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    BMW Series 3.0D M Sport Saloon
  1. Is there a way of getting your wing mirrors to fold automatically when I lock the car (BMW Dealership code or something?). At present I have to press the button inside the car and am getting rather bored of this routine. Am lazy and hence want to do it auotmatically Cheers Nick
  2. Hi As you may be aware just purchased a 56 plate 530D MSport 2 weeks ago. Has the professional sat nav pack and tv etc, yet i was quite suprised to find out today that i put a cd in the player with MP3 files on it (so more music can be stored on the cd) and it does not recognise it. To this end when did BMW change the CD Players so that MP3 files can be read from a Cd? Cheers Nick
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    Help Please

    Thanks Lennox.
  4. Hi guys! I am new to this forum having just bought a 530D M SPort on a 56 Plate in Black. Live up in Cumbria and would love to get together to see other 5s etc. Am tied up until middle of September but then am free most weekends.
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    Sory for late reply, not been on for 2 days, enjoying the car lol Thanks for the response guys. I have done mine and it has got quite a few "extras". The one I dont understand is :- S339A - Shadow Line....................what on earth is that?? Also, suprised my colour came translated from German to Carbon Black Metallic as I am sure there is a hint of blue in it ?
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    Help Please

    Should be picking up my 56 reg 530d M Sprt today (test drove yesterday) and wondered if there is a data sheet or something similar that i can type my reg number in and it will come up with all the extras that the car has. I notice it has sat nav and a tv tuner so i can pick up freeview when i am parked....was this part of a "mulitmedia package" or something?? Can i play ipod through the system? No doubt will have many more questions in the coming weeks Cheers Nick
  7. Go and pick the above up tomorrow after taking it out for a test drive earlier today. One word....WOW!!! Can not wait to get my heads on it tomorrow... Hope the forum to be informative and a place where us like minded individuals can have a good chat Nick