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  1. J4M35

    E34 Touring flange tow bar

    As per title... got an OEM detachable Oris one but the tow ball is too high for my trailer
  2. J4M35

    Koni Sports

    Spate of shock absorber threads recently, none of them about the Konis, so I just thought I'd post this thread to say- Koni sports are brilliant, I am very happy with my choice and I reckon that they were the best option for me with factory sport springs. Idiot (remember him?) reached the same conclusion and it was his recommendation which lead me down this route so thanks Idiot if you're reading!
  3. J4M35

    Wiper Rack

    TBH while £30 is tempting it's a lot of disassembly work to get there so unless your car has very low mileage I think refurbing mine will work best? What year and spec are you breaking out of interest?
  4. J4M35

    Wiper Rack

    I haven't inspected or removed mine yet but I have done some reading on the 'net, I still don't really understand what parts wear and why or what my mode of failure is... The wipers seem sloppy and noisy and I have had to take a big notch out of the driver's side arm to stop it eating into the bonnet mumbojumbo, isn't the one on your breaker going to be just as knackered as mine?
  5. J4M35

    Wiper Rack

    Yes, the old wiper rack issue... Has anybody repaired the rack using this kit? Any hints and tips? Mine's a '96 525i with the normal spindles.
  6. I just took them off. Wasn't hard. Just undid the hose connections at the shock. Most important thing about this job is ensuring that the crush tube which fits the lower shock absorber bush into the rear uprights comes off with the self levelling unit because otherwise you've torn the irreplaceable bonded bush.
  7. J4M35

    Steering box adjustment - problem!

    OP, the steering is incredibly heavy on an E34 without the engine running- far heavier than any normal unassisted steering system. What you are experiencing is normal. P.S. As well as the column nut, check the pinch bolt on the steering arm- mine was loose and tightening it took out most of the play.
  8. J4M35

    Removing the steering box

    Everything else is new and I've done the steering column nut- I'm afraid my steering box is definitely the source of the play.
  9. J4M35

    Removing the steering box

    Have you an update on the results you achieved with Hydroline RingsideE34?
  10. J4M35

    16x7J flat stars (Style 16)

    I still have the wheels though...
  11. I've still got these- offers?
  12. 535iAR, that's not quite correct- it is possible to tow more than 750kg on a normal 1997 onwards license. I've been legally towing a 1,350kg trailer without taking the +e test.
  13. J4M35

    E34 Battery

    3 years after I bought my 525i I discovered it'd been soldiering on quite effectively with a 540CCA / 60aH battery. I think you really want 72aH minimum although I decided to put a big type 019 100aH battery in.