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  1. Tuvoc

    Window tinting of my 530 GT

    I bought mine with a limo tint already on it. The glass is blacker than the paint. Totally awful visibility, night time is diabolical. And unfortunately some scratches on the left side of the car are testament to the zero visibility at night.
  2. Tuvoc

    523 won’t start

    Could be flooded perhaps. Was the engine hot when you last switched it off ?
  3. I get that all the time on the window rubber where the window goes down into the door. I use moist wipes which gets rid of it but it always comes back. Worse in winter, and probably because the car is only used at weekends.
  4. Tuvoc

    Service time....what oil?

    Don't we love topics on oil ! 5w-30 seems to be what the vast majority of garages will put in your car. I don't think you can go wrong with that. Any LL04 spec oil is by definition suitable for the car.
  5. Tuvoc

    Battery replacement needs coding?

    Well my local garage also told me years ago that they didn't need registering, and that they had fitted new batteries to several E60s over the years with no problems at all. So I took it to the local BMW Indie who registered it for a small sum.
  6. Tuvoc

    Discs / pads / sensors - cost?

    Which 530i ? 324mm is correct for mine, and that is what I bought last time (Pagid)
  7. Tuvoc

    Discs / pads / sensors - cost?

    Or even for example 2 x Zimmerman from Germany at £85 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/382150500929?ul_noapp=true IF there is a fitment for your car.
  8. Tuvoc

    What engine oil do you use?

    Well, in some countries I read that BMW say you have to use LL01 and not LL04 because of sulphur content in the fuel. So LL01 is not redundant if that is the case. Also the Shell UK website recommends Shell Helix Ultra 5w-40 for my car. It is LL01 oil and not LL04. But I think you guys need LL04 for your diesels. And as I said, just because a budget oil says it is LL04, is it actually ?? Has it gone through the independent testing and been certified as compliant ? That testing costs money and has to be recouped in the price.
  9. Tuvoc

    What engine oil do you use?

    Which is also why I avoid cheap ECP Triple QX oil that Dan speaks so highly of. I've used it in my car, and it did not like it. Hydraulic lifter noise was much worse on start-up, and the engine a little noisy when cold. Now that has gone using a better oil and it is back to how it should be. I don't proclaim that you need to pay huge money for the very best, far from it, but there is certainly a middle ground. If you buy at the right time and from the right place, you can do better than the likes of Triple QX for not much more money. There is also a difference between an oil being claimed to meet LL01 or LL04 spec, and actually having been independently tested that indeed those claims are valid.
  10. Tuvoc

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    That makes more sense, on lock only. Don't know anyone with Carly, it was done for me originally via a laptop.
  11. Tuvoc

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I get audio confirmation when locking unlocking, pre-LCI CCC, but that was coded for me by a helpful person on this forum. No need to change build date or anything like that. But I find it awful, I wouldn't do it again, if I see him again I'd like it silenced, back to how it was. Awful in that it is very loud, not just a little chirp but a proper loud beep and double-beep.
  12. Tuvoc

    What engine oil do you use?

    In my E36 320i M50 I used Fuchs 5w-40, and prior to that, Mobil 1 0w-40, both full synthetic. The engine was still fantastic, didn't use any oil, when I scrapped it at over 190k miles because of failing transmission and rust.
  13. Tuvoc

    What engine oil do you use?

    Remember some of the M guys run 10w-60 in their engines ! Yes they are high performance engines, but it does tell you that you don't need a 0w oil, and that you shouldn't be afraid of the 40 in 5w-40 being too high.
  14. Tuvoc

    What engine oil do you use?

    Ambient temperature is one thing, but under-bonnet temperatures are very much higher than that. In summer in slow moving traffic there is an awful lot of heat under the bonnet, and it is in those conditions I feel more comfortable with the -40 instead of -30. Yes, moving to 5w-40 the engine is quieter, but to be honest the quality of the oil is probably more important than the grade. I think the garage was probably putting in a 5w-30 that they could buy cheap in bulk rather than focusing on quality, but with my request for 5w-40 they are having to buy in higher quality stuff in that grade, and it costs me a bit more too.
  15. Tuvoc

    Judder when braking!!

    Well, for mine for example there is a Meyle set for £86 delivered from ebay, bmwmotormec. Properly coated too. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E60-530i-Front-Brake-Discs-Set-Meyle-Platinum-Coated-OE-34116864906/372393457143?epid=2228646660&hash=item56b46135f7:g:CwoAAOSwmOJaAc4n:rk:1:pf:1&frcectupt=true But I don't need them yet. Or Jurid for £30 each from GSF ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jurid-Front-Vented-Brake-Disc-324mm-For-BMW-5-04-15-E61-530D-Xdrive-525D-Xdrive/302057121261?hash=item465401e5ed:g:IRUAAOSw~jNZeJ5K:rk:1:pf:1&frcectupt=true Or Zimmerman delivered from Germany for £85 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-ZIMMERMANN-BRAKE-DISC-FRONT-VENTED-324-BMW-5-SERIES-E60-E61-6-E63-E64/382150500929?hash=item58f9f1e241:g:8U0AAOSwM7JZxQAD:rk:41:pf:0 Lots of choices !!
  16. Tuvoc

    What engine oil do you use?

    I switched to 5w-40 a couple of years ago. I don't know specifically what the garage uses, they just buy in a 5w-40 LL01 or LL04 specially for me. They would normally put in 5w-30. Next time I'll ask what they use, or request what I want, something like Shell Helix Ultra 5w-40 perhaps. 5w-30 or 0w-30 to me is an oil for new cars so that their test results give the best fuel economy numbers and lowest and emissions numbers, even though the difference is slight. I think for a car like mine that is 14 years old with 145k miles it is not the best choice.
  17. Tuvoc

    Judder when braking!!

    Great price ! But unavailable when I click on the link for my car.
  18. Tuvoc

    525i, slow?

    Yes, although I normally drive like a grandad, today for example at a roundabout I made a minor error of judgement in estimating the speed of another car (no risk of collision !) and from a slow speed I had to jab the throttle and it positively leapt forward, it was quite impressive !
  19. Tuvoc

    Bmw e60 525i head gasket

    OK, yes that is more than I thought.
  20. Tuvoc

    Bmw e60 525i head gasket

    A used engine from a breaker ? Although one may be hard to find.
  21. Tuvoc

    Tuning box/remap 525i

    Which engine is it ? If N52 http://www.e-maps.co.uk/search-results/?make=bmw&model=5-series-e60-03-10&fuel=petrol&variant=525i-218bhp-03-10 +12 bhp would not be noticeable but you may notice better throttle response All the E60s here: http://www.e-maps.co.uk/search-results/?make=bmw&model=5-series-e60-03-10&fuel=petrol
  22. I don't think so, but it can be updated by software that a garage has. But there is no way to reset your TPM warning without a working iDrive.
  23. Tuvoc

    E39, when to call it a day?

    Rust is the biggest enemy of the E39 now unfortunately. Deal with that as early as possible and mechanically they should go for years and years if maintained.
  24. Tuvoc

    Judder when braking!!

    Those were the days ! I recall a very long time a go a small-ish Japanese turbo that I had. I'd lose the brakes completely sometimes, burning smell and smoke pouring out of them ! Lucky I didn't kill myself, I think back in total horror of how I used to drive in my youth. These days, I drive like a grandad.
  25. Obviously the top mounts as well, which I think you just didn't mention. Mine makes a clonking at the front too, has done for a few years, but it is just a bit of loose or broken trim that I can feel with my hand. A bit of bluetack required for me perhaps, but I haven't been bothered.