if that cam is tight and then turns freely, i recon there could be damage to the head, cam is bent and it runs freely in the part of the head it was bent in... id get it all measured?
  15. avtovaz

    n47 turbo

    in the end mate, i took mine to liverpool turbos, they are in aintree but the lad lives near the morrisons near clock face st helens. Worst case he said was £270, it was £260 for mine as it needed the spool kit, balancing and the actuator calibrating he said. Its on the car now and has done 140 miles now, all working well.