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  1. I'm going to try some cataclean today and hope the noise goes away. If not ill get under and check the heatshields. Although the noise is not constantly there, only under load
  2. Does that mean it will eventually get really loud? Do I need to replace it or can I just get rid?
  3. shabali

    Rattling noise - HELP - HELP

    hi mate im having a similar issue did you ever find out what the issue was? my noise is a bit like having cans attached to the back of the car or i guess the middle. ive read in some places it can be the donut? i have an e39 523i estate 1997
  4. Good evening My 1997 E39 523i auto estate with 151K on it has been running spot on. Yesterday drove back from yorkshire to london, come to the roundabout and as i press the gas to accelerate I can hear a metally rattling noise from under the car, the noise goes away until under load again around 2k RPM just before its about to change i got the rattling sound. Best way to describe the sound is imagine some cans being attached to the back of the car and driving with them I put it in neutral and gassed it and it was completly smooth. I tried the car again today, completely cold. On startup the noise is there as the choke is on? as i pull away i can hear the sound constantly as the car warms up, then i can only hear the sound under load again around 2k rpm. Ive heard of the guibo or donut, could it be this? could it be the gearbox? the box is changing smooth and the engine is still running tight pulling well and not giving any issues. ive had a quick look underneath and it doesnt look anything's fallen off. Ive attached a sound file with the noise, must admit it sounds worse on here. you can hear the smoothness of the engine. This sound is from idle to creeping with some load im trying to upload the file - but i get a message saying im not allowed to upload this type of file, its a short M4Aclip Bit of a mystery to me this one. Please Please can I get some help?
  5. shabali

    Weird E34 issue

    I thought it might be the power steering pump as it has been making a noise recently when I turn the wheel. it doesn't overheat straightaway so Im not sure if its the waterpump or not? When I was driving it, it was driving absolutely fine, apart from when I turn the wheel, when the battery light comes on, but when I give it some stick, it starts overheating, but then comes back to normal soon as I slow down again...
  6. shabali

    Weird E34 issue

    Hello and Good afternoon Hope your all having a fantastic bank holiday weekend Ive had my head in my E34 TDS this afternoon and need more info from the forum 5 sea of knowledge Background: E34 TDS 180K miles ish I was driving around 60MPH and all of a sudden my steering goes hard and the car overheats. I pull over and let the car cool down but now when I turn the steering the battery light comes on. The battery light comes on when I turn the steering to the left or right and my steering becomes hard. I thought it must have been the belt that has failed and so i've replaced that. Turned the car over still the light comes on, took the car for a spin and gave it some and the temperature needle started to move towards the red. As soon as I slow down the needle comes back. I tried this a few time all the while the battery light coming on when turning, after the 3rd time I could the car smoking from the engine bay and taste a funny smell. not oil but not exactly coolant either. There is enough coolant, the belt is brand new, the car gives hot air in the cabin. I'm stumped. Does the power steering pump have a relay/fuse which could be failing? There is enough power steering fluid in the car which does seem to be moving when moving the steering wheel. Could the pump have failed? There was some weird clacketty noise coming from the engine bay a couple of months ago. Please help...
  7. shabali

    E39-E38 5hp19 gearbox

    yep i told them, they nicked my neighbours plates too. one of the neighbours saw it happening and got the number plate of the car that they came in but that was probably stolen as well. The police have already closed the case.
  8. shabali

    E39 523i 1997/1998 Smoking

    Sweeet i'll do that this weekend then
  9. shabali

    E39 523i 1997/1998 Smoking

    Hello Air intake boots? as in the pipes that go to the air inlet manifold?
  10. shabali

    E39-E38 5hp19 gearbox

    thank you to all - the car is now out of tax and i recenty had my number plates nicked as well as the back plate.
  11. shabali

    e39 525d waterpump

  12. shabali

    E39 523i 1997/1998 Smoking

    Good Morning I am the proud of an E39 523i touring Automatic in Orient Blue with 147K, its an R reg but 1998? Only just got it this weekend and am loving the freedom with the touring!!! i can buy Ikeaaaa and stick it in the boot.... At the moment on startup, the car smokes a lot. i'm sure its not the head gasket although the oil cap does seem gunky but I have been assured this is because the car has stood. So I have read around that the CCV or the PCV can cause the smoking, my question: is the CCV and the PCV the same thing? is it difficult to change? Do i have to change the hoses associated with it? Plus the car feels seriously slow to pick up, but once up to speed it seems fine. i'm going to do a service this weekend, fresh plugs, oil and filters. Hopefully this will give it some power back. Another issue is. well dont know if its just me but it feels like it holds the gears for a lot longer than say my 7 series. Do they both have the same box? 5HP19/5HP18? Any responses much appreciated Thanks
  13. shabali

    E39-E38 5hp19 gearbox

    Awesome thank you - I do have the 5hp19 my chasis is dl75829 i think, but doesnt or at least i couldnt see it on realoem thanks
  14. shabali

    E39-E38 5hp19 gearbox

    Hello Currently my E38 has the dreaded reverse issue, where I put it into Reverse and it creeps back if its on a flat road. Drives like a dream in the forward gears. I have been told I have the 5HP19 Gearbox. I would like to replace the box and was wondering if a 5HP19 from an E39 of 98-2001 would fit my E38 728i? The spare gearbox says on it ZF 5HP19 Any answers much appreciated. Thanks
  15. shabali

    THE FSR/FSU blower problem

    Morning I managed to get my hand in past the pollen filter, gave the blower a few turns. attached the battery And lo and Behold!!! We have air!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! the blower is a bit squeaky which i guess is a sign of failure but i think it will (fingers cross) work for now If i spray some WD40 in the blower area where i spun it from, would that allow it to spin freeier? thanks