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  1. Tuvoc

    Temperature Sensors and other coolant parts

    I'd definitely do the water pump. I've replaced mine twice in six and a half years. The last time there was no warning, and I found myself at a motorway service centre with water pissing out everywhere. I was lucky, the engine didn't get hot as I caught it in time, but the experience of having the car loaded onto a truck to be taken back home wasn't pleasant.
  2. Tuvoc

    Help with fault codes - Auto box issue

    At 215k miles, any car you buy is a big risk, no matter what it is. And the box is a ZF box, used by several manufacturers.
  3. I've had Pagids on mine for a few years. The garage fitted them so I can't answer your question directly. But when I put the brakes on I do get a "clack" noise sometimes. I know that is an odd description… It has been through several services and MOTs so nothing obviously wrong and they work fine. Maybe something else and not the pads, but certainly wasn't there before I did the disc and pad replacement. (both Pagid)
  4. Tuvoc

    BMW 530d automatic gearbox rebuild

    Serviced regularly from new is the key - if done every 40k miles from new there is less risk than servicing one for the first time at 100k miles say. (However mine was in fact first serviced at 100k and there were no issues, thankfully it is fine still )
  5. Tuvoc

    BMW 530d automatic gearbox rebuild

    I've often wondered about transmission overhauls. Most people quote a fixed price which presumably means there a standard list of components that they replace as part of the job. But you never know what they actually do. If they think they can get away with it, might they not replace something if they have a profit motive and think the transmission would survive long enough to get past their 12 month warranty period (or whatever it is). Or are there companies that don't do a fixed price, and just replace what is actually broken or severely worn and charge for work actually done ? I've never had a transmission rebuilt, and hopefully will never have to ! My current one is fine, and I'll likely sell the car in the next 12-18 months, so fingers crossed it is still OK up until then.
  6. He's already accepted my offer of £600
  7. Yes, you'll see from some previous post of mine, my IBS failed must have been 2 or 3 years ago. I ran with it disconnected for several months, and initially thought it was OK, but the battery always seemed not to be charged properly, made worse I think by the fact that the car is only used once or twice a week. With daily use and long runs you might get away with it. Anyway I did eventually buy a brand new one from BMW and had it fitted, and it makes a big difference. I had thought that the battery may have been past it's best, but no. It was and still is fine, just now it has being charged properly. Sure my previous cars never had an IBS and were fine without it, but these cars are designed to have one.
  8. Tuvoc

    Central Heating Boiler question !

    Certainly a couple of the radiators downstairs don't get hot in the lower half. The system doesn't have a magnaclean or similar. It definitely needs doing. But anyway the boiler repair was a success, I can now leave it off all night and most of the day via the timer, and it no longer leaks
  9. I got my transmission serviced as soon as I bought it over 6 years ago. I have no idea if it got a full flush or not. I'm no expert but I'm not convinced that is the best thing to do on an old high mileage transmission. To me a full flush with 100% fresh oil is a huge shock to a 10+ year old transmission with 100k+ miles on it and potentially risky. My personal preference on an old transmission is essentially to just refresh the oil with the aim of extend the lifespan by a reasonable amount. Different story probably if the transmission is not so old and low mileage. I had no choice because the plastic sump was leaking. So it would certainly have been fully drained but if it had a flush I don't know.
  10. Tuvoc

    Strong petrol smell on cold starts.

    Well, my exhaust is smelly on cold starts as well. Nothing amiss, runs perfectly, flies through MOT emissions when hot. I wouldn't say it is a petrol smell though.
  11. Tuvoc

    Central Heating Boiler question !

    Well, he came today with the flow switch, which he thought would contain the circlip which holds it on, but it didn't. The old one was rusted and couldn't be re-used. So he needs to come back tomorrow to finish it off. He was here about 2 hours and there was occasional grunting and complaining so clearly it wasn't easy. When stuff has been there for 15 years I can understand it sometimes doesn't want to come off. I'm going to get a powerflush after this. Never been done in the 10 years we have been here, and unlikely to have been done at all since it was fitted. The system must be filthy inside. I want to give that boiler the best chance of surviving another 18 mths before we move. After that, the new owner is likely to rip out the existing kitchen and replace it anyway. Expensive job those powerflushes, cheapest I've found from a qualified person is 8 x radiators at £40 = £320 incl VAT. British gas of course want more than double that, rip-off merchants.
  12. Tuvoc

    Central Heating Boiler question !

    Ouch - yes he said he will have to drain it down and need access to the loft as well. It still runs perfectly so the PCBs should be OK. Both of those have been replaced over the years.
  13. Tuvoc

    Central Heating Boiler question !

    OK, well even though the water was coming out on the left, the actual leak was the "flow switch" up on the top right which needs replacing. Parts ordered and he will be back tomorrow. Could be a whole mornings work he said. In which case an expensive job, but it is free as it is covered under contract.
  14. Tuvoc

    Central Heating Boiler question !

    It is on the left. British Gas are coming on Monday, I'll report back. Can't see it being a blocked condensate pipe, it ran the central heating through winter, that is when it is working at its hardest and I would surely have had problems then if so.