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  1. I got it from Amazon prime in the UK!
  2. mintimperial

    Mint's 2016 F10 LCI M Sport

    The front and rear together was £250. The Cellink B was £169. Yes it has the G sensor for impacts. Once it detects an impact it extracts 10 seconds either side of the event and sets it to a seperate folder. it also has motion detection for parking mode and records 10 seconds either side of any movement. Great for hit and runs while parked.
  3. mintimperial

    Mint's 2016 F10 LCI M Sport

    Hah, Thats what the dealer put in when they delivered it to me. Installed a new front and rear Dashcame today. A thinkware F770. - just released mid June. Has the following features and looks great. Super Night Vision / Time LapseRoad Safety Warning System / Safety Camera Alert1080p Full HD & Full HD 2CH Rear/ 30fps / Advanced Video Clear Technology /Built-in Wi-Fi / Built-in GPS / DUAL SAVE® (Internal BackUp Memory) Parking mode requires a continuous live, which in modern BMW brings up a warning of battery drain which would be an issue for me so I invested in a Cellink B Battery pack, which was costly, but well worth it. Basically that connects to a switched live via an "add a fuse" connector. The battery charges up whilst also providing a switched live from it's output to the dashcam. Once the vehicles switched live powers down it outputs a permanent live connection which the camera then detects ands itches to parking mode. Works like a dream and I never have to worry about drain on the vehicles own battery. Recording is great and if has the wifi connection to view ad download movies right to your iPhone or android phone via their app. All the wiring Ive hidden behind the headlining and seals. If anyone needs help with their setup, or installation give me a shout.
  4. Thanks Buddy just what I needed. the cellink B enables parking mode and charges from switched live. The permanent live for parking mode then uses the Cellink B rather than the car battery so as to avoid the "battery drain" warning appearing. pretty cool piece of kit
  5. mintimperial

    Moonstone or Options HELP !!

    Not a F11, but Ive just got my F10 in Mineral Grey Love it.
  6. Ive just got My 2016 F10 Sport and bought a Thinkware F770 dual channel dash cam for it. http://thinkwaredashcam.uk/product/thinkware-dash-cam-f770/ On top of this I've bought a Cellink Battery B for the parking mode (so as to avoid the battery drain warning) https://www.blackboxmycar.com/products/cellink-battery-b I need a couple of switched ignition fuses which will shut off when the ignition goes off, or the car is locked. Anyone know if there are any in the glove box, or rear fuse box which will do this? Do the cigarette lighter fuses go off with the lock? Cheers
  7. mintimperial

    Mint's 2016 F10 LCI M Sport

    Chers guys. Yeah got fed up of black - wanted something different! Though my Mrs calls it poo brown!
  8. Took Delivery last week of my brand spanking new F10 520d Mineral Grey with Cinnamon Leather Coming from an E39 530i, and not really noticing the power difference that much in sport mode. Looking at a few mods, namely Front splitter and gloss black grilles (without the M colours) Just bought a Thinkware F770 dual channel dash cam and Cellink B Battery for it. Incidentally anyone know which fuses are ACC live?
  9. mintimperial

    Introducing the Andrive 3! (AN39-3)

    Sandip, drop me a pm. we have the external mic input cables available here for you.
  10. mintimperial

    Introducing the Andrive 3! (AN39-3)

    Jeff, tethering to this unit via bluetooth is not currently possible. Wifi tethering only...for now. We provide a lead for connecting an external mic. We are considering a few different ones which we may provide in future. The other things are things we are looking at in a future update - purely software.
  11. We aren't being like anything Dave but we simply can't support everyone via a forum. I don't understand why you aren't getting our emails. When would you like to come?
  12. FYI we have messages Dave on about 1000 occasions. He either needs to return the unit for us to look at or come down to see us. Unfortunately he is never able to just call us.
  13. mintimperial

    Adeel's E39 525d

    Just a heads up that you're being asked about with regards to a bumper!
  14. Quite simple because we didn't see it!
  15. Hi mate Paul has replied to you via email. Perhaps check spam?? Nothing but the radio working? Very odd. We do ask for all support requests to go through the site / email. I do believe Paul asked for you to return it for inspection so we can see what's going on.