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  1. Email me (dave@peccy.com) the details please, I have an Impreza RB5 to sell first though)
  2. Cheers, but I want a MANUAL box, there is one on AT at the moment, but its only a SE, hence my question.
  3. Having owned a 545i and now a 525d I am wanting to return back to a V8 Manual. This time I intend to modify: 20inch wheels. Coilovers Quad Exhaust M5 bumpers, skirts. So I am correct in thinking its not really worth me paying extra for a M Sport model considering the choice of Modifications planned? What other differences were there between the M Sport and standard models? Brakes? interior?...?
  4. peccy

    It happened ! Morimotos are in !

    no. 301556143667
  5. peccy

    It happened ! Morimotos are in !

    Ok there are some LCI Projector Halegon headlights on Ebay at present for £300, but the control module is being sold separate he says, do I need this???
  6. peccy

    It happened ! Morimotos are in !

    Ok thanks, ps. I already have an HID4U kit fitted (in my reflectors! hence the much needed swap to projectors), will I still need the wiring upgrade bit?
  7. peccy

    It happened ! Morimotos are in !

    650dE60, I am just about to upgrade my e60 pre LCI reflectors halogen headlights with LCI projectors and then fit a HID kit. I see this post is over a year old, so just checking if there are any better setups? or is this still the best?
  8. Did you use H&R 'Race' or 'Sport' springs ?
  9. peccy

    CSL wheels - photos please.

    What wheels are these?
  10. Hello and Welcome, That app worked thanks! although sound quality is a bit poor, not cd quality like when connecting the phone via bluetooth to my home cinema box for example. think im just going to find a cheap solution for an aux input and plug a bluetooth receiver into that, then it should work the same as my home cinema setup.
  11. Do you have a Aux input as part of this solution?
  12. The bluetooth only kicks in when a phone call is being transmitted though? do you have this setup working on yours?
  13. ive already ordered one of those, but to plug into the Aux Input (if i get it fitted), so it will pick up the bluetooth music from my phone. My phone can already transmit Bluetooth so why would i need another transmitter plugged into the phone?, but it wont pickup the cars bluetooth as a audio playing device, only the handfree capability. no option within the bluetooth on idrive either to configure bluetooth in this way.
  14. I have a 54plate E60 545i and a Samsung Galaxy S3 with all my Google Play tunes stored on it. The phone is mounted on the windscreen so i can easily skip tracks etc. So no need for an expensive iDrive integrated solution. Ideally i want to play the music on the car audio system via bluetooth, so i thought about getting a retro fit AUX INPUT fitted and then a generic bluetooth receiver plugged into that to talk to the phone, Does this mean i will only get Mono sound though through the speakers? The car has factory fitted bluetooth handfree, so is there a way to use that intsetad to play audio via bluetooth? Or can i get a USB Input and a plug bluetooth receiver into that and maintain stereo sound?