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  1. Guys, back of my E61 radio I have a 12pin quad lock for the aux in plug (headphone jack only no USB) I want to buy a spare plug, Have some wires hanging out of it and experiment with something but I want to know what some of the wires pins do, can anyone help me with connector C on this diagram. https://goo.gl/images/dwhwb5 What is does "tape left/ right +\-" mean, what function does it perform. I'm hoping that means the steering wheel controls for skipping or something. The device i want to connect has an "ibus" wire, if I connect this to the "Nav bus" wire will it pass data to the screen?
  2. i have a 2008 E61 with professional nav. i only have the 3.5mm jack in the rear of the centre console(behind arm rest) no usb input. What are my options of getting my ipod to work in the car and be controlled by the idrive and or steering wheel controls and whats the rough cost? I have an old DICE unit which i had in my E39 i wonder if this would plug in somewhere in the E61.
  3. I need 4 new tyres, all my bmws in the past have run staggered genuine wheels. Just gone out to check tyre profiles on my 520d sport and noticed all 4 are running the same 245/40/18 tyres. Wondering if the prev keeper has done something stupid or if that's how they are supposed to be
  4. plumajp

    Stock M sport mv2 alloys. Staggered or not

    Not sure. Whys that? I doubt theres runs flats on there now, but I have no spare tyre so will need to weigh up the cost of a spare tyre or 4 run flats.
  5. Good point, that will save me nagging my friend to borrow his disc. Mines a 2008 and REALOEM.com is saying it's an n47.
  6. hi guys, I picked up my E61 2008 tourer last night 520d m sport auto. LCI model with the older type climate control knobs. do all the e61 tourers have air suspension on the rear? how can I tell if mine does or doesn't? I can't seem to get hot air to come out of the centre dash vents. I' ve got the temp set to max, control knob set to face, the idrive climate temp setting is to the red bar, but the air temp is luke warm (engine fully warmed up asi had been driving for 2.5 hours taking the car home) hot comes out of window setting and feet setting but not face setting. Auto is off and A/C is off. Any ideas? Sat nav disc is missing, so perhaps the seller removed it to hide that sat nav is broken. (is there anyone local to S.wales (Cardiff/Swansea) with a nav disc I could try to see if my unit is fired? beer tokens involved. form an orderly queue. Anything else I need to check? I bought this last minute without doing my normal research into the common faults etc so I couldn't give it a good going over unfortunately. its a non sunroof model so shouldn't suffer with water in the boot issue but I will be checking anyway when I get to time to lay my hands on her. Thanks in advance.
  7. New car to me, 520d sport auto, M47. went to start it last night, shifter in park, key in ignition dash lit up, left for a few seconds, pressed start button and the car turned over and was spluttering into life then turning over, spluttering, turning over and eventually started. I turned it off and did it again but i slightly pressed the throttle when it was trying to start and it started up much easier. took it for a spin like 5 minutes worth, came home, turned off and re-stared and it started ok, left it for a few hours and went back to try and start it and it spluttered again, little throttle and it comes to life. it doesn't sound like its glow plug related, sounds like fuel falling back into the tank and starving the injectors, like its only getting a squirt in a 2 pots and while its truning over the pumps are pushing diesel to the rail and then it starts. Anyone had a similar issue, any known causes, perished vacum hoses, breathers, fuel filters, non return valves. where do i start. TIA
  8. The dension is too pricey for me just to get me iPod working in the Car. Whats the alpine way? And roughly how much are they jimmy
  9. How can I tell what nav I have? Business or professional? my disc is missing and wondering what system I have in the car.
  10. plumajp

    business or professional nav?

    ah right because the cd unit had buttons 1-6 on the front and volume I presumed it was a In dash changer. Im gutted i don't have a USB port in glove box. Only 3.5mm jack at rear. Being a 2008 lci I thought it would have had USB. Any tips on connecting iPod with steering wheel and idrive control .
  11. plumajp

    business or professional nav?

    Ok thanks very much. I have the wider screen, 1mav slot and 1cd charger slot above it, 2008 lci model so I take it mines professional nav.
  12. cheers pal, I might take you up on that. Got a mate who's local with a 62plate 5 series so I may try his disc, if they are compatible. If not I'll be in touch mate.
  13. It's one sat nav slot and one cd slot above but it's a disc changer. Sat nav has dvd DVD written on the right hand side next to eject buttton
  14. N47 is the one that suffers with timing chain issue is it not?
  15. how can I check what model engine I have, I did the swirlflaps on my e39 525d so not an issue, just cant afford for one of those to get sucked in to the engine.
  16. guys my 03 525d sport, gave up the ghost tonight turbo seals have gone. she doesn't boost and you can hear the turbine shaft spinning to a stop when turning off. it smokes out of exhaust and from under the bonnet some how and makes a sound like a stone in the disc brake cover. I need to know where members recommend to go for replacement turbos and roughly how much i can expect to fork out AND how hard of a job it is for me to do on my driveway. My mechanic said he would swap the turbos and change oil and filter for £160 but money is tight as always and if i can save it then i would like to, but if the job is a royal pain then i'll leave my mechanic do it. I'm handy with the tools so I'm not afraid of doing it but if its awkward and tight and takes ages then ill leave it as i need the car asap and i have a newborn and wife to care for so cant be occupied for days lol hints, tips, advice, from personal experience would be greatly appreciated. felling gutted right now.
  17. I have a phone cradle built into my arm rest, I want it gone as its ugly with no phone in there and of no use to me. I can't lift my arm rest at the moment I don't know if its mean't to be stuck down or if its broke and someone has fixed it down. How do I remove the armrest? or even lift it up to see how its fixed etc. Once removed do I need to buy parts to make the arm rest back into a storage hold? (apart from a non phone cradle arm rest) when I slide the arm rest forward I see a black metal plate over the sotage area, no screws etc visible. I have a rear cubby hole nor rear cup holders if it makes a difference. Thanks in advance.
  18. Can we find takers for the rest of the trim? I don't want to break a set unless someone wants the other pieces. Other wise £35 for whole set plus p&p
  19. Yeah, I must warn you now, I want a lot of money for it and I don't know if my wide angle lense will get it all in!
  20. I'll take a photo of mine tonight and upload it. It looks very similar,
  21. Can someone get me a zoomed in pic of cubic?? I have a similar gear knob insert which I bought as a set off here. I have a full interior trim set for the e39 with the auto gear knob piece, just sitting in the garage. I was going to eBay the lot but haven't for around to it, did want to put it on here but am not a paid member. Don't really want to split but if you can find a home for the rest of it I will sell separately.
  22. plumajp

    Turbo issues when should it boost! Sick to death!

    Hes right, the arm may move but he won't be able to tell if its fully opening or closing the vanes fully. The only way is to rule out vacuum problems, then adjust the actuator arm screw slightly and drive it. Alter again if it's not right. I had problems when I installed a new chra cartridge on my turbo and had to spend a further £800 at an Indy only to find I hadn't set the actuator stop screw correctly