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  1. jonbill

    TPS 1983 528i

    Yes I would expect it would. The spark map will vary the ignition advance depending how open the throttle is. And varying the advance will vary idle speed. (based on general knowledge - I know nothing about your model!)
  2. jonbill

    02 sensors constant error code return

    What fault is it returning? I've had a few cheap o2 sensors from ebay, both narrowband and wideband and none of the worked for more than a day or so. Bosch, Denso, NTK are good IME.
  3. jonbill

    BMW Assist and accident information

    I think they will, but will then claim it back from their insured. This is the point of the legal mandatory 3rd party insurance. My son hit 3 parked cars, drunk, a few year ago. The insurance paid out £9k to the owners and my son had to pay the insurance company back.
  4. jonbill

    Radio signal.

    Just a thought, do you have a double USB adapter in the cigarette lighter socket? IME they generate a lot of noise.
  5. jonbill

    EGR bits for E39 530d Manual

    I didn't notice mine smelling any different after deleting the egr
  6. jonbill

    EGR bits for E39 530d Manual

    I've got the bits from mine, but it's auto and different as you say. Why stinker? Does it mean you're suffering from fumes? Surely that just means you haven't blanked the exhaust manifold end well enough.
  7. jonbill

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I got another MOT pass. 212k young
  8. jonbill

    E39 Touring Subframe Bushes

    I'm pretty slow and I think I must have taken no more than a morning on it with coffee breaks.
  9. jonbill

    This couldn't actually happen, could it?

    It could read the speed limit signs, same as the human pilots can. I'm not saying that's what it will do, I've no idea, but tech to spot and read speed limits in only 2 or 3 formats is very doable.
  10. jonbill

    E39 Touring Subframe Bushes

    I rented the tool from GaryN
  11. jonbill

    E39 Touring Subframe Bushes

    I rented a tool to do it from someone on here, it was pretty easy. It was a few years ago though.
  12. jonbill

    1 style 31 wanted

    Yes, I'm not likely to pass that way soon I'm afraid.
  13. jonbill

    1 style 31 wanted

    This is one isn't it? Don't think I've ever used it. Happy to swap it for anything e39 that'll fit in the hole that's in decent shape, if you can find something. I don't really fancy the hassle of finding a new spare myself.
  14. jonbill

    1 style 31 wanted

    I think that's what I've got as a spare in mine, I'll check this morning. Where are you?
  15. jonbill

    Torque wrenches, what are we all using?

    Unlucky. Mines great.